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  • TV-Y
  • 2009
  • 3 Seasons
  • 6.5  (620)

The Fresh Beat Band was a musical television show that aired on Nickelodeon from 2009 to 2013. The show starred Jon Beavers, Thomas Hobson, Shayna Rose, Yvette Gonzalez-Nacer, Dioni Michelle Collins, Hadley Fraser, and Erin Sanders. The show followed the adventures of the four best friends: Twist, Kiki, Shout, and Marina, who were also members of a musical group called The Fresh Beat Band. The band used their musical talents to solve problems and overcome obstacles in their daily lives, all while having lots of fun and singing catchy tunes.

Twist was the lead vocalist and guitarist of the band. He was always eager to try new things and was often the member who came up with unique and creative solutions to problems. Kiki played the keyboard and had a talent for creating catchy melodies. She was caring, sensitive, and always there to lend a helping hand to her friends. Shout was the drummer of the group and was known for his energy and enthusiasm. He was always ready to dance and sing at a moment's notice, and used his quick thinking to help his friends when they needed him. Marina played the bass guitar and was the calming influence of the band. She was intelligent, practical, and always thought things through before acting.

Throughout the series, the Fresh Beat Band encountered a range of characters and situations that required their musical talents. They helped a lost dog find its way home, performed a concert to raise money for a new playground, and even travelled back in time to learn about the history of music.

The show was set in a vibrant and colorful city, with each episode featuring fun music videos and dance numbers that encouraged children to sing and dance along. The show's music was upbeat, catchy, and filled with positive messaging that promoted friendship, teamwork, and self-expression.

In addition to their musical adventures, the Fresh Beat Band also had regular interactions with their neighbors including Ms. Piccolo, the music teacher, and Reed, the record store owner. The characters were diverse and represented a variety of ethnicities and backgrounds, promoting diversity and inclusivity.

Overall, The Fresh Beat Band was a fun and educational show that encouraged creativity, positivity, and the importance of friendship. The catchy tunes and colorful visuals made it a favorite among children and parents alike.

The Fresh Beat Band is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (57 episodes). The series first aired on August 24, 2009.

The Fresh Beat Band
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Snow Day
19. Snow Day
December 7, 2013
When the Fresh Beats use a giant blender to make snow for their winter show, they end up covering the entire town! How will they dig their way out of this one? Ice skating, anyone?
Pink Swan
18. Pink Swan
October 13, 2013
When a new ballet comes to town, Kiki is cast in the lead as the Pink Swan! She'll need help from the other Fresh Beats to learn to do five turns in a row ... and to figure out how to stop!
Laughing Dance Master
17. Laughing Dance Master
February 10, 2013
The Fresh Beats audition for a dance festival but don't make the cut. So they seek help from the mysterious Laughing Dance Master who trains them with some really odd tasks!
16. Dance-A-Thon
October 14, 2012
When Harper hosts an all-night dance contest at the Singing Pizza Café, the Fresh Beats get ready to show off their latest moves to win the grand prize! They revisit their favorite music videos as the contest goes on all night.
Hoop Dreams
15. Hoop Dreams
August 19, 2012
The Fresh Beats are going to rock the half-time show at the Junior Beats' first basketball game, but it's the Junior Beats who rock on their new court when they play against the Fresh Beats!
Yo! Fresh Beats Go Gabba Gabba!
14. Yo! Fresh Beats Go Gabba Gabba!
June 9, 2012
The Fresh Beats meet the Gabba Land gang when Plex beams DJ Lance and friends into the Singing Pizza Café! They'll need to band together to get to Toodee's beach party on a wacky journey through the Arctic, the ocean, and the Wild West!
Keepin It Green
13. Keepin It Green
April 20, 2012
The Fresh Beats find out the Mayor is going to replace their favorite park with a new office building. So they find ways to stop the construction and finally have a big concert to let everyone know how much they love the park!
Royal Wedding
12. Royal Wedding
February 10, 2012
The Fresh Beats are excited for a royal wedding happening in town. But when the Princess becomes smitten with Twist because he makes her laugh, the Fresh Beats have to find a way to reunite the Princess and her Prince!
The Wizard of Song
11. The Wizard of Song
January 27, 2012
When Marina gets swept up into a windstorm, she lands in Oz! Along the way, she befriends a Scarecrow, a Tin Woman, and a Lion and they go to the Wizard of Song so that Marina can find her way home.
The Fresh Bots
10. The Fresh Bots
December 9, 2011
The Fresh Beats order four robot versions of themselves to help them pick berries for Melody and make pizzas for Harper. But when the robots make a big mess, the Fresh Beats have to figure out how to clean up their mess.
Bollywood Beats
9. Bollywood Beats
December 2, 2011
The Fresh Beats meet a magical genie and try to use their wishes to put on a great concert at the Indian festival. But the genie helps the Fresh Beats realize that all they need is each other!
Rock Star
8. Rock Star
November 25, 2011
The Fresh Beats get transported into the world of the Rock Star board game but can only get out if they play a hard musical riff. It's too hard to play with one person. Marina gets the idea for everyone to play it together!
Dance Floor Superhero
7. Dance Floor Superhero
November 18, 2011
The Fresh Beats must don the costumes of their favorite heroes, The Mighty Music Band, to defeat the evil Deep Freeze, who's freezing everyone in an attempt to stop them from dancing!
Chimps in Charge
6. Chimps in Charge
November 11, 2011
The Fresh Beats help their friend Harper babysit a pair of chimps who are more than they can handle. Marina gets the idea to build a jungle gym for the chimps in the park and the Fresh Beats find a perfect song to rock the show.
5. Veloci-Rap-Star
November 4, 2011
Twist becomes a rap superstar when a hip manager named Max recruits him to go on tour.But Twist realizes he doesn't want to leave the Fresh Beat Band so when they rally to reunite with him,they decide to stay together as a band!
Ghost Band
4. Ghost Band
October 24, 2011
The Fresh Beats run into a ghost band when they get a gig to play in a western town. They face-off against the ghosts in a musical showdown and discover that the ghosts are misunderstood. They work to bring folks back to town!
Cool Pool Party
3. Cool Pool Party
July 8, 2011
DJ Twist is ready to rock the turntables at the pool party, but he'll need help from Kiki, Marina, and Shout to refill the pool after they accidentally splash all the water out of it!
Giant Pizza
2. Giant Pizza
June 24, 2011
The Fresh Beat Band is a live-action preschool musical sitcom set to original pop songs with preschool-friendly lyrics. Marina, Kiki, Twist and Shout are the Fresh Beat Band - four friends who love to sing, dance and make music.
Graduation Day
1. Graduation Day
June 24, 2011
The Fresh Beat Band is a live-action preschool musical sitcom set to original pop songs with preschool-friendly lyrics. Marina, Kiki, Twist and Shout are the Fresh Beat Band - four friends who love to sing, dance and make music.
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  • Premiere Date
    August 24, 2009
  • IMDB Rating
    6.5  (620)