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The Adventures of Figaro Pho is televised series for children. The story follows the ups and downs of Figaro Pho. Figaro Pho is scared of everything and with good reason. Whether inside his big mansion or out in the real world, Figaro Pho is always looking behind him to see who is following or ready to set the next trap.

2 Seasons, 52 Episodes
November 5, 2012
Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family
Cast: Luke Jurevicius
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The Adventures of Figaro Pho Full Episode Guide

  • A Frisbee injury leads Figaro to a strange doctor's office; A pesky fly turns out to be a martial arts expert; Figaro faces his fear of heights.

  • Figaro discovers the dark side of fame; Out of nowhere, a rabid dog starts chasing Figaro; A stubborn bandage refuses to come off of Figaro's arm.

  • Figaro faces an obstacle as a pizza delivery boy; Rivet tries to alert Figaro to an unwanted houseguest; Figaro tackles the mystery of odd socks.

  • Figaro and Rivet battle tiny thieves at a picnic; A neglected cupcake gives Figaro sweet and scary dreams; A bowl of soup consumes Figaro and Rivet.

  • A performance leaves Figaro baring all; One of Figaro's teeth rebels against his new diet; Figaro discovers a gumball machine full of magical candy.

  • Figaro goes to great lengths to show his thanks; When cupid's eyesight fails, Figaro steps in; Figaro must intercept a mistakenly sent piece of mail.

  • A movie causes Figaro to see zombies everywhere; Rotten cheese in Figaro's fridge comes to life; An Egyptian pharaoh proves to be a destructive diva.

  • When Figaro nurses a dying plant, it develops a ravenous hunger; While reading a spooky comic book, Figaro gets pranked; A housecleaner goes too far.

  • A ghostly relative won't stop clowning around; No matter what Figaro tries, he's unable to open his piggy bank; Figaro receives a deathly visitor.

  • Figaro finds a baby on his doorstep; Magic dentures cause Figaro to laugh uncontrollably; Determined to join a band, Figaro tries playing bagpipes.

  • Using special skates, Figaro tries to win an ice skating contest; Figaro skateboards with Cogville's coolest kid; Figaro becomes a stranded Boy Scout.

  • Figaro has a restroom emergency; A relaxing flight turns into a nightmare; Figaro travels to outer space in a time machine, where disaster strikes.

  • Figaro discovers a secret room in which he finds the hat of great uncle Federico, the magician.Out of it jumps a rabbit. But this is no ordinary rabbit..

  • Figaro is at Dotty's shop with a long list of supplies to buy.A deep fear of shopping trolleys prevents him to use one and he decides to stick with a tiny basket.

  • One morning Figaro wakes up, standing on the roof of his mansion.How did that happen?

  • Figaro and Rivet are playing a game of soccer.Figaro thinks he's a star player, but it is really Rivet who bends it like Beckham.

  • One day, much to his surprise, Figaro is confronted with a duck in his house.This creepy duck locks eyes with Figaro and seems to be staring intently at him.It soon shows up everywhere!

  • Figaro opens his front door. On the doorstep is a mysterious unknown thing... Where did it come from? Was it Rivet?Figaro trembles. Oh the anxiety!

  • Figaro is hungry and wants an omelet for breakfast. There's a single egg in the fridge but when Figaro grabs it, the egg slips from his hands and breaks.Outside in the chicken coop..

  • Figaro finds out he is highly allergic to flowers and goes into a sneezing frenzy.These sneezes are so strong they even lift him off his feet, causing untold mayhem!

  • Figaro discovers the portrait of Aunt Agnes "The Ugly".Her hideousness is beyond comprehension. Figaro and Rivet laugh at the ugliness of aunt Agnes, mocking her to great extent. But the portrait of Agnes takes revenge..

  • Pursued by a madly barking dog, Figaro races towards his house.In the mayhem, his own robotic dog, Rivet becomes dysfunctional when the light bulb in his robotic brain burns out.

  • Figaro is chiseling a statue when he is suddenly inflicted with an incurable case of the hiccups.

  • While dusting the portraits Figaro accidentally opens a secret door, revealing a strange device that turns out to be a cloning machine.

  • Figaro's toilet fails, leaving him no choice but to find an alternative.The obvious destination is the garden outhouse, but years of use by malodourous Boris has left it a festering biohazard. Figaro must continue to look for a discreet place to relieve himself. Unfortunately, a freakish lack of privacy ruins every attempt so Figaro is forced to reconsider the outdoor loo.

  • When Figaro wakes up with an old man's cough and a sore back, he becomes terrified that he's aged rapidly.Figaro decides to fight it and act young. As this fails hilariously, our fearful hero instantly turns into a wrinkly old man.

  • Figaro becomes convinced that he is the weakest person in the world.On TV, he sees an advert for a do-it-yourself body building system. Figaro orders it and quickly becomes strong, with dire consequences for those around him.

  • Through his telescope, Figaro see's a meteorite zooming towards him.After moments of hilarious panic, Figaro decides to order a bomb shelter for him and Rivet. The problem is, there's only enough space for one.

  • A bat bite causes Figaro to undergo a Nosferatu style transformation that ends with him becoming a vampire.Who will be his first victim?

  • After spotting a pimple on his forehead, a terrified Figaro unzips his skin - and takes it off!!Figaro's skin begs to be reunited but Figaro doesn't want it. In his new and shiny pink appearance he feels better then ever before: no flaky skin, no itching, no pus. Celebrating his freedom on a mountaintop, the skinless Figaro enjoys the sun. But the heat starts to cook Figaro's viscera, attracting the attention of a particularly hungry dog.

  • Figaro dreams of winning the heart of his lovely neighbour Juliet. He marches to Juliet's house only to find he must take an elevator to reach his beloved!Unable to overcome his fear of elevators, Figaro tries to find alternative solutions to get to the charming Juliet.

  • On a particularly warm day Figaro hears an ice cream van arrive. To Figaro's horror the vendor is a clown.Trembling, Figaro shows Rivet a photo album of birthday snaps showing a fearful Figaro suffering from the clown's pranks...

  • A panicked Figaro is left with just a single strand of hair after a variety of baldness cures go wrong.Using a machine to grow himself some new luscious locks, Figaro has a full head of hair for the first time in his life. But the hair begins to grow out of control and becomes a nuisance.

  • Figaro's shower is on the blink, but as Figaro tries the bath as an alternative an enormous fear kicks in.Unable to use any personal cleaning method in the house, Figaro settles with being dirty. As time passes, dirt accumulates on Figaro.

  • A disgusting smell invades Figaro's house. Figaro tries to fight it but the stench proves hard to evict until Figaro discovers that it is emanating from his gardener, Boris.Figaro lures Boris inside and puts him through a cleaning machine. This separates Boris from his odour, resulting in a sweet-smelling gardener. The foul odour however escapes, taking on a life of its own!

  • Figaro finds a Golden ticket prize in his cereal. A treasure chest is delivered, making him the richest man in the world!Figaro quickly becomes obsessed with the idea of thieves, distrusting every one, even his best friend Rivet.

  • Figaro and Rivet are asleep, then there's the annoying buzzing of a mosquito. Silence then a slap. The light goes on and Figaro sits up in bed with his eyes filled with fear and a red handprint on his face, where he tried to hit a feeding mosquito.This is the start of a mid-night battle between our fearful friend and the pesky bug.

  • The arrival of an odd little creature - a Squassit - in the Pho Mansion causes a curious Figaro to attempt to befriend the strange being.But every time he tries to get near it, the Squassit screams the house down! Even bribes of cookies can't sooth the savage screaming beast.

  • Figaro enjoys the company of his best friend - his dog Rivet.An accident resets the tin terrier, reverting the robotic dog to a puppy. Rivet's energetic, puppy-like behavior causes one catastrophe too many. Figaro attempts to train his tin terrier but this too ends in disaster.Furious, Figaro kicks Rivet out of the house. Then his fear of being alone kicks in.

  • A piranha fish is wrongly delivered to Figaro's house. A fearful Figaro causes the fishbowl to shatter, leaving the fish gasping for life.Filled with remorse, Figaro turns on the taps in a desperate attempt to save the fish. In so doing, this fills his house with water. Instead of being grateful, the fish becomes a monster with an unquenchable appetite for revenge. Figaro and Rivet are plunged into a deep-sea adventure, which ends with them cornered in Figaro's toilet.

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