Supersize vs Superskinny (US)

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This series follows a person who is obese and overeats. It also follows a person who is underweight and hardly eats anything. These two people will switch diets in order to get a better understanding of food and proper eating habits.

Monday 10:00 PM et/pt on OWN
2 Seasons, 11 Episodes
August 1, 2011
Reality, Kids & Family, Health & Fitness
Cast: Anna Ryder Richardson As Herself Christian Jessen As Himself Gillian McKeith As Herself
Supersize vs Superskinny (US)

Supersize vs Superskinny (US) Full Episode Guide

  • Following a stressful divorce, superskinny Kim Fawke's weight has plummeted. As she tries to get her relationship with food back on track, she's joined by supersized scoffer and takeaway queen, Trudy Alexander.

  • Alex is a super skinny 22-year-old who barely eats a meal. He's tired and exhausted and lives on a diet of caffeine pills and snacks while trying to hold down a physically demanding job as a plasterer. His diet partner Tracy snacks just like Alex, but the trouble is she's snacking before, after, and in between her already substantial daily meals which has caused her weight to soar. Deprived of the meals and forced to eat just Alex's snacks, she finally realizes where she's gone wrong.

  • It's a bumpy ride in the feeding clinic as super skinny Louise faces up to super size Desroy Gordon's challenging diet of non-stop take away. Louise changes her eating habits for the better and learns she can eat more than the tiny meals she normally never finishes.

  • There are two women at opposite ends of the weight spectrum in the feeding clinic, but have one thing in common: they both want to look wonderful in their wedding dresses.

  • Dr. Christian Jensen wrestles with Amy-Jo's eating habits, she's a super skinny under eater, who will spend five days in a "feeding clinic" with overweight Andy. Their attitudes toward food couldn't be more different.To shock Amy-Jo into a new way of eating she must gorge on gigantic meals. Andy on the other hand must learn how to survive on the limited calorie intake of Amy-Jo. The goal is for both of them to learn how they are affecting their bodies.