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  • 1956
  • 1 Season
  • 4.2  (73)

In this comedy series, Buddy Hackett stars as a hotel newsstand operator. He encounters all kinds of colorful people in his job, and his friends and family are pretty colorful, too. The series originally aired in 1956 and 1957.
The series revolves around the adventures of the namesake character as the operator of a newsstand in a posh hotel in New York City, the Sussex-Fenton. Burnett plays his girlfriend Celia, and Lynde voices the unseen hotel owner Mr. Fenton, who never appeared on camera but frequently could be heard giving orders to his staff.
In the show's introduction, the following line was recited: "You think you've got troubles. Stanley, he's got troubles!"

Stanley is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (19 episodes). The series first aired on September 24, 1956.

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Episode 19: The Break Up
19. Episode 19: The Break Up
March 11, 1957
Pride keeps a lover's quarrel smoldering as Stanley and Celia find that from small bickering grows mighty arguments. Stanley however can't bear the suffering and devises an approach to the spat so that neither losses face.
Episode 18: Stanley's Surprise Party
18. Episode 18: Stanley's Surprise Party
February 25, 1957
It's Stanley's birthday, Celia prepares a surprise party for him - Stanley of course finds out about it - and in his eagerness to go along with the plan gets involved accidentally with the wrong person and almost misses the party.
Episode 17: Stanley in the Sussex Fenton Follies
17. Episode 17: Stanley in the Sussex Fenton Follies
February 18, 1957
Tonight Stanley is made the star of the annual Hotel Sussex-Fenton "Follies". Stanley attempts to live up to the importance of his position - much to the distress of Celia and his other friends. He is brought back to earth sharply when another boy steals the show with his one song - although everyone agrees that Stanley, too, does a very good job.
Episode 16: The Fight
16. Episode 16: The Fight
February 11, 1957
Stanley becomes involved in a rather precarious situation when he breaks a date with Celia to go to the fights by telling her a rather large fib. As luck would have it he meets one of her friends at the fight - however, he persuades the friend not to mention the incident to Celia. Of course the next day they both act so suspicious that Celia draws her own conclusion.
Episode 15: The Proposal
15. Episode 15: The Proposal
January 28, 1957
Stanley finds himself to be the last bachelor at a bachelor party and imagines that his buddies and Celia are slowly forcing him into marriage. A visit to a married friend's home gives Celia and Stanley a rather startling picture of married life, and they decide the best course is to remain "boyfriend" and "girlfriend."
Episode 14: Stanley and Mr. Phillips Plot
14. Episode 14: Stanley and Mr. Phillips Plot
January 21, 1957
Mr. Phillips, the Sussex Fenton Manager, issues an unprecedented invitation to Stanley for lunch at his club. Turns out he has an ulterior motive: to have our hero deliver a theatre ticket to the Hotel's girl florist. The location of her seat? Next to Mr. Phillip's seat.
Episode 13: The Celebrity
13. Episode 13: The Celebrity
January 14, 1957
In and effort to impress Celia and her friends, Stanley pretends that he is on very friendly terms with numerous celebrities who do business at his cigar stand. His bluff is called when Celia and her friends appear at the hotel to watch him lunch with one of his "friends", a prominent movie star. Stanley cannot back down and falls into his own trap.
Episode 12: New Year's Party
12. Episode 12: New Year's Party
December 31, 1956
Stanley nearly forgoes the traditional midnight kiss on New Year's Eve when he becomes separated from Celia while on their way to a party. After many frantic phone calls which just miss each other, Stanley and Celia re-united in the nick of time.
Episode 11: The Christmas Show
11. Episode 11: The Christmas Show
December 24, 1956
Tonight being Christmas Eve, Stanley suffers some last-minute apprehensions as to the suitability of his gif for Celia - an old-fashioned music box.
Episode 10: Stanley's A Lawyer
10. Episode 10: Stanley's A Lawyer
December 17, 1956
Stanley makes his plans for New Year's Eve - a quiet evening at home with Celia and one glass of champagne at midnight. The only trouble is, he neglects to tell Celia about this and she has already bought tickets for a big dance and a new dress for the occasion. A terrific argument ensues-climaxed by Stanley tearing up the tickets. The misunderstanding is resolved by the staging of a mock trial.
Episode 9: Celia's Pen Pal
9. Episode 9: Celia's Pen Pal
December 3, 1956
In this episode Celia's French Pen Pal, arrives in this country and takes Celia to lunch causing Stanley to suffer all sorts of jealousy pangs. These are intensified when he eavesdrops from the next booth and hears what he thinks are protestations of mad love - when actually Francois is only being coached by Celia in English before he asks the girl he loves to marry him.
Episode 8: Stanley's New Personality
8. Episode 8: Stanley's New Personality
November 26, 1956
After several provoking incidents, Stanley decides to be more aggressive in life. He tries out his mew personality on his manager and almost looses his job. "Don't try to be something you aren't" is the moral of this episode.
Episode 7: Blonde Bandit
7. Episode 7: Blonde Bandit
November 19, 1956
Stanley is late for a date with Celia when he is held at gunpoint by a woman who just robbed the hotel cashier. To make matters worse, Celia- dripping wet from waiting for Stanley in the rain - sees Stanley and the blond woman in the hotel flower shop during her getaway. Stanley fails miserably trying to explain the incident to Celia. Finally, Celia realizes he is telling the truth when police
Episode 6: Stanley's Mother
6. Episode 6: Stanley's Mother
November 5, 1956
At Celia's suggestion, Stanly decides to diet. Mrs. Peck, his mother, refuses to cooperate provoking Stanley to move into a one-room bachelor apartment, which turns out to be very lonely and not at all pleasant. Stanley gladly returns home after his mother asks his to supervise painters.
Episode 5: Clothing Store
5. Episode 5: Clothing Store
October 29, 1956
Stanley invades Madison Avenue's most exclusive men's shop to purchase a fitting wardrobe. He returns to his newsstand in sartorial splendor and impresses almost everyone, until his irate boss orders him back to his casual dress. The reason: Stanley made the mistake of wearing the exact same clothes as his boss!
Episode 4: Celia Goes to a TV Show
4. Episode 4: Celia Goes to a TV Show
October 24, 1956
Stanley has to take inventory of his cigar stand on a night when he and Celia have tickets for a television show. Stanley tells Celia to go by herself. Stanley watches the show and has a fit of jealousy when Celia falls swooning for the television crooner. All ends well as Stanley rationalizes away her behavior.
Episode 3: Army Buddies
3. Episode 3: Army Buddies
October 8, 1956
Old army buddies of Stanley turn up as guests at the hotel. They invite Stanley to their room for a drink and begin reminiscing about their escapades in the Army. Stanley tells them about one of their pranks that backfired.
Folk Song Festival
2. Folk Song Festival
August 30, 1956
Stanley nearly severs diplomatic relations between the US and Italy when, during the course of, "The New York International Children's Folk-Song Festival" Stanley substitutes his own choice of Italian children for those chosen by the committee.
Opera Tickets
1. Opera Tickets
September 24, 1956
Stanley's troubles begin when he buys opera tickets from a scalper, and then sells them to an elderly couple only to find out that they have already been sold to a racketeer who has an interest in the hotel chain. Called up to the racketeer's suite, Stanley's resourcefulness comes to the fore; he convinces the racketeer that the real opera lovers don't sit, they stand!
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  • Premiere Date
    September 24, 1956
  • IMDB Rating
    4.2  (73)