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Splatalot! is a Canadian game show for children that has a medieval setting and pits teams of attackers against a dedicated cast of defenders attempting to defend their castle. Each episode features a team of children taken from a variety of schools and clubs who are playing the game to defeat the defenders in a series of games.

The medieval theme of Splatalot! is carried through the games each team of attackers are faced with, which begins with the children attempting to cross the moat and ends with a single attacker capturing the crown. Throughout each challenge the children attacking the castle face a series of obstacles made slippery and harder to pass by the team of defenders.

Splatalot! sees the numbers of attackers trimmed down during each game in a bid to get to the final four contestants who face off to capture the crown. The final game is a race across an obstacle course that is defended by all six defenders who attempt to impede the path of the attackers.

MMXI marblemedia Splatalot 1 Inc.
2 Seasons, 52 Episodes
January 8, 2012
Kids & Family
Cast: Kayne Tremills, Samantha Brown, Elliott Francis, James Elmer
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Splatalot Full Episode Guide

  • It's Laundry Day, the one day of the year that Matt does his laundry, leading to some unusual wardrobe choices.

  • Five teams of courageous parents and kids attack the castle of Splatalot. Meanwhile, there's a UFO sighting and Jason gets abducted by aliens.

  • Matt and Jason disagree over Matt's new nickname. Matt refuses to acknowledge Jason until he starts accepting his new identity.

  • To Jason's dismay, Matt decides that it's a good day to go through his bucket list. But will he be able to finish it before the end of the episode?

  • Five teams of best friends attack the castle to try and claim the crown of Splatalot. Meanwhile, Matt reveals that he and Jason are just work buddies.

  • Skabb, Thorne, and Faetal taunt an Attacker with Scottish trash talk; Matt insists on doing all the intros and then struggles to do so.

  • Dance Fever has infected Splatalot as a new group of dance-loving attackers attempts to Cross The Moat, Ditch The Dungeon, and Capture The Crown.

  • Matt double parks his car and tries to speed up the show in order to save his car from the Splatalot cops and dragon fire.

  • Ten new attackers--five teachers and five students--battle it out for Splatalot supremacy.

  • New Attackers including a Star Trek fan, a country music fan, and an Attacker having his Bar Mitzvah visit the Kingdom to try to become the new ruler.

  • The Crown of Splatalot goes missing and Jason tries to solve the case. Madeva catches a cold but continues to defend the kingdom from ten new attackers.

  • Five pairs of twins take on the Castle and the Defenders.

  • Skabb gives an impromptu Spanish lesson and Madeva confuses Spain for Mexico. Inspired by an Attacker's facial hair, Matt attempts to grow a beard, but it completely backfires on both he and Jason.

  • Ten patriotic teens storm the castle of Splatalot to represent their homelands and capture the crown of Splatalot.

  • An Attacker's battle cry inspires Jason and Matt to imagine themselves as superheroes, but can't quite agree on who is the sidekick.

  • Matt attempts to build his own computer, while an Attacker who's also a model auditions to be on the cover of Bad Balance Weekly.

  • A new group of Attackers including a track star, a princess, and a Frexican attempt to capture the crown of Splatalot.

  • Matt and Jason receive praise from castle-savvy magazines, and show us why rhymin' just ain't easy.

  • The Defenders play the pun game with an Attacker who's a huge Michael Jackson fan, while Jason and Matt fear that the castle is haunted.

  • The race becomes personal as Jason and Matt trade bets on the outcome. The stakes have never been higher!

  • Teams of parents and kids compete for the crown, while Jason and Matt are joined in the shack by their dads.

  • Matt falls asleep, leaving Jason to host the episode by himself.

  • The Defenders meet the new owner of Castle Splatalot, while Jay tries to avoid his least-biggest fan, Matt's mischief-loving Nana.

  • It's a battle of the sexes, Splatalot-style as the girls square off against the boys for the crown.

  • A verbal sparring match between Thorne and an Attacker creates tension, while a rare Kingdom of Splatalot sunset adds difficulty to the course.

  • The cast of Life with Boys takes on the cast of Mr. Young in a celebrity battle for Splatalot Supremacy!

  • Crocness sets up the Corner of Doom in round one, where no Attacker is safe from the Splatzooka. The Attackers praise purple food but prefer pink slime. Matt and Jay catch pun fever and discover a new species - the Splatapus!

  • It's "Taco Day" in the castle cafeteria! Various Attackers unwittingly audition for the part of the Splatalot Mascot, while Jason encourages an Attacker to speed up by wearing a cheetah costume. Gildar reveals his new song, "Gildar You're Handsome" in the Stockade, then leaves to record it, being replaced by Crocness in the final round.

  • Hair is the theme of the day, as Croc reveals her secret styling ingredient and Kook gets mocked for his hair colour. Gildar becomes fed up with the Attackers' finish platform "happy dances" at the end of the moat. Jay unwittingly becomes the Splat Of The Day, while a Defenders "Dance Break" is employed to raise moral!

  • The Defenders stage a love-fest in the Stockade. Tinkor has a family reunion. Jason and Matt try an Attacker delicacy. And the Attackers try to back up their battle cries!

  • Matt wears special eyewear to resist the power of Ballista's charms. Skabb reveals that Gildar was previously married. But to whom? There's a late Defender injury as two Attackers take the competition down to the wire!

  • Matt and Jason fight over homemade cookies sent in by Attackers' moms. Gildar's ego upsets Thorne, while Skabb's comments about Shaiden infuriate the little ninja! Orange Pandas make a brief appearance on the moat, while perseverance pays off for the winning Attacker!

  • Matt calls the Moat impossible, but he has trouble spelling the word! Kookaburra reveals which Defender he has a crush on, while Tinkor needs help with his aim on the Splatzooka. One Attacker uses speed to his advantage, and never looks back!

  • Jason and Matt are revealed to be sporting unitards! Attackers transform into kangaroos, platypuses, clowns, and a train. Matt is made treasurer in the Kookaburra fan club. And a Defender Goo Grenade high-five gones wrong!

  • Kookaburra shows pinpoint accuracy on the Splatzooka but speed is on full display in the moat, as the Attackers set incredibly fast times! In tribute to one Attacker's Stockade technique Matt and Jason swap clothes, which leads to slightly painful results!

  • The Attackers bring a heroic effort led by Splatman and Catwoman. Skabb is "lights out" on the Splatzooka, inspiring the hosts to compile his "greatest hits" collection. Matt and Jay reveal their hip-hop alter egos!

  • The hosts compare the course to a coming of age experience. The Defenders knock an unfortunate Attacker right out of the competition. The Attackers' parade of penguins proves this show is for the birds!

  • Attacker backtalk forces Gildar to ban all sass from Splatalot. Ballista's charm on the Water Cannon ends up beguiling the hosts. One Attacker's obsession allows Matt to channel his inner wizard!

  • Jealous of Matt's "Best Host in a Splatty Series" award, Jason tries to make his own. The Attackers qualify for a few Splatties themselves by leaving it all out on the course (including a shoe). Skabb and Knightriss get carried away and start damaging the equipment. A boy is trapped in a video game?!

  • Inspired by repeated Splats on the Baffling Barrels, Matt discovers a new catch phrase. The Attackers reveal strange affinities to food like "Purple Carrots", and nicknames like "Roberto Sanchez". Defender tension is revealed when Thorne, Ballista, and Knightriss are forced to work together in the Stockade!

  • Matt uses a rhyming dictionary to enhance his commentary. Sarthak starts out as one awkward Attacker, but could he go all the way? While Tinkor's possible love connection with Shaiden in the moat goes well, his "Sleeping Tiger" tactic in the final round almost destroys Kookaburra!

  • Matt introduces a new segment called "Kook And His Cannon". Attackers include a Sasquatch, a Jungle Cat, and a Wetley. The Defenders dish out a healthy dose of "Crocky's Swamp Juice" when the Attackers get sassy in the Stockade!

  • Matt & Jason have "technical difficulties" in the Splat-Proof Shack. Gildar & Skabb make the best of getting stuck in the Stockade. And "Mac Attack" proves that size doesn't matter, it's speed that counts.

  • Matt and Jason get a visit from Gildar in the Splat-Proof Shack. Shaiden kicks off her comedy tour with a sold out show in the Stockade. And Mother Nature gets in on the splats with her own beautiful battering ram.

  • The attackers bring some strange battle cries to the Moat. One wily attacker rewrites the rulebook; Skabb splats himself in the Stockade and Jason & Matt go a little country.

  • Matt and Jay have a funkadelic dance party in the Splat Proof Shack for Jay's birthday. The Defenders go soft in round one but step up their game with tracking devices in round three. When the Attackers are set loose like a mad dog and endangered moose, the result is one of the greatest finishes to anything ever!

  • Gildar's vanity rubs his fellow Defenders the wrong way in the Moat. The Attackers come bearing gifts of fudge and bacon, but unfortunately for one of them, Thorne feels more like giving than receiving. Matt and Jay go head to head in a riveting game of tic-tac-toe!

  • Kookaburra, Thorne, and Skabb can't seem to work together in the moat. Matt and Jay reveal their own bias, and each other's dirty secrets. More than one Attacker manages to find love on the Baffling Barrels!

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