Super Best Friends Play

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Video Games: Co-op, single player, new, old - it doesn't matter. These best friends will play it all...even if it kills them.

3 Seasons, 17 Episodes
November 13, 2016

Super Best Friends Play Full Episode Guide

  • When's Dragonbahl?

  • Let's enter the Woolie-Zone!

  • We give Jim Sterling's review of this game a 3/10!

  • Sometimes you wake up in the morning and just need to start screaming at all your coffee cups.

  • Pathfinder Baby Ryder must talk on a bold, pointless and poorly animated quest something? Wait, what?

  • This race of super technologically-evolved cavemen fight hordes of robots with their bows and arrows and bluetooth headsets.

  • In this the destiny controlled by some kind of transcendental entity or law?

  • This video has no honor!

  • This is the tale of how William Adams, or "The Mega-English-Man" showed Japan how to fight and kill all their myths and legends single-handedly!

  • Hither came the best friends, no-haired, sullen-eyed, swords in hands, thieves, reavers, slayers, with gigantic melancholies and gigantic mirth.

  • Get ready to join the confusing world of Yakuzies as we sing and fight and sing some more! Zero Style!

  • 4 Brave warriors embark on a journey to banish the darkness encroaching on the land.. and they'll take as many selfies as possible along the way.

  • Hey Millennials. It's time to steal Sandra Bullock's identity and make her pay for all of her big business crime!

  • Enter a new feline hero as Matt and Pat navigate the world of Skyrim once more!