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  • TV-14
  • 2010
  • 1 Season
  • 8.1  (7,546)

The Good Guys was a comedy-drama TV show that premiered on FOX in 2010. Created by Matt Nix, the show followed two Dallas police detectives who had different approaches to solving crimes. Bradley Whitford, famous for his role in The West Wing, played Dan Stark, an old-school detective who was known for his unconventional ways. Dan was a former hero cop who caught the biggest criminals in the city back in the '80s. He had a reputation for being a bit of a wild card, and he had a tendency to bend the rules to get the job done.

Colin Hanks played Jack Bailey, a young and ambitious detective who was assigned to work with Dan. Jack was the exact opposite of Dan; he was by the book and liked to play things safe. He was also a bit of a technophile and always had the latest gadgets to help solve crimes.

Despite their differences, Dan and Jack had great chemistry on the show. They were constantly bickering and trying to one-up each other, but they both had a deep respect for each other's abilities. Their dynamic was the driving force behind the show, and it made for some hilarious moments.

Jenny Wade played Liz Traynor, Jack's ex-girlfriend and the Assistant District Attorney. Liz had a no-nonsense attitude and was always trying to keep Jack out of trouble. She also had a bit of a crush on Dan, which led to some awkward moments between the three characters.

The show featured a variety of different crimes and cases, ranging from bank robberies to murder investigations. Each episode was self-contained and could be watched as a standalone episode, but there was also an overarching storyline that tied everything together.

One of the standout episodes of the series was "Dan on the Run", where Dan becomes the prime suspect in a series of burglaries. The episode was shot in a unique style, with Dan narrating the events as they unfolded. The episode also featured an extended car chase that was both thrilling and comedic.

The Good Guys received positive reviews from critics, who praised the show's humor and the chemistry between the two lead actors. However, the show struggled to find an audience and was canceled after one season.

Overall, The Good Guys was a fun and entertaining show that was a great showcase for the talents of Bradley Whitford and Colin Hanks. Despite its short run, the show has developed a cult following and remains a fan favorite over a decade later.

The Good Guys is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (20 episodes). The series first aired on May 19, 2010.

The Good Guys
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20. Partners
December 10, 2010
Jack and Dan investigate a simple case regarding a dine-and-dash at a local restaurant, but things become complicated when Jack's former partner, George Gluck (guest star Klein), who is now the assistant chief of the department, shows up after Liz's informant against a mafia kingpin is murdered. With a dirty cop behind the hit, and their lives on the line, everybody must learn that the only way to survive is to stay close to the ones they trust.
Cop Killer
19. Cop Killer
December 3, 2010
A ruthless Internal Affairs investigator re-opens an old case in order to end Dan's irregular police methods. His investigation leads to the release of a deadly gang, hell-bent on murdering the ones who put them away and forcing Jack and Dan to stop them before they succeed.
18. Supercops
November 19, 2010
While completing a routine following up on a stolen truck investigation, Jack and Dan wind up uncovering a major heist involving a shipment of high-profile diamonds. Meanwhile, tensions rise when Dan discovers Jack is interviewing for a position on an elite police unit.
The Getaway
17. The Getaway
November 12, 2010
What begins as a romantic getaway for Jack and Liz ends in a suspicious investigation of the bed and breakfast owner who acts curiously. Dan heads out to the B&B to join the action when he hears about Jack's detective work on his time off.
Silence of the Dan
16. Silence of the Dan
November 5, 2010
While investigating a stolen painting at a doctor's house, Dan faints, and is restricted to desk duty until he recovers. Despite the handicap, Jack and Dan capture the mysterious art thief, who may have left more at the crime scene than he planned on.
The Whistleblower
15. The Whistleblower
October 29, 2010
Jack and Dan investigate a false inspection report at a corrupt oil company only to discover that they might have actually stumbled onto a deadly criminal conspiracy - with Liz's boyfriend Kyle stuck right in the middle.
Old Dogs
14. Old Dogs
October 22, 2010
Jack's Uncle Nate is a deceitful con man who is a witness of arson. He comes to Jack and Dean with information regarding the crime. With the Nate as the only witness, the investigation forces Jack to work alongside his uncle, a man he barely knows or trusts.
Dan on the Run
13. Dan on the Run
October 15, 2010
Dan is framed and forced into hiding following the kidnapping of the ex-governor's son because of his involvement in the man's rescue 25 years previously. Jack must find the real kidnappers and prove his partner's innocence, while Dan, out of options, must turn to an old partner, the legendary Frank Savage, for help.
Little Things
12. Little Things
October 8, 2010
Jack and Dan get a tip from a neighborhood kid about a lowlife stealing mail. During the investigation, they come across two identity thieves forging documents for a murderous pair of Mexican drug-runners, killing their way to better lives in America.
Common Enemies
11. Common Enemies
October 1, 2010
Jack and Dan go off on their own, yet again, after they are assigned to help a forensic specialist with a burglary case. Weary of the specialist's superiority complex, the duo breaks free only to be tangled up in another case entirely. They must get help from an unlikely source to save Liz when she gets in trouble working a high-profile prostitution sting.
10. Vacation
September 24, 2010
Dan decides to "borrow" some money from the Narcotics Division to set up an off-the-books sting operation. However, the unauthorized detective work inadvertently finances a prison break, which Jack and Dan must put a stop to before the prisoners can get away and the department finds out.
Don't Tase Me, Bro
9. Don't Tase Me, Bro
August 2, 2010
In the summer finale, Dan messes up by exposing a witness in the Witness Protection Program. While a hitman from a dangerous crime family searches for the witness, Jack and Dan team up with a U.S. Marshal to protect the innocent.
Silvio's Way
8. Silvio's Way
July 26, 2010
Dan enters the world of organized crime to catch mobsters who eluded him years ago. Things go awry though, when his undercover sting operation brings out two brand new groups of criminals. Dan will need Jack's help and a whole lot more to deal with so many dangerous mobsters and ultimately put the original ones behind bars.
Hunches and Heists
7. Hunches and Heists
July 19, 2010
A bank heist is in the works, but no one can seem to find the alleged thieves. As the Dallas PD searches the big city, Jack and Dan go out on their own in the opposite direction and counter to their entire department.
Small Rooms
6. Small Rooms
July 12, 2010
Dan's attempt to enliven a boring work day has chilling effects. Reusing evidence from a cold case file to jumpstart his auto investigation, Dan puts himself and Jack in the midst of a huge gun-running ring and a murder from 10 years ago resurfaces.
5. $3.52
June 28, 2010
Dan's police interrogation techniques come back to burn him when it is ruled by the court that his interrogation of a drug smuggler was illegal. As a result, the felon busted by Jack and Dan months before is set free. Without access to any department resources, Dan vows to put away the entire drug smuggling ring with just his pocket money. Along the way, the partners find themselves trapped in a truck full of scented candles, Jack is reprimanded in front of his ex, and Jack and Dan get stuck in the middle of yet another shoot out.
The Dim Knight
4. The Dim Knight
June 21, 2010
A series of dog poisonings leads Jack and Dan to a well-meaning but oblivious vigilante who has attracted the attention of a deadly visitor.
Broken Door Theory
3. Broken Door Theory
June 14, 2010
Jack and Dan are assigned to investigate a damaged vending machine at an upscale hotel. When the case leads them to a high-class prostitution ring and a grisly murder, the detectives suddenly find themselves in the middle of a homicide investigation.
Bait and Switch
2. Bait and Switch
June 7, 2010
While investigating a vandalism case, Jack and Dan discover a pattern of stolen vintage cars around the city. Unable to set up a sting operation using a department "bait car," Jack and Dan must go on their own to pursue the elusive car thieves.
1. Pilot
May 19, 2010
Jack and Dan are hot on the trail of a stolen humidifier.
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    May 19, 2010
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    8.1  (7,546)