Star Darlings

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Star Darlings is an animated children's show that airs on the Disney Channel. It is targeted towards young girls and offers them the message that any dream they have is worth working to make come true. The plots mainly focus on making positive choices and empowering young girls to never give up hope. It features upbeat and catchy music videos performed by the animated characters.

A dozen star-charmed girls arrive on Earth to grant wishes to others with the purpose of helping to save their home planet of Starland. The cartoon show is based on the popular series of books of the same name. It boasts a cast of characters that every little girl will be able to identify with, many of them coming from a school known as the Starling Academy, where the Star Darlings learn to harness their wish-granting powers. This program is rated G and is completely suitable for all audiences.

Friday 8:00 PM et/pt
1 Season, 13 Episodes
October 1, 2015
Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family, Music
Cast: Libe Barer, Sarah-Nicole Robles, Marieve Herington, Alisha Wainwright
Star Darlings

Star Darlings Full Episode Guide

  • Vega receives a lesser grade than Leona on an art project.

  • Libby's pals grow weary of her non-stop talking.

  • The gals attempt to use Wish Energy to help Vega dance.

  • Leona's singing irritates the other Star Darlings.

  • When the Star Darlings see Vivica chasing down a Negative Wish Orb, they think they might have actually found the Starling.

  • When mean girl Vivica tries to destroy Scarlet's drawing, she suddenly gets levitated and tossed all about by someone using Wish Energy.

  • When Sage and Cassie try to sneak out of the Little Dipper Dorm to go to the Wishworld Observation Deck, Sage's use of Wish Energy makes Cassie doubt in her abilities.

  • As Libby is showing pictures from her summer trip to the girls, this Super Zoomy boy Ganymede keeps popping up. If only Libby knew whether he was going to the Shining Star Dance!

  • In the Illumination Library, Vega reveals that she has put together an "Odd Wall" of all the strange things...and people that could be behind this negative energy.

  • When Professor Ursa comes to teach a private training session of "Wisher's 101," her tales of life on Earth completely freak out all the girls except Scarlet, of course!

  • When Sage convinces Cassie to sneak into the Wish-House to look at the Wish Orbs, Sage gets so excited she ends up accidentally making a mess of things in the Wish-House!

  • Sage, Leona, Libby, Scarlet, Vega and seven other Starling Academy students discover that they are the chosen "Star-Charmed" Star Darlings. Will they have what it takes to save Starland from the negative energy that is threatening their world?

  • The Star Darlings use the power of twelve.