Songs & Rhymes

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Songs and Rhymes is an animated television series targeted toward young children. It is meant to entertain and educate its viewers. Songs and Rhymes was created to stimulate young minds. Songs and Rhymes opens up a new world of vocabulary and thinking skills. It provides a positive learning experience that will leave their minds stimulated and fulfilled with useful knowledge.

3 Seasons, 15 Episodes
January 25, 2014
Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family, Music
Songs & Rhymes

Songs & Rhymes Full Episode Guide

  • BabyTV is back with a fun-filled segment of nursery rhymes, now in a fun karaoke!

  • The animal songs continue - listen to favorite songs and nursery rhymes about monkeys, frogs, bears, and more!

  • Listen to songs about characters sung by toddlers around the world, including Gretel Pastetel and Little Bo Beep, and more!

  • Dance and make some music with popular children songs sung by toddlers.

  • Canoes, seesaws, and trains - get in motion with popular children's' songs sung by toddlers!

  • An amazing collection of all-time favorite songs about different animals.