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In this animated series targeted at young viewers, Sunny Day is a hairstylist who uses her talents as leader to help her friends and teach lessons. The principal themes of the series, which is meant for preschoolers, revolve around self-confidence and the importance of community involvement.

Friday 12:30 PM et/pt on Nickelodeon
1 Season, 54 Episodes
June 10, 2017
Animation & Cartoons, Comedy, Family, Music
Cast: Lilla Crawford, Rob Morrison, Elan Luz Rivera, Taylor Louderman
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Sunny Day Full Episode Guide

  • After Rox and Blair accidentally destroy Doodle's beloved new sled, they vow to find a replacement. But that'll mean a farcical series of winter-related trades with their friends around town, including a hard-bargaining Lacey.

  • Popular dog biscuit maker Bucky is in town looking for a dog to star in his new commercial. When Scratch's pursuit of a stray dog complicates things, Sunny steps up to help, leading to a surprise ending in more ways than one.

  • Princess Ginger and Prince George are in town for Ginger's birthday party, but when the invitations aren't handed out, it's up to Sunny & Co, in the Groom & Vroom and Glam Van, to help round up Ginger's friends for the party.

  • Lacey's mechanical work in the Pet Parlor causes mayhem just before a new pet carousel is set to open. She and Sunny will have to style pets on-the-go in the Groom & Vroom in time to make it to the carousel's grand opening!

  • When Doodle saves KC on her runaway bike, KC goes over the top in repaying Doodle's heroism. Doodle insists they're even, but KC won't accept it

  • A broken Glam Van prevents everyone from traveling to a dog styling competition. Luckily, a strange new vehicle appears, inspiring Sunny to transform it into the ultimate, on-the-go pet styling vehicle: the Groom & Vroom.

  • Rosie is nervous about her first trip to the vet, Dr. Vanessa. After a series of misunderstandings and a high-speed chase result in Rosie being stuck, Sunny, Blair, and Martina must save Rosie

  • Peter enlists Sunny and Doodle to help track down a playful monkey that was mistakenly delivered to his shop and is now loose in the town. It'll take Peter using his unique skills

  • Seeing everyone performing unique jobs at the salon inspires Doodle to start a smoothie stand; when Doodle realizes business ownership isn't for him and gets in over his head, Sunny helps bail him out.

  • Dominica and Annabella's prince Corgi, George, bonds with a spunky, scruffy stray named Ginger; the dogs are set for a royal wedding, but Scratch interferes.

  • An excited Doodle offers to watch the famous baby chicks before the big Springtacular show. When Doodle loses track of them, he'll need Sunny's help to find the chicks in time for their performance with Dame Tralada.

  • Sunny and Doodle lead a search for a special berry - the ingredient to Dame Tralada's favorite shampoo. But when a bird, who eats the berries, grows fond of - and scoops up - Her Majesty, the Dame is faced with a difficult decision.

  • When the salon is overrun with pet clients, Doodle dreams up a Pet Parlor that the girls, in cool Pet Parlor outfits, build with Timmy's help. But before it can open, they'll need to find - and save - Dame Tralada's dog.

  • In this animated musical-comedy-adventure series, expert hairstylist Sunny uses her unique skills, positive attitude, and physical prowess to creatively solve problems and help friends in the colorful community of Friendly Falls.

  • Johnny-Ray wins a chance to perform with Fee-B, a rap music star. However, their styles don't mesh and they part ways. It'll take Johnny-Ray helping Fee-B, Sunny, and the girls out of a jam to realize what the pair can achieve.

  • Sunny uses her skills, positive attitude, and physical prowess to creatively solve problems and help friends in the colorful community of Friendly Falls.

  • After Junior wins the town skateboarding contest, Rox questions her favorite hobby. A sudden, reluctant star, Junior is soon overmatched against a neighboring champion, leading Rox to rediscover her passion - and help her brother.

  • Shy Cindy agrees to attend the "Buddy Dance" and convinces an equally shy shoe clerk, Rizwan, to attend as well. After a delivery mix-up jeopardizes the pair's chance to dance, Sunny has to lead them on a rescue mission.

  • Don't miss this super cool faux hawk hairstyle! Just follow these simple steps to create a look of your own.

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