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  • 1977
  • 1 Season
  • 7.8  (47)

The Flockton Flyer was a British television show that first aired in 1977 and ran for two seasons until 1978. It was set in the fictional village of Flockton, and revolved around a group of children and the steam locomotive that they affectionately named the Flockton Flyer.

The show followed the adventures of these children as they worked to keep the Flockton Flyer up and running, much to their parents and community's dismay. Patrick Mower played the part of Mr. Peters, the train's engineer who often helped the children with their various schemes to keep the Flyer going. Meanwhile, Gerald Harper played the role of Lord Nutwell, a wealthy landowner and frequent adversary to the children's plans.

Harry Fowler played the part of Sam, a kind-hearted scrapyard owner who was always on hand to help the children with their adventures. Sheila Fern played the role of Sally, a single mother and headmistress of the local school who often found herself caught up in the children's schemes. Finally, Gwyneth Strong played the part of Jessie, one of the children and a loyal friend to the Flyer.

Apart from the main cast, the show featured several recurring characters, including local villagers, Mr. Peters' wife, and the local police officers. The Flockton Flyer was known for its wholesome, family-friendly content, and often incorporated educational messages into its storyline.

Each episode revolved around the children's attempts to keep the Flockton Flyer running, much to the chagrin of the adults in the community who saw it as a nuisance. However, despite the many obstacles that the children faced, they never gave up on their beloved train and always managed to keep it running.

One of the show's most memorable episodes involved the children's attempt to save the Flockton Flyer from being scrapped by a rival scrapyard owner. The children went to great lengths to keep the train hidden from the owner, including disguising it with a canvas and putting it on the back of a lorry to transport it to safety.

The Flockton Flyer was lauded for its charming storyline, likable characters, and impressive use of practical effects. The trains featured in the show were real, steam-powered locomotives that were used for filming, adding an extra layer of authenticity to the production.

Despite its popularity, the show was cancelled after just two seasons. However, it has remained a cult favorite among British viewers, and has even been released on DVD in recent years.

Overall, The Flockton Flyer was a heartwarming and charming show that showcased the power of determination and the importance of friendship. Its nostalgic appeal and wholesome content have made it a beloved classic, and it remains a must-watch for fans of family-friendly television.

The Flockton Flyer is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (6 episodes). The series first aired on April 18, 1977.

The Flockton Flyer
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I Name This Ship
6. I Name This Ship
May 23, 1977
The storyline revolves around two features - firstly the frantic preparations at Flockton for the grand opening, including the provision of refreshments and the arrival of a brass band with an overly nervous conductor in charge - secondly, the desire of Commander Frost to drive the engine (for which he is not qualified) which proves an uncontrollable desire. Having intended to drive the engine along the platform, the Commander finds himself unable to stop the locomotive and moving at speed down the line; ultimately his progress is stopped by Jan and Bill when they arrange a 'controlled' collision to stop the engine. Bill and some railway volunteers arrive on the hand-pumped cart, but a passing quartet of shire horses are needed to pull the Flockton Flyer free of the debris. Finally the engine is named by Frost's wife, and the band plays Sir Edward Elgar's triumphant Land of Hope and Glory as the first public train pulls away from the station.
Oo Do You Suppose Will Get the Medal?
5. Oo Do You Suppose Will Get the Medal?
May 16, 1977
The Bristol Mail has been held up at gunpoint on the mainline, and as the police will take a long time to arrive, the train has been diverted onto the Flockton branch. The episode involves much furious use of the hand-pumped inspection truck by Jelly and the Commander, and a much larger than usual additional cast. These additional roles include not only the three robbers, and the driver of the Bristol Mail, but also a troop of mounted police who have a rousing gallop scene set to classical music (Vaughan Williams' Overture to the Wasps) as they ride into the final scenes to save the day.
Under the Circumstances
4. Under the Circumstances
May 9, 1977
The excitement on the railway is the reinstatement of the telegraph system, allowing communication between the various stations, signal boxes, and the Carters' home. The system is immediately used by Commander Frost to notify the Carters of a traffic accident - there has been a pile up on one of the railway's level crossings. The Flockton Flyer returns to Flockton to collect medical supplies, blankets, the family, and the railway's 4-wheeled box van, which is to serve as a makeshift ambulance. Meanwhile elder daughter Jan, out marking the route of the new nature trail, stumbles upon an injured woman, and having taken her to shelter spends the rest of the episode fruitlessly dashing back and forth attempting to get help - her failure largely due to everyone dealing with the other, more serious emergency. Meanwhile the lady in question is rescued by Bill Jelly. By 1970s standards it is high drama when a somewhat primitive motor ambulance (with two-tone horns blaring) is seen speeding down a station platform to rendezvous with the Flockton Flyer and remove casualties. Finally the injured lady is identified as a well-known writer and archaeologist, and she agrees to officially open the new nature trail. The exhausted Jan receives no thanks for her efforts, but is criticized for having failed to produce the promised assistance.
Pull the Other One
3. Pull the Other One
May 2, 1977
Ghosts appear to be haunting both Flockton station and Jelly's hut. At Flockton the 'ghosts' turn out to be tearaway teenage vandal Don Davis. Having been caught, he is befriended, and becomes a volunteer on the railway. The ghosts at Jelly's hut appear real, however, and a local vicar is called upon to perform an exorcism (the camera remains outside the hut during the 15-minute ceremony due to 1970's ITV regulations on children's programming). This clergyman also runs a hostel for homeless boys, a hostel of which Don Davis is a resident; this leads the Carters to put him up for a few days in their home as they befriend him.
Game Set and Match
2. Game Set and Match
April 25, 1977
Disaster is narrowly averted when the Flockton Flyer steams towards a tree deliberately felled across the line. In attempting to move it, Bob Carter is injured. A nearby farmer rescues him, but also proves to be the culprit, fearing that a restored train service will threaten his cattle, wandering in search of water during the drought. The railway's 4-wheeled water tank truck is used to bring gallons of water to the thirsty cattle, and relations are restored.
Be it Ever so Humble
1. Be it Ever so Humble
April 18, 1977
The Carter family are introduced. They are evicted from their home and work (running a petrol station, as tenants). Bob Carter (the father) is a volunteer in the local railway preservation society and agrees that he and his family will undertake the running of the restored line, in return for taking up residence in Flockton station. Bill Jelly is introduced as a local tramp, living in a nearby platelayers' line side hut. The railway's 4-wheeled open freight truck is used to transport the Carter family's possessions to Flockton.
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  • Premiere Date
    April 18, 1977
  • IMDB Rating
    7.8  (47)