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  • 1982
  • 1 Season

Star Fleet is a cult classic Japanese animated television show that was translated in English in the 1980s. This science fiction series was produced by Toei Animation and was aired in Japan under the title "X-Bomber". The show was acquired by Discotek Media, who brought it to US shores in a four-disc Blu-ray set with a 3-disc special edition soundtrack in June 2021.

The storyline of Star Fleet is quite straightforward. In the year 2999, humans have colonized many planets across the galaxy. However, they have also made enemies in the form of the Imperial Alliance, a group of aliens led by the evil Commander Makara. To defeat the Imperial Alliance, a group of humans and robots need to come together and form the Star Fleet. They have to protect Earth and other planets from the Imperial Alliance's terror attacks.

The leader of the Star Fleet is Captain Halley, who is accompanied by his subordinates Hercules and Barry. They are aided in their missions by a team of heroic robots, including the mighty robot X-Bomber, known as Dai-X. Dai-X is formed by three smaller robots, each operated by a member of the Star Fleet team.

The main villain of the show is Commander Makara, who is a conniving and evil alien being. She has an army of alien ships that she uses to launch attacks on planets, including Earth. She is aided by her second-in-command, Commander Gampar, who is equally ruthless and cunning.

Denise Bryer is one of the main voice actors of the show, providing the English voiceover for most of the female characters. She is the voice of the beautiful and intelligent Princess Lamia, who is a major character in the show. Princess Lamia is the daughter of the Supreme Commander of the Galactic Patrol and is a member of the Star Fleet. She pilots one of the ships and works hard to defeat the Imperial Alliance.

The show has a fun and engaging storyline, bringing with it an amusing collection of characters who appeal to children and adults alike. The voice acting is great, and the dialogue is playful and entertaining. The animation quality, though not on par with current standards, was quite good for its time and is still quite enjoyable to watch.

One of the highlights of this series is the incredible and memorable soundtrack that accompanies it. Composed by the Japanese band Manta, the music is a great mix of disco, rock, and synthesizer sounds. The opening theme song, known as "Star Fleet", is a catchy, upbeat tune that sets the tone for the show perfectly. The soundtrack even won a prestigious Japanese music award, which is a testament to its quality and popularity.

In conclusion, Star Fleet is an entertaining and exciting show that will delight fans of science-fiction, anime, and adventure. Its charming cast, easy-to-follow storyline, and enjoyable soundtrack make it a great watch for all ages. The series has a nostalgic charm that will bring back fond memories for those who grew up watching it, and for new audiences, it remains an enjoyable and captivating experience. The Discotek Media release is a wonderful chance to revisit a cult classic that shouldn't be missed.

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A New Beginning for the Galaxy
24. A New Beginning for the Galaxy
April 17, 1983
The situation in Star Fleet's Headquarters is becoming increasingly desperate. Defence centres have been destroyed, entire cities razed to the ground. X-Bomber is the last hope.
The End of Earth
23. The End of Earth
April 10, 1983
Shiro and the crew pursue the homeworld destroyer that's heading for Earth to destroy it, but X-Bomber is far behind.
Board the Imperial Alliance Mothership
22. Board the Imperial Alliance Mothership
April 3, 1983
On board X-Bomber, the great question is: can Earth be reached before it has been destroyed by the Imperial Alliance?
Callinean: A Battle with No Tomorrow!
21. Callinean: A Battle with No Tomorrow!
March 27, 1983
Makara's battlecruiser and X-Bomber are engaged in a grim struggle. Professor Hagen is now in X-Bomber, commanding operations.
Callinean: Full Frontal Attack Begins!
20. Callinean: Full Frontal Attack Begins!
March 20, 1983
X-Bomber reaches the Callinian planet and Lamia is reunited with Captain Halley, who agrees to Shiro's request for Dr. Benn to be buried there.
F-01: Assassination Plot
19. F-01: Assassination Plot
March 13, 1983
Commander Makara's desperation leads her to ignore the Imperial Master's orders and try to kill Lamia rather than capturing her.
Commander Makara's Promotion/Destroy the Prison Planet!
18. Commander Makara's Promotion/Destroy the Prison Planet!
March 6, 1983
X-Bomber is still on a random course, trying to find the Allurian Star Cluster where Lamia is imprisoned.
Asleep in the Ice Prison
17. Asleep in the Ice Prison
February 27, 1983
Fortunately, it is possible to repair the damage to X-Bomber, and a big search for Lamia begins as Commander Makara and Orion imprison Lamia underground on a frozen planet.
Lamia Kidnapped
16. Lamia Kidnapped
February 13, 1983
Although the X-Bomber crew regain consciousness, in the course of the on board firefight with the Alliance invaders Lamia is taken away.
X-Bomber: Death on Planet M
15. X-Bomber: Death on Planet M
February 6, 1983
After X-Bomber crash-lands on a planet, soldiers infiltrate the ship.
Lamia, Girl of Destiny
14. Lamia, Girl of Destiny
January 30, 1983
Messages are exchanged with the mysterious Skull. Dr. Benn asks for help in solving the mystery of F-01.
Battle to the Death: X-Bomber vs. The Imperial Alliance
13. Battle to the Death: X-Bomber vs. The Imperial Alliance
January 23, 1983
Shiro and the rest of the crew reflect on their mission while recovering from the results of a deadly duel.
Our Mortal Enemy is Captain Carter
12. Our Mortal Enemy is Captain Carter
January 16, 1983
As the Star Fleet crew discuss Lamia, the F-01 and the apparent defection of Captain Carter to the Imperial Alliance, Dr. Benn receives a distress call from a deserter of Commander Makara's warship.
Farewell The Eternal Battlefield
11. Farewell The Eternal Battlefield
January 9, 1983
As X-Bomber is repaired, a distress call is received from an unknown planet. Dr. Benn sends Star Fleet's Dai-X crew of Shiro, Lee and Hercules to assist.
Galaxy Adrift
10. Galaxy Adrift
January 2, 1983
X-Bomber goes to a tree-covered planet called Zenith to meet with the mysterious Skull - but is it another trap?
Target: The Commander
9. Target: The Commander
December 26, 1982
Commander Makara and Captain Orion report to their Imperial Alliance Command on their failure to destroy Star Fleet and take control of the F-01.
An Attack Beyond Tears
8. An Attack Beyond Tears
December 19, 1982
Star Fleet's X-Bomber is badly damaged and lands on Alleria to make repairs. But the planet is volcanic and also the home of strange furry mutants called Monmons.
Mortal Combat in the Gravity Graveyard
7. Mortal Combat in the Gravity Graveyard
December 12, 1982
Tricked by the Imperial Alliance, X-Bomber is caught in the Black Hole of Sargasso, its power reserves fading fast.
X-Bomber Goes Forth
6. X-Bomber Goes Forth
November 28, 1982
Star Fleet Command examine the data on the mysterious Skull - is it linked with Lamia's secret past and the F-01?
The Mysterious Ship
5. The Mysterious Ship "Skull"
November 21, 1982
While continuing their protection of the Star Fleet transport cruisers on their mission to Pluto, Shiro tells his fellow crew of X-Bomber that he believes Captain Carter is still alive.
Wipe Out the Transport Fleet
4. Wipe Out the Transport Fleet
November 14, 1982
X-Bomber is escorting a transport fleet on its way to Mars when it gets lured into an asteroid belt by the enemy.
Find F-01
3. Find F-01
November 7, 1982
General Kyle tries to find out who or what is the F-01. The computer cannot give any answers.
The Super Powerful Imperial Alliance
2. The Super Powerful Imperial Alliance
October 31, 1982
The Imperial Master - head of the invading Imperial Alliance - has sent his warship and battle fleet to capture the power called F-01.
Scramble X-Bomber
1. Scramble X-Bomber
October 23, 1982
When Earth is under attack by alien conquerors in the year 2999, the only chance to stop them is a heavily-armed prototype spacecraft, X-Bomber.
  • Premiere Date
    October 23, 1982