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  • 2004
  • 1 Season
  • 7.6  (122)

The Immortal Yi Soon Shin is a historical drama series that aired on KBS America from 2004 to 2005. It stars Kim Myung-min in the lead role of Admiral Yi Soon Shin, a legendary figure in Korean history. The show is set in the late 16th century, during the Japanese invasion of Korea, known as the Imjin War. The story follows Admiral Yi, who is tasked with defending the Korean peninsula against the invading Japanese forces. Despite being outnumbered and outgunned, Yi leads his fleet into battle and manages to defy the odds time and time again, earning him the title of "The Immortal Yi Soon Shin."

The series is a portrayal of the historical events that took place during the war, which lasted for seven years. The show not only features the epic battles between the Korean and Japanese forces, but also explores the political and social aspects of the time. It delves into the power struggles and machinations within the Korean court, as well as the sacrifices made by ordinary citizens who were caught in the crossfire of the war.

One of the strongest aspects of the show is the character development. Admiral Yi Soon Shin is portrayed as a flawed but determined leader, who often clashes with his fellow officers and politicians. His unwavering loyalty to his country and his people, however, shines through in every episode. The other characters, including Yi's subordinates and the Japanese generals, are also well-developed and add depth to the story.

The show also does a great job of balancing the action with quieter, more introspective moments. There are plenty of epic battle scenes, but there are also poignant scenes of characters reflecting on the toll that war has taken on them and their loved ones. The show manages to be both thrilling and emotional, without ever feeling melodramatic or over the top.

Visually, The Immortal Yi Soon Shin is stunning. The show makes use of impressive set pieces and intricate costumes to transport viewers back to the 16th century. The sea battles are particularly impressive, with detailed models of the ships and clever camera work making them feel both realistic and cinematic.

Overall, The Immortal Yi Soon Shin is a fantastic historical drama that manages to balance action and drama with strong characterization and attention to detail. It's easy to see why the show has remained a beloved classic in Korean television for many years. If you're a fan of historical dramas or just looking for an engaging and well-crafted series, The Immortal Yi Soon Shin is definitely worth checking out.

The Immortal Yi Soon Shin is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (106 episodes). The series first aired on September 4, 2004.

The Immortal Yi Soon Shin
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Behind the Scenes, Part 2
106. Behind the Scenes, Part 2
September 10, 2005
Compilation of the behind the scenes, NG's, Special Effects, interviews, and much more.
Behind the Scenes, Part 1
105. Behind the Scenes, Part 1
September 9, 2005
Compilation of the behind the scenes, NG's, Special Effects, interviews, and much more.
Episode 104
104. Episode 104
September 3, 2005
The news that Soon-shin locked up the emissary and went off to fight a battle stuns the royal court. The Westerners move to charge him with high treason, and Yu Sung-ryong turns in his resignation. Kwang-hae is frustrated and sad to see his father Sonjo forsake his two most faithful subjects. The Japanese acquire information that Soon-shin has directed all of his forces to Wekyo. It is hard to believe Soon-shin would make this move, but Wakizaka chooses Noryang with the swift-flowing current to get to Wekyo. Soon-shin's fleet waits in Noryang for the Japanese to pass through the channel. Once the first ship passes through, Soon-shin begins his attack. The enemy changes its course, but Soon-shin's fleet is right behind them. The enemy fleet retreats, but Wakizaka will not give up until Soon-shin is dead.
Episode 103
103. Episode 103
September 2, 2005
The Royal emissary demands that Soon-shin open up the retreat path for Konishi and his troops, but Soon-shin will not budge. Officers who had first opposed Soon-shin come around and unite vowing their loyalty once again. Konishi's messenger ship bearing request for aid slips through the tightly guarded waters. Soon aid will come, and Soon-shin must prepare for action. The Royal emissary warns him not to move his troops, but Soon-shin defies him and issues his order.The Royal emissary attempts to send a letter to the royal court recommending that Soon-shin be charged with treason, but the letter is intercepted by Yi Young-nam. Soon-shin puts the emissary in confinement and prepares for the final battle. He devises a strategy to lure the Japanese fleet out into the water.
Episode 102
102. Episode 102
August 27, 2005
When the assassination attempt on Soon-shin fails, Konishi is almost given up on hopes of returning to Japan. With two goals of revenge on Soon-shin and Konishi's rescue, Wakizaka begins to put pressure on Soon-shin by first attacking Kwon Yul's base. When Yu Jung's ground troops move out making a land-sea attack impossible for the Chosun-Ming Alliance Navy, Soon-shin presents a gift of a flat-roof galley to Jin Lin expressing his deep trust. Jin Lin accepts the gift and vows solidarity with Soon-shin. Hearing about this, Yu Jung sends another letter to Sonjo questioning Soon-shin's true motive. Sonjo dispatches his emissary to the naval base holding Soon-shin responsible for the defeat in Wekyo Fort and turns over the command of the alliance navy to Yu Jung. The officers cannot hide their fury, and there is confusion and chaos in the naval base once again.
Episode 101
101. Episode 101
August 26, 2005
Kwon Yul comes to Soon-shin urging him to let the Japanese retreat without further hostile action. But Japan had deceived Chosun once before calling a truce when there were in trouble then carrying out a second invasion. Soon-shin adamantly refuse saying that the Japanese will attack again if they are allowed to return without punishment. The royal court is contemplating the dispatch of royal emissary after receiving two conflicting reports about the battle of Wekyo. Prince Kwang-hae's talks Sonjo out of sending the emissary, and Yoon Dusu and the Royal Attendant tightens their watch on the naval base.Meanwhile, Konishi tries to buy off Jin Lin and influence Soon-shin into opening up the retreat path, but Soon-shin adamantly refuses. Completely cut off and removed, Konishi is mad with loathing for Soon-shin.
Episode 100
100. Episode 100
August 20, 2005
Bribed by Konishi Yukinaga, Ming Commander Yu Jung fails to attack as agreed and sends a message to Jin Lin not to go in too deep. Reading his message as a ruse to take credit for the battle alone, Jin Lin puts his fleet in the advance guard position. He ignores Soon-shin's orders to retreat and presses on toward the enemy. When they come under concentrated attack, Soon-shin's men take dangerous action to save them.Both the enemy and the allied navy suffer great damages in Wekyo battle.Soon-shin report to the king that the battle was victorious as they succeeded in sinking dozens of enemy ships. But Konishi Yukinaga once again buys off Yu Jung to report it as defeat placing full blame on Yi Soon-shin. With two conflicting reports in hand, King Sonjo considers charges of treason and disloyalty once again for Soon-shin for his deceit.
Episode 99
99. Episode 99
August 14, 2005
Feeling threatened by the Chosun-Ming alliance, Konishi Makes a preemptive strike on the Gogeumdo navy base. Jin Lin's Ming navy watches like a spectator, but Chosun navy is fully prepared. They achieve a huge victory near Jolido. When Hideyoshi dies in August of 1598, the Japanese troops in Chosun receive orders to retreat. They quickly prepare to move out. Jin Lin refuses to fight the retreating enemy, but the war will not be truly over until the enemy is completely destroyed. Soon-shin persuades the halfhearted Ming Admiral. At last, on October 2, 1598, the Chosun-Ming Alliance Navy launches an attack on Konishi at Wekyo Soon-chun.
Episode 98
98. Episode 98
August 13, 2005
Having secured a considerable amount of provisions and men, Soon-shin begins a huge battleship building project and makes Konishi Yukinaga Wekyo his first target.Meanwhile, Prime Minister Yu Sung-ryong goes to Konishi in Wekyo demanding that they surrender. He tells them that this is his last chance to end the war peacefully. As if to prove this is not a bluff, the Chosun-Ming alliance army begins to lay siege on Ulsan Fort occupied by Kiyomasa. Trapped in the fort without food and water, the Kato is driven to a point of attempting suicide.Sonjo becomes bitter with jealousy hearing that the people have built a new naval base for Soon-shin in Gogeumdo. Imperial Attendant Yoon goes to Yoon Dusu and subtly incites him feigning concerns for what will happen to the Westerners if the war comes to an end when Yu Sung-ryong and Yi Soon-shin are being praised as heroes.
Episode 97
97. Episode 97
August 7, 2005
After the victory in Myongryang, Soon-shin and his fleet make a long march along the western coast. It is to declare that the command of the sea belonged to Chosun and to break the morale of the Japanese army. Unwilling to accept that Soon-shin is the one who turned the tide of the war around, Sonjo gives credit to the Ming troops instead. When Ming emissary Yang Ho praises Soon-shin for his miraculous feat, Sonjo grants Soon-shin a pardon for his past crimes. With his will for conquest crushed once again by the humiliating defeat in Myongyang, Toyotomi Hideyoshi orders Wakizaka Yasuharu to slaughter Soon-shin's family. Wakizaka would rather fight a fair fight against Soon-shin, but he heads for Soon-shin's home in Ahsan.
Episode 96
96. Episode 96
August 6, 2005
A fleet of 13 against a fleet of 300. And the current is in enemy's favor. But there is a chance. The oarsmen have trained very hard to hold their position in the swift current, and the Chosunese navy has a secret weapon.With confidence, Soon-shin places his fleet of 13 in a line formation. All they have to do is to hold their position for 4 hours for the current to shift direction.But terrified at the sight of seeing one of his men go down, Koje Magistrate Ahn Wui attempts to retreat and ends up being surrounded by the enemy.Soon-shin cannot afford to lose a single ship.
Episode 95
95. Episode 95
July 31, 2005
Sonjo receives a self-assured letter from Soon-shin. Taking into account Kwon Yul's report which said the chances of victory is almost none-existent, Sonjo grants Soon-shin's request to fight at sea with intent to hold him responsible for defeat.Meanwhile, Japanese army enters Junju and begins to make their way into Choongchung Province. The Japanese navy, determined to enter the capital before the army, begin to gather their resources and strategize. Gurujima Michihusa who lost his older brother against Soon-shin in 1592 names Myongryang as the stage for the next battle and swears revenge on Soon-shin.On September 16, 1597, Chosunese navy launches a battle at an hour when the current is most favorable to the enemy.
Episode 94
94. Episode 94
July 30, 2005
Yoshira comes to Chosunese navy camp with a proposition to surrender. Soon-shin warns him that the sea of Chosun will be their graveyard if the Japanese attempt to attack his navy again. Yi Soon-shin may be a great naval leader, but 12 battleships is all he has left. Japanese scoff at his ridiculous confidence. Everyone thinks this is an impossible situation, but Soon-shin continues to collects intelligence data and studies the waters. Off the coast of Cholla, he finds a narrow and swift-flowing channel of water. When Kwon Yul suggest reorganizing the navy into an army instead of rebuilding the navy from ground up, Soon-shin turns him down stating that it is more important to cut off the enemy's sea route to the west. Deciding that the situation is urgent, Kwon Yul appeals to the royal court to dissolve the navy.
Episode 93
93. Episode 93
July 24, 2005
Yi Young-nam evacuates the advance camp and burns in down. It's painful to watch the base in flames, but what's more painful is that soon the Japanese will occupy the place. Woo Ji-chuk and his men escape death and make their way to Chogae where Soon-shin is serving his post as a common soldier. Pained with the burden of defeat, Woo carefully tells Soon-shin that not all of the ships may be lost. The royal court is equally devastated by the news of Won Kyun's defeat. When everyone is lost for ideas as to what to do next, Yoon Dusu breaks the silence and suggests giving Soon-shin a chance to redeem himself. King Sonjo regrets his decision to remove him from service and puts him back in command of the Three Provinces Navy. Soon-shin leaves Chogae to find 12 ships that Bae Sul had hidden in Hweryung-po. It's a two day trip by sea, but he chooses to travel by land.
Episode 92
92. Episode 92
July 23, 2005
Won Kyun's fleet is attacked. After losing 500 of his men in Gaduk, Won Kyun retreats to Chilchundo. Finding out about the situation at the front, Soon-shin prepares for the worst. He orders Yi Young-nam to burn down the advance base in Hansando and pleads with Kwon Yul to withdraw his command of attack on Pusan. Won Kyun's officers grow anxious and afraid trapped in Chilchundo, and Commander of Right Kyung-sang Naval Station Bae Sul takes his fleet of 12 ships and disappears. When more and more soldiers begin to desert camp, Won Kyun finally orders retreat to Hansando. They prepare to retreat with hopes of rebuilding their position around Kyunneryang, but the enemy has Chilchundo surrounded.
Episode 91
91. Episode 91
July 17, 2005
As the royal court continues to put pressure to attack Pusan, Won Kyun begins to realize why Soon-shin refused to attack Pusan through notes and charts Soon-shin left behind. Won Kyun who once swore he could defeat the enemy in Pusan and hastened Soon-shin's removal tells Kwon Yul that it is impossible to attack Pusan unless the ground forces strike the enemy in Gaduk and Angol at the same time. Enraged by his audacity, Kwon Yul flogs Won Kyun and orders him to attack Pusan at once. Humiliated and disgraced Won Kyun burns all of Soon-shin's notes. When Yi Young-nam tells him to admit to the fact that Soon-shin was right, Won Kyun removes him from duty as well. On July of 1597, Won Kyun launches his fleet to Pusan with no assurance of a victory. To bait him, the Japanese first allow Won Kyun a small victory.
Episode 90
90. Episode 90
July 16, 2005
Past merits have barely saved Soon-shin from penalty of death. For the second time, Sonjo orders Soon-shin to serve the military as a common soldier. On his way to his post in Soon-chun, Soon-shin learns that his elderly mother is on a boat to Ahsan to see him. She dies on the boat unable to endure the long trip, but Soon-shin doesn't even have the luxury to mourn her death. Anguished Soon-shin must get to his assigned post. Finding out that Soon-shin is still alive, Japanese warriors quickly move to destroy the navy while Won Kyun is in command. Eager to prove himself, Won Kyun devises a plan to attack Pusan through the open sea where the waters are extremely rough. Commandant Kim Wan tries to talk him out of it, but it's no use. Against advice of his men, Won Kyun proceeds with his plan only to fail miserably.
Episode 89
89. Episode 89
July 10, 2005
Charges of treason and disloyalty. Soon-shin's inquiry begins. When Soon-shin does not confess to wrongdoing despite the treacherous torture, Yoon Dusu realizes Soon-shin will die before he confesses his crime and asks Sonjo to take a special measure. Sonjo decides he will conduct the inquiry himself. The newly appointed Supreme Commander Won Kyun declares that he will disregard all of the rules and procedures that Soon-shin has set up and run the navy his own way. To start, he demotes all of the officers who became officers through Soon-shin's military service exam. He acquires resignations from officers who opposes his actions and appoints new men. The naval station begins to look very different from when Soon-shin was in command. Meanwhile, Yu Sung-ryong visits Soon-shin in his cell. Brutal torture has left him barely able to speak.
Episode 88
88. Episode 88
July 9, 2005
Soon-shin refuses to go to battle that he cannot win, and Sonjo orders him arrested for defying the king's command. Not even Yu Sung-ryong can help Soon-shin now. With an order for Soon-shin's arrest comes an order for Won Kyun to replace Soon-shin's position. Outraged by the order, Soon-shin's officers put their men on full alert and prepare to fight the king's command, but Soon-shin calmly prepares to leave the base. Frustrated officers urge Soon-shin to make a bold decision, and Soon-shin asks them to abide by his wishes no matter what happens. The officers sign their name in blood to show their trust and loyalty for Soon-shin.Royal prosecutor and his guards arrive and the people of Hansando cry for Soon-shin not to go, but the officers abide by Soon-shin's wish.
Episode 87
87. Episode 87
July 2, 2005
It's year 1596. As the war enters its fifth year, talks of peace negotiations are heard in the court of Chosun as well, and an envoy is dispatched to Japan. But Soon-shin is against the truce talks as he predicts the terms will be equally unfavorable to Chosun as defeat. Konishi Yukinaga and Shim Yu-kyung had acquired the Ming Emperor's edict, but they did not dare present the demands that Hideyoshi had made. When Kato Kiyomasa and Wakizaka Yasuharu starts to suspect deceit in the truce talks, Shim and Konishi conspire once again to alter the Imperial decree. Envoy Hwang Shin who returns from Japan reports that Japan will attack again, and both the royal court and the navy headquarters become tense and nervous. Konishi who narrowly escaped death by swearing to Hideyoshi that he would destroy Yi Soon-shin puts Yoshira to work in order to remove Soon-shin from command.
Episode 86
86. Episode 86
July 1, 2005
The navy is too poor to buy medicine for the sick soldiers, but they can't stop sending offerings to the king. They try to use whatever natural remedies they can find, but nothing proves effective.Soon-shin decides to trade the offerings to the king for medicine for his soldiers. Knowing the consequences, Commandant of Bang-dap Yi Soon-shin asks Magistrate of Nak-an Shin Ho to make sure the offerings are safely delivered to the king. But Shin-ho returns with cart loads of medicine to treat the ailing soldiers.
Episode 85
85. Episode 85
June 25, 2005
As months pass locked in a dead heat with Kyunneryang between the Chosunese Navy and the Japanese invaders, Yi Soon-shin begins to feel the need to break through the stalemate. But having to provide for the royal court and the Ming army on top of his own men, there is never enough budget at the naval headquarters. First, Soon-shin tries to find a breakthrough by strengthening the reconnaissance. During a reconnaissance mission, Uh Young-dam comes across civilians who have turn to cannibalism to sustain a living. Then one by one, soldiers of the naval headquarters collapse with lesions all over their body. It is an epidemic disease. Uh Young-dam, the living map of the sea, succumbs to the disease as well.
Episode 84
84. Episode 84
June 19, 2005
Soon-shin requests to hold a separate military service examination exclusively for the navy with equal opportunity for all social castes. Yoon Dusu is infuriated by Soon-shin who leads a navy of 20,000 men and now wants control of personnel affairs and questions his loyalty. Having planted informants in Hansando, Sonjo learns about the issues surrounding the military service exam and becomes increasingly suspicious of Soon-shin's motives. Sonjo gives Yu Sung-ryong a subtle warning about the situation at which time he sends a letter to Soon-shin recommending that he give up on the idea. Kwon Joon also advises him to yield. Kwang-hae decides to call Soon-shin to Junju and listen to his reasons. Soon-shin refuses to give up arguing that his men were equally expected to give their lives for the country, and they must be given equal chance to become military officers.
Episode 83
83. Episode 83
June 18, 2005
Learning that Soon-shin had been taken to the capital, Wakizaka Yasuharu plans a full force attack on the Chosunese Navy. But Konishi Yukinaga who is more interested in ending the war quickly and cashing in his benefits tells Ming Commander Shim Yu-kyung that it would be wise to release Yi Soon-shin to resume the peace talks. Kwang-hae goes to Yu Jung once again and tells him that he would give up the his own throne before removing Yi Soon-shin, and this time Yu Jung yields having been advised by Ming Commander Shim.Yoon Dusu is once again awed at Yi Soon-shin's power, and Shim Yu-kyong purposely exasperate Sonjo by praising Prince Kwang-hae and Yi Soon-shin.
Episode 82
82. Episode 82
June 12, 2005
Kwang-hae refuses to remove Soon-shin from service, and Yu Jung replies that both Sonjo's throne and Kwang-hae's future throne will not be safe unless Soon-shin is removed. Yoon Dusu who is traveling with Kwang-hae invites Yu Jung to a feast and asks for his patients telling him that Soon-shin will soon be removed.Soon-shin begins to discuss a land-sea operation with Kwon Yul and the others. Yi Young-nam is frustrated by Soon-shin who pays no attention to the pressures of Ming and the royal court. Yoon Dusu urges Prince Kwang-hae to seek a resignation from Soon-shin, and Kwang-hae goes to Soon-shin's advance base in Hansando. Seeing the undefeated navy and the man who made it all possible, Kwang-hae sheds his tears.
Episode 81
81. Episode 81
June 11, 2005
Ming court orders Chosun not to take hostile action against the Japanese forces while the peace talks are in progress. But the Japanese are just using the passive Ming government to keep Chosun temporarily in check. In March 1594, several dozen Japanese ships appear on the coast of Danghang-po, and Yi Soon-shin launches his fleet against Yu Jung's orders.On the second Danghang-po Battle, Soon-shin sinks 31 enemy ships. Ming Commander Yu Jung now positioned in Daegu threatens the king to remove Yi Soon-shin from service or the Ming troops will clear out. Faced with a lose-lose ultimatum, Sonjo sends Prince Kwang-hae to Yu Jung.
Episode 80
80. Episode 80
June 5, 2005
If they open the gate, the enemy will take the fort. Kim Shi-min makes a painful decision not to open the gate. Knowing that Kim has no other choice, Commander Yu and his men bravely fight to the death outside the gates of Jinju against 30,000 Japanese soldiers. The soldiers and citizens of Jinju are petrified watching the atrocity from inside the fort. Kim Shi-min devises another strategy. The fierce battle continues for six days and nights. Ammunition completely runs out, and Kim Shi-min orders women and children out of the fort. They can't go leaving the men who are facing certain death. Will Jinju Fort be saved?August, 1593, peace talks are being exchanged between Ming and Japan. Strongly against the peace talks, King Sonjo issues a new order to Yi Soon-shin.
Episode 79
79. Episode 79
June 4, 2005
Sonjo receives the victory report, but he is not entirely pleased by the fact that Soon-shin did not press on to recapture Pusan Fort. Losing the command of the sea of Kyung-sang Province, the Japanese warriors are beginning to think that the Toyotomi Hideyoshi's ambition to conquer Ming was a pipedream. Jotai tells Hideyoshi that they still have a chance if they take Jinju Fort and use it as a bridgehead to Cholla. Hideyoshi issues the order and the Japanese forces begin to converge at outside Jinju Fort.Soon-shin, Kwon Yul and Constable of Jinju Kim Shi-min have a secret meeting. Kwon Yul offers to send military aid to Jinju, but Kim Shi-min declines the offer and asks that they stay where they are and stop the Japanese from converging in Jinju.
Episode 78
78. Episode 78
May 29, 2005
Soon-shin's fleet safely passes through the channel. Gouki, Dodo and the other Japanese warriors are stunned by the Chosunese Navy's land raid. But Wakizaka Yasuharu believes that Soon-shin is going to attempt a landing on Pusan this time, and he shows complete confidence that he can win on land. The alliance navy under Yi Soon-shin's command destroys the enemy fleet layer by layer and makes their way toward Pusan. Japanese navy places their cannons on favorable locations and waits for the alliance fleet to come close enough.To minimize the damage from the enemy's bombardment, the alliance fleet stretch out in a line formation. Japanese navy stay ashore attacking from the beach, but the Chosunese navy keep a close fight in the most unfavorable conditions sinking the anchored Japanese battleships one by one.
Episode 77
77. Episode 77
May 28, 2005
Yi Young-nam locks up Won Kyun and leads his men to the alliance navy training at the Left Cholla Naval Station. Won Kyun soon follow. Soon-shin places Yi Young-nam under arrest for defying his superior officer's order and leaves it up to Won Kyun to punish him. The Japanese warriors become nervous when contrary to what they had hoped Yoon Dusu does not take Soon-shin back to Uiju. Wakizaka believes that meticulous Yi Soon-shin will not attack Pusan for a while and suggests that they utilize this time to rebuild the navy. Displeased with the news that Yi Soon-shin has avoided charges, Konishi Yukinaga plans to attack Jinju in order to establish a bridgehead to Cholla and to divert Soon-shin's attention from the sea. When the Japanese begins to move toward Jinju, Kwon Yul requests Soon-shin for help, but Soon-shin declares war on the Japanese navy in Pusan instead.
Episode 76
76. Episode 76
May 22, 2005
Infuriated by his disobedience, Sonjo orders Soon-shin arrested immediately. The court officials also begin to question Soon-shin's loyalty, and Yi Aukki and Won Kyun send messages to Soon-shin refusing to participate in the alliance navy training. Soon-shin's men are split between those who feel they should obey the king's order and those who trust Soon-shin's decision. Chung Oon tells Soon-shin that he is the only man that the warriors will trust and obey, but he hopes that he does not lose the command of the alliance. Soon-shin remains firm about his decision.When Prince Kwang-hae learns that the king is about to arrest Soon-shin, he goes to the king and pleads with him to send an official of the court to persuade Soon-shin instead. Yoon Dusu is quickly dispatched to the Left Cholla Navy.
Episode 75
75. Episode 75
May 21, 2005
Officers show concern when Soon-shin orders the construction of 20 more battleships. New ships require new cannons, and they are running out of gunpowder. Some complain that it is unnecessary work since the Japanese have already been frightened into paralysis. But Soon-shin maintains that they must always be prepared for the worst and puts his men to work. After the devastating defeat in Hansando, Toyotomi Hideyoshi stops communicating with his warriors in Chosun. It is a move to motivate them. When all communications cease from Japan, the Japanese warriors who had been squabbling with each other come together and renew their resolve. On their first collaborative effort, Konishi Yukinaga defeats Ming general Cho Seung-hoon on his attempt to recapture Pyong-yang.
Episode 74
74. Episode 74
May 16, 2005
Soon-shin orders his fleet to retreat, and Wakizaka's fleet follow close behind. As they come closer and closer, Wakizaka grows more and more confident of his victory. Then suddenly Soon-shin's fleet stops running and moves into a formation no one has ever seen on the ocean before. It's the crane-wing formation. Yi Aukki and Won Kyun's fleet appear from hiding to complete the two wings. When the ships in first position crumble inside the crane-wing formation, Wakizaka tries to take advantage of the reloading time to turn the battle around, but it's useless against the Chosunese warships that can rotate completely in the same position.
Episode 73
73. Episode 73
May 15, 2005
Soon-shin orders his men to launch the fleet to Kyunneryang on July 8th. His men resist because the water will be much to enemy's favor that day, but Soon-shin remains firm. He knows that Wakizaka is setting up a trap and devises a secret plan that will throw the enemy off guard.The day of the battle. Soon-shin's fleet forms a line formation outside the narrow channel of Kyunneryang. When Wakizaka does not make a move, Soon-shin sends in the advance guards. Believing that Soon-shin has taken the bait, Wakizaka orders his fleet to attack when he sees the advance guards enter the channel. The advance guards retreat with all of their might, and Wakizaka orders his men to break the line formation.
Episode 72
72. Episode 72
May 9, 2005
Wakizaka Yasuharu realizes the time that is required to load and reload the cannons in a battle and devises a new strategy to destroy the Chosunese navy. But Toyotomi Hideyoshi removes him from command when he finds out that Wakizaka's mission to destroy the Turtle Ship had failed.Learning that Gouki has acquired military aid of 30,000 men from the land troops and Wakizaka has lost his authority, Soon-shin collaborates with Kwon Yul the Army of Justice to stop Gouki from getting additional military aid, and throws a bait to Wakizaka who is now eager to prove himself and restore his reputation.
Episode 71
71. Episode 71
May 8, 2005
Chung-hyang who sustained injury during her escape passes out after blurting out that the Turtle Ship is in danger. Yi Young-nam heads for the Left Cholla Naval base with Chung-hyang in his arms, but Wakizaka quickly dispatches his men to destroy the Turtle Ship. When Wakizaka establishes a plan to destroy the Turtle Ship and requests to grant title of Samurai to each member of his elite force, Toyotomi Hideyoshi names Wakizaka chief commander for the campaign. Giving in to Konish Yukinaga's threats, King Sonjo expresses desire to cast his lot with Ming China, Yu Sung-ryong dissuades him telling him it's too soon to give up hope.When Soon-shin learns from Chung-hyang that Wakizaka Yasuharu has joined the navy, it becomes clear that the next battle will be like fighting the Taiko of Japan himself.
Episode 70
70. Episode 70
May 2, 2005
When Japan announces that they will soon be sending another hundred thousand troops to Chosun, Yi Aukki and Yi Soon-shin conclude the Japanese will take the sea route instead of the land route and agree to focus their efforts on defending Cholla Province. Won Kyun does not attend the alliance navy leaders meeting self-conscious of the fact that he only has 3 warships compared to the 20 ships that the Left and Right Cholla navies each have, and focuses his efforts on restoring the ships that he intentionally sunk in the beginning of the war.Wakizaka Yasuharu begins to plan a new strategy in Pusan with the cannons he seized from a Chosunese military base. Learning that the Japanese now have cannons, Soon-shin begins training his men with superior weapons with greater range and fire power.
Episode 69
69. Episode 69
May 1, 2005
The fleet of ships approaching them was not the enemy but the Right Cholla Navy. June 4, 1592, with a fleet of 51 ships in all, the alliance of the Left and Right Cholla Navy and the Right Kyung-sang Navy achieves huge victories in Danghang-po Jin-hae and Yul-po. News of consecutive naval victories and of the newly recruited alliance army's impending attempt to recapture the capital restore King Sonjo's hope that the Japanese may be routed. But governor of Cholla Province Yi Kwang who relied in the strength in number of the alliance army ignores the sincere council of subordinate officer Kwon Yul, and helplessly crumbles against Wakizaka Yasuharu's small army of 1,500.
Episode 68
68. Episode 68
April 25, 2005
Yi Soon-shin is shot. He is losing a lot of blood, and the command ship must return to the base to treat him. But Soon-shin orders his men to continue fighting refusing to leave the battle. Having seen Soon-shin go down, Gurujima orders his men to advance and attack. Cautious Takadora suggest that they wait since he could be alive, but Gurujima ignores him and orders the attack. When Gurujima's fleet advances toward the Chosunese fleet, they are stopped by two sea monsters (turtle ships) they have never seen before.
Episode 67
67. Episode 67
April 24, 2005
Won Kyun orders his men to prepare for battle to recapture Gon-yang. Many of his men think it is a bad idea, but no one can stop him. Dodo is using Won Kyun to lure Soon-shin out, and his plan seems to be working. But he does not let his guard down, knowing that Soon-shin has eyes everywhere, and takes double precautions. Reconnaissance spots enemy ships waiting in position at both Gon-yang and Dang-po. Soon-shin concludes that it is a trap to capture the Left Cholla Navy and orders his men to prepare for battle. His men advise against this action having failed to form an alliance, but Soon-shin's fleet divided into two and launched to Gon-yang and Dang-po.The Japanese are more prepared unlike the first campaign, but Yi Soon-shin does not go to war unless conditions for victory are perfectly set.
Episode 66
66. Episode 66
April 18, 2005
Attacking Gon-yang, Dodo Takadora purposely hurts Won Kyun's ego to provoke him. Won Kyun loses consciousness during a fierce battle and the Right Kyung-sang Navy retreats to the Left Cholla Naval Station. The moment he awakens, Won Kyun is keyed up to recapture Gon-yang. Seeing this, Kwon Joon carefully tells Soon-shin that it's time to give up on Won Kyun and his Right Kyung-sang Navy.When Soon-shin tells him that he cannot give up on an alliance navy, Kwon Joon recommends joining forces with the Right Cholla Navy. When Soon-shin proposes the alliance, the High Commander of Right Cholla Navy refuses. Eager to destroy Yi Soon-shin, Dodo Takadora proposes to Gouki and Gurujima to form a sniper company in addition to Jotai's Kansuke. Kato Kiyomasa obliges their request and sends them his samurai gunners.
Episode 65
65. Episode 65
April 17, 2005
Jotai sends an expert sharpshooter Kansuke to Dodo with instructions to kill Yi Soon-shin. When Gurujima suggests an attack on Soon-shin's naval base, Dodo tells him that Yi Soon-shin is unlike any other warriors in Chosun and suggest thorough reconnaissance of both the Left Cholla and Right Kyung-sang naval stations. Surprised at the mention of name Yi Soon-shin, Jang-pyung volunteers to check out the enemy camp himself. He enters the Left Cholla Naval Station disguised as a refugee.Meanwhile, hope is restored in the royal court as news of Soon-shin's victory arrives. Sonjo grants Soon-shin the tile of Gasuhn-debu and praises his men for their bravery. Won Kyun receives a royal edict cautioning him not to act in haste, and his men are furious.
Episode 64
64. Episode 64
April 11, 2005
Once again, Won Kyun is not thinking rationally. Overwhelmed with rage, the soldiers also resolve to go after the enemy. Soon-shin orders them to disband, and he tells Song Hee-rip that a true warrior does not allow his emotions to dictate his actions and to forget the memory of victory.Meanwhile, Dodo Takadora is busy trying to steal Chosunese tea cups to take back to Japan in order to make up for the humiliating defeat he suffered in Okpo.Dodo is led by a Chosunese potter who was kidnapped many years ago to a place where rare pottery may be found. Refugees pour into the Left Cholla Naval Station at the news of their victory, and the soldiers are more confused than ever because of Won Kyun. Seeing this, Kwon Joon suggests that the Left Cholla Navy report the victory to the royal court alone without the Right Kyung-sang Navy.
Episode 63
63. Episode 63
April 10, 2005
The first campaign against the Japanese is a huge success, but Soon-shin punishes Chung Oon by flogging when they return to the base. Uh Young-dam goes to Chung and explains that if they had followed Won Kyun and landed in Okpo, they would've suffered huge casualties. He also tells him that High Commander Yi Soon-shin has the deepest trust in him. Soon-shin finds out from a Japanese prisoner that the enemy will soon be heading west to carry out a land-sea operation. The provincial navies must come together to form an alliance, but Won Kyun stubbornly refuse for the reason that Soon-shin did not go after the remaining enemy in Okpo when they were in plain sight.The news that the king has fled the palace reaches the base. Impetuous Won Kyun becomes furious and orders his men to prepare for another battle.
Episode 62
62. Episode 62
April 4, 2005
Observing that all commands are coming from Soon-shin's ship, Dodo begins concentrated attack on the command ship. Japanese ships come close enough to fire their muskets, but Soon-shin continues to press on. After some struggle, the alliance fleet manages to destroy all 26 enemy ships and achieve a complete first victory. When Yi Un-liang tries to apprehend the surrendered prisoners, Won Kyun steps in and orders them killed on the spot. When Yi refuses his order because Soon-shin has ordered him not to kill unarmed prisoners, Won Kyun shoots him down with an arrow. Ignoring Soon-shin's retreat signal, Won Kyun attempts to lands his fleet and go after the fleeing enemy. Captain Chung Oon of Nokdo joins him.
Episode 61
61. Episode 61
April 3, 2005
Soon-shin's men are thrilled when they see the Right Kyung-sang Navy. But Won Kyun insists on commanding the battle since they are in his jurisdiction, and speaks his intent to attack the enemy's base. Soon-shin explains to him that they will completely avoid close combat and finish the battle with artillery attack at sea. Dodo Takadora is briefly panicked when he sees fifty some war vessels approaching him at Okpo. But reassured by seeing that the Chosunese vessels do not have cannons onboard, he orders his men to get on board. Dodo's fleet approach with a plan to board the Chosunese vessels and take them down with close combat, but once Soon-shin confirms that all of his men are at sea, he begins bombarding the enemy with cannon fire. Panicked enemy fleet begins to scatter. Soon-shin spreads his fleet out in a wide formation and orders a second attack, but Won Kyun charges...
Episode 60
60. Episode 60
March 28, 2005
The special task force successfully accomplishes its mission thanks to the brave sacrifice of San-bok. As refugees continue to escape Dodo's cruel pillage and seek refuge at the base, soldiers become increasingly fearful of the battle ahead. Soon-shin orders his men to test the musket taken from the Japanese.His men are petrified by the muskets and the beast's masks that the Japanese wear, and Soon-shin tells them fear is their greatest enemy that they must conquer.Meanwhile, the court receives report that the Japanese have entered the capital city, and the Royal Secretary Yi Hang-bok urges the king to flee further north to Pyung-yang and request military aid from Ming China. The court is thirsting for a glimpse of hope. Finally, it is the day that the Left Cholla Navy is to attack Okpo, and Soon-shin waits for Won Kyun's fleet to join him in the fight.
Episode 59
59. Episode 59
March 27, 2005
First Soon-shin divides the fleet in two and thoroughly inspects the coast. Once he confirms that the surrounding waters are clear, he proceeds to Dang-po and waits for the Right Kyungsang Navy. But Won-kyun sends a message redirecting the fleet to Jukjin-po contending that going to Dang-po would signify retreat. Kwon Joon goes to Won Kyun and tells him that there will be no aid unless they fight in Dang-po. At the temporary palace in Gaesung, Sonjo is confused and upset by the jeers of the disapproving public he had witnessed as he left the palace. Prince Kwang-hae recommends holding Yi San-had and Yu Sung-ryong responsible for the war and dismissing them from service in order to pacify the people. When Konishi defeats Shin Lip in Choong-ju, Dodo Takadora in Koje is convinced that this war is already over. He anchors his ships in Okpo pillaging the villages.
Episode 58
58. Episode 58
March 21, 2005
Yi Young-nam continues to request aid despite Soon-shin's rejection. Finally, intelligence reports arrive which indicates that the enemy's strength lies in infantry and that they are not after the control of the ocean. Soon-shin agrees to rendezvous with the Right Kyungsang Navy on the 5th of May in Dang-po.The royal court is lost and confused after learning that trusted warrior Shin Lip's line of defense has crumbled, and they hasten to install Prince Kwang-hae as the heir apparent. Sung-ryong is pained to have to place the burden of war on the young prince who is installed without a proper ceremony. Back at the Left Cholla Naval Station, fear is beginning to creep into the minds of the soldiers as the day of the battle draws near. Soon-shin tells them that he will not let any of them die in vain.
Episode 57
57. Episode 57
March 20, 2005
April 13, 1592, Konishi Yukinaga's troops land in Pusan, and within three days both Pusan Fort and Dong-lae Fort crumbles. Commander of Left Kyungsang Navy sinks his ships and flees the battle. Unaware of what's going on in the south, the royal court of Chosun is busy preparing to celebrate the 200th anniversary of country's foundation. Won Kyun abandons his base after being attacked by the Japanese with only four of his warships intact. Lt. Yi Young-nam requests aid from the Left Cholla Navy, but Soon-shin denies his request and continues the battle formation training. Yi Young-nam and Chung Oon are infuriated by Soon-shin's reaction, but Soon-shin is waiting for a report about the enemy's condition from his intelligence agents.
Episode 56
56. Episode 56
March 14, 2005
Soon-shin pleads before the king to rescind the dissolution of the navy. The royal court is stirred up once again, and Prince Kwang-hae begs the king not to forsake valuable retainers like Yi Soon-shin and Yu Sung-ryong. King Sonjo calls Soon-shin over and withdraws the dissolution order telling him that if his navy suffers one single defeat against the Japanese, he would have his head and the head of his men.Na Dae-yong comes up with an idea to reduce the weight of the cover plate on the Turtle Ship, and on April 12 of 1592, the Turtle Ship is successfully launched. It's a poignant moment for Soon-shin and his men, as they watch the great force and magnificence of the Turtle Ship which embodies their wholehearted desire to protect the country.The very next day, some seven hundred Japanese warships are spotted off the coast of Pusan.
Episode 55
55. Episode 55
March 13, 2005
Royal messenger brings an order to disband the navy. The base is in confusion once again, but from commanders to petty officers, no one is willing to obey the order. Song Hee-rip comforts the oarsmen captain Yong-gap who lost many of his men in the accident, and Yong-gap shows his tears as he says that the navy must not be abolished if only for those that lost their lives. Song delivers Soon-shin's order to Yong-gap to continue training his men to be the best oarsmen in the country. Meanwhile, Soon-shin hands over command of his secret task force team to Kwon Joon and prepares to leave the base. Sensing what Soon-shin is about to do, Kwon and the other officers offer to go to the royal court with him.
Episode 54
54. Episode 54
March 7, 2005
The Turtle Ship sinks to the bottom of the sea before Shin Lip and the other leaders. Won Kyun tells Soon-shin that the idea of fighting at sea is foolish and ridiculous. Shin Lip who had been looking for a chance to destroy Soon-shin urges Yoon Dusu to punish Soon-shin for causing the disastrous accident. Yoon responds that making him a target could buy the king's suspicion, and suggests another idea to render Soon-shin powerless.Meanwhile, Na Dae-yong is spending his days drowning in wine, as his Turtle Ship took many lives as it sunk and placed Soon-shin in danger of losing his job. But Soon-shin encourages him telling him that he must not give up if only for those who lost their lives in the Turtle Ship. Although some of his men think Soon-shin is crazy for not giving up on the Turtle Ship, they come together to give it another shot.
Episode 53
53. Episode 53
March 6, 2005
As the onboard artillery tests yield success and completion of the Turtle Ship draws near, the Left Cholla Navy begins the nautical formation training. Meanwhile, Shin Lip and Yi Il go to Won Kyun and encourages him to relive the glory he once had reminding him of his land battle victories in the north. Japanese spies are dispatched to investigate the Chosun Navy before the invasion. After checking out the Kyungsang Navy, they return with information that the naval leaders of Chosun are ill-equipped to deal with battles at sea. Shin Lip and Yi Il call a commanders meeting where Soon-shin asserts the need for a unified navy. But no one pays heed to Soon-shin's assertion except the Commander of the Right Cholla Navy Yi Aukki.
Episode 52
52. Episode 52
February 28, 2005
After becoming the commander of the Right Kyungsang Navy which is larger in size than the Left Cholla Navy, Won Kyun goes to Soon-shin with an entourage of his men as if to undo the humiliation he suffered a year ago when Soon-shin took over his post. Won Kyun begins vigorous military drills to prepare for an attack on Japan. But his men are poorly trained, undisciplined, and not nearly enough in number. Frustrated Won Kyun vows to first increase his force of arms from less than 3,000 to 12,000. A strange fishing boat is spotted off the coast of Left Cholla Navy where entryis prohibited during military training. They are pojaks(pirates) who are neitherChosunese nor Japanese. A map is found in their possession with detailed marks about current and tidal changes of the southern sea. Soon-shin goes to Uh Young-dam, the maker of the map.
Episode 51
51. Episode 51
February 27, 2005
Won Kyun is extremely harsh with his men from the first day of his job, and Lt. Yi Young-nam argues with Won Kyun's unreasonable actions citing the military codes of conduct. Won Kyun challenge Yi to a fighting match.At the Left Cholla Naval Station, the officers conclude that the Ming edict ordering Chosun to conquer Japan not to be taken literally but an order to defend themselves against Japan, and begin preparing a detailed defense strategy. On the other hand, Won Kyun's men at the Right Kyungsang Navy are determined to conquer Tsushima Island per order of the king.
Episode 50
50. Episode 50
February 21, 2005
A fatal accident occurs during artillery training, but Chung Oon removes the body from the training area and continues the exercise. Disgruntled gunners have had enough of his merciless training. They react by taking the dangerous explosives and attempting a group desertion. Officers are split between those who think desertion must be punished and those who think Chung Oon is at fault for pushing them over the edge. It's up to Soon-shin to decide what to do. Meanwhile, Sonjo brings Yoon Dusu back and discusses with him ways to strengthen the command of the royal house. Yoon replies that competent warriors are in need and recommends Shin Lip and Won Kyun. Sonjo appoints Won Kyun as the Commander of the Right Kyungsang Navy.
Episode 49
49. Episode 49
February 20, 2005
After the right officers were put to right duties, things are starting to settle down in the Left Cholla Naval Base, and the military training becomes increasingly vigorous and intense. The most vigorous training of all is the artillery training. Cannons are a powerful weapon that can be dangerous both for the enemy and the ally, so Chung Oon who is in charge of artillery training is especially tough with his men.Yoon Dusu who waits in exile for his chance to make a comeback appeals to the king to notify the Ming court about Japan's proposal to attack Ming together and prove Chosun's loyalty to the emperor of Ming. He also tells Won Kyun that his time will soon come and to prepare to go to the southern front. Vigorous and dangerous artillery training continues on the beaches of Left Cholla Naval Station. Chung Oon pushes his men too hard causing an unfortunate accident.
Episode 48
48. Episode 48
February 14, 2005
While discussing an onboard battle scenario, Na Dae-yong comes up with an idea of putting a cover on assault vessels. When Soon-shin responds seriously to this ridiculous idea Su-chang argues that the enemy would quickly set fire to the cover and sink the ship. Soon-shin encourages Na to make the cover fireproof.Somewhat jealous of Na Dae-yong's talents, Su-chang rummages through the library to find that "Turtle Ship" had existed during King Taejong's reign. He contends that putting a cover on the ship is a bad idea since the Turtle Ship failed to demonstrate its effectiveness and was abandoned after a brief period of use. The next day, Na Dae-yong enters the meeting with a strange drawing.
Episode 47
47. Episode 47
February 13, 2005
The threat of invasion increases, but even the officers do not seem to fully realize the imminent danger. Soon-shin grows anxious and irritable. When even his most trusted officer Kwon Joon tells him that he cannot serve Soon-shin from the heart, he carefully asks why. Kwon tells him that they would be defeated if the enemy should attack today, but that they would also be defeated if the enemy should attack a year later.The next day, Soon-shin rejects Commandant Yi's resignation and apologizes for making a decision about Lt. Na without him. Kwon Joon works all night drafting a new distribution of duty proposal that takes into account individual talent of each officer. Right men are placed in right places, and the Left Cholla Navy begins to find new life.
Episode 46
46. Episode 46
February 7, 2005
"A unique ship that is one of a kind... A ship only I can make..."Engrossed in the invention of a new kind of ship, Lt. Na Dae-yong neglects to notify the soldiers about the training next day. Bang-dap division does not show up for training, and Commandant of Bang-dap is furious. A sailing drill. It's a contest of how fast each division can navigate to Dolsan. Eager to make up for his mistake, Lt. Na comes up with the plan to put Bang-dap division at the front. But his plan causes a huge accident, and Commandant Yi moves to discharge the lieutenant. Officers are gathered to discuss the construction of new vessels. While Su-chang is busily explaining the new design, Lt. Na enters the room.
Episode 45
45. Episode 45
February 6, 2005
"Our only hope is our men. Ultimately, war is fought by men not by weapons." The officers fiercely oppose Su-chang's elevation. There are customs and regulations, they say. But Soon-shin maintains that warships are the most important weapon, and he cannot be neglectful of the man who builds those weapons. He goes on to say that he will continue to defy such customs and practices in order to fight the enemy and win.Soon-shin encourages Su-chang to build a strongest and best warship in Chosun. Being recognized for his value for the very first time, Su-chang enthusiastically begins designing a new ship.While inspecting the cannon holes on a ship one day, Soon-shin spots a man walking into the ocean as if to kill himself.
Episode 44
44. Episode 44
January 30, 2005
The only way to contend with the Japanese who are extremely well trained in close combat is to defeat them at sea before they land. To prove this to his disbelieving officers, Soon-shin puts the three Japanese spies that were captured in Bup-sung in a fighting match with Chung Oon's men. Chung Oon's men are quickly defeated.The shipyard is the busiest place in the base since the training began. One day before the training at sea, the shipyard supervisor Cho Su-chang finds a major structural problem in one of the ships built twenty years ago and reports it to Kim Wan. Kim can't get himself to tell Soon-shin that training has to be canceled, and Su-chang cannot assert himself since the problem was caused by poor maintenance, which is partly his fault. But fearing a disastrous accident at sea, Su-chang goes out to the ship at night and begins destroying the ship.
Episode 43
43. Episode 43
January 29, 2005
"The sea is where the enemy will be stopped. I will not let one single enemy set foot on this land."Angry and annoyed at the superior who punishes his officers by flogging, Chung Oon seeks to bring charges against Soon-shin for using the naval vessels for personal profit. But he soon learns that Soon-shin was trying to buy uniforms for the sailors with the proceeds. Sailors are now uniformed, and as order is gradually established, Soon-shin seeks to bring all of the sailors in different divisions of the Left Cholla Navy to the main base for training. Displeased with Soon-shin's decision, Chung Oon contends that such action is unnecessary since his men are already well trained, but Soon-shin tells him that they are trained only for land battles and their skills are useless for battles at sea.
Episode 42
42. Episode 42
January 23, 2005
Soon-shin goes to work as the new commander of the Left Cholla Navy. Won Kyun barges in during an officers' meeting and confronts Soon-shin for stealing his post. Soon-shin's officers follow Won Kyun out completely ignoring Soon-shin.When the envoy returns from Japan, the arguments and confusion about the possibility of Japanese invasion overwhelms the royal court. Sonjo accepts Easterner Kim Sung-il's argument that there will not be a war, and Prince Kwang-hae, who had seen the power of muskets, reproaches Sung-ryong for staying quiet. Song-ryong is proud to see that the young prince has matured, and he tells him that he will avoid a war through diplomacy.
Episode 41
41. Episode 41
January 22, 2005
Won Kyun is discharged only days after he begins his new job as the High Commander of the Left Cholla Naval Station. Outraged by the king's order, his men refuse to accept Won Kyun's dismissal. Won Kyun calms the men down telling them to build a strong navy and vows to return to the post someday.Yu Sung-ryong recommends Yi Soon-shin to replace Won Kyun, but he is faced with opposition from both the Easterners and the Westerners. To make his decision, King Sonjo secretly calls Soon-shin to the palace and asks Soon-shin if he can step over Won Kyun and take his post.
Episode 40
40. Episode 40
January 16, 2005
Cho-hee is abandoned by the mother who raised her and loses her child during delivery. But the people of Jung-eup have no sympathy for the wife of a traitor Sahwadong. They throw stones at her and beat her. Yunhwa saves the girl from the atrocity and takes her in. Bewildered by Cho-hee's resemblance to Mijin, Yunhwa soon learns that she is Mijin's daughter. Meanwhile, Won Kyun is appointed High Commander of the Left Cholla Naval Station by recommendation of Minister of Military Chung Tak.Gong Taewon who had lost all hopes of having a descent life in Chosun slowly opens up as Soon-shin instills new hopes in him. Soon-shin becomes increasingly concerned as he learns more about the enemy across the sea. Finding out about the Japanese from Soon-shin, Sung-ryong makes a bold decision.
Episode 39
39. Episode 39
January 15, 2005
When Japanese spies that were being tracked disappears near Jung-eup, Captain of Nokdo Chung Oon suspects the returned prisoners in the area named Gong Taewon is working with the Japanese and interrogates him.Soon-shin intervenes and proves Chung Oon wrong by capturing the spies in Bup-sung Port. The spies were trying to figure out a supply route from the southern coast to Seoul, which confirms that the Japanese are indeed planning an invasion. Gong Taewon is freed thanks to Soon-shin, but he does not open up to Soon-shin who probes for information about Japan. Slowly, the royal court realizes the need to have a capable military leader in the southern coast, and Yoon Dusu sets his eyes on Won Kyun.
Episode 38
38. Episode 38
January 9, 2005
Both the Eastern and Western factions are looking for a talented military officer with Soon-shin and Won Kyun as candidates. Sung-ryong is forced to choose between the two friends who risked their lives to protect the borders for over twenty years.Sung-ryong tries to send Soon-shin to Cholla Province to protect the southern coast. But his colleagues oppose saying Soon-shin will become the Westerners' target, and Yoon Dusu warns Sung-ryong saying that Soon-shin's backer was traitor Chung Unshin. To protect his friend from the party strife, Sung-ryong recommends Soon-shin as the magistrate of Jung-eup.Meanwhile, Japan sends back Sahwadong as requested, and Mijin's daughter Cho-hee who was taken in 1587 is returned as well.
Episode 37
37. Episode 37
January 8, 2005
When Chung Unshin is exiled and Chung Chul is named new prosecutor for the Trials of 1589, Westerners see this as an opportunity to purge the Easterners and accuse Yu Sung-ryong and Yi San-hae of conspiring with Chung Yuh-rip. But their plan backfires when King Sonjo orders the arrest of those who falsely accused the two men and makes Sung-ryong the new Minister of Personnel.Meanwhile, Soon-shin carefully studies the references in the Ministry of Military's library to investigate the possibility of Japanese invasion, but when he finds that there are insufficient materials about Japan to draw a conclusion, he goes to Han Ho for help.Fearing the increasing strength of Japan, Sung-ryong pleads with the king to send an envoy. The king replies that he would consider it if Japan sends back Sahwadong who had acted as their guide in the invasion of 1587 and returns the hostages.
Episode 36
36. Episode 36
January 2, 2005
With unification of entire Japan in front of him, Toyotomi Hideyoshi sends another envoy to Chosun demanding Sonjo to come before him, but Sonjo pays no attention. Consequently, Japanese envoys So Yoshitoshi and Genzo go to Prince Kwang-hae and Sung-ryong and show them a musket. Witnessing the great power of handheld guns, Kwang-hae asks Sung-ryong to make a request for an envoy to be sent to Japan.While Japan is preparing an invasion, the royal court of Chosun is caught in a political dog fight centered around Chung Yuh-rip's attempted overthrow, and even the military officers including Yi Il are running around hustling to save their own head between the two factions. While the Purge of 1589 is in progress, Soon-shin is put in charge of the King's safety as a Royal Bodyguard and Messenger.
Episode 35
35. Episode 35
January 1, 2005
When Yi Il recklessly tries to stop the nomads on his own, Soon-shin goes to him on his knees and tells him that there is no shame in asking for help, but there is shame in losing your men and your friends. He pleads with him to seek help of the central army.Yi Il puts Soon-shin in charge of strategy against the nomads. At last, the central army is called, and Soon-shin executes a flawless strategy to capture the enemy leader alive.
Episode 34
34. Episode 34
December 26, 2004
For the crime of negligence and for abandonment of his men impending enemy attack, Yi Soon-shin is stripped of his rank and ordered to serve the military as a common soldier.The newly appointed garrison captain of Chosan Fort Yi Unryong is baffled by the soldiers who look upon the defeated captain Yi Soon-shin with admiration and respect. After being attacked by Ulginae and realizing the enemy's strength, Yi Unryong turns to Soon-shin for help.
Episode 33
33. Episode 33
December 25, 2004
The Jurchen nomads attack Nokdune while Soon-shin is away. Soon-shin returns to Nokdune with Yi Kyung-lok and the backup troops, but his brave men and the people of Nokdune are already dying after putting up a desperate fight. Soon-shin is brought to the North Base on the charges of negligence and defeat, but he fights back stating that the atrocity of Nokdune will be repeated again if he is not given a chance to reveal the truth about why the tragedy occurred. Finding his friend in trouble, Won Kyun calls on Minister of Military Chung Unshin for help. Chung's presence gives Soon-shin a flicker of hope.Meanwhile in the royal court, the Western faction sees Soon-shin's failure in Nokdune as an opportunity to weaken the power of the Eastern faction which Yu Sung-ryong belongs to, and calls for Soon-shin's execution.
Episode 32
32. Episode 32
December 19, 2004
Desperate for military aid, Soon-shin puts his sword to Yi Il's throat, but it is useless. In Nokdune Island, the fear of imminent Jurchen attack is getting to the soldiers' heads.Meanwhile, Toyotomi Hideyoshi of Japan sends his envoy to Chosun demanding that Sonjo come to Japan before him. Soon-shin is called to attend the officers meeting held in Kyung-heung. But he can't leave his fort for a second with the imminent Jurchen attack. Yim Kyung-bun convinces him to go telling him that this could be his last chance to acquire military aid.The Jurchen nomads attack while Soon-shin is away.
Episode 31
31. Episode 31
December 18, 2004
On the day of Mijin's daughter Cho-hee's wedding, Cholla Province is attacked by the Japanese armed with muskets. Cho-hee is taken prisoner by Wakizaka Yasuharu to Japan.Invasion of 1587 was a test battle for the Japanese for the seven year war that was to come, but the Chosunese government misses its opportunity to prepare their defense by dismissing this invasion as just another foray. Nomads that keep their preying eyes on Nokdune Island learn that Soon-shin is trying to supplement his force and devise a scheme to interfere. Ultimately, the idea of burning the farms and abandoning the island is brought up in Chosan Fort.
Episode 30
30. Episode 30
December 12, 2004
It was none other than Beksu who fell for Chun-su's tricks and turned over the arrows of Chosan Fort to the Jurchens. Soon-shin blames himself for not seeing the pain of one of his men who was driven to commit this crime to provide for his family, but he is left with no choice but to punish him by death.The men of Chosan Fort works even harder after Beksu?s death, but there is just not enough manpower to handle what's coming. Soon-shin pleads with Yi Il to request the royal court for supplementary aid, but he refuses out of fear that such request will be seen as a reflection of his own incompetence.Trying to find other means to supplement the force of arms, Soon-shin turns to the military farmers.
Episode 29
29. Episode 29
December 11, 2004
Soon-shin cannot understand Won Kyun who with cold blooded murder of a prisoner gave the scattered Jurchen tribes a reason to unite. Won Kyun and Yi Soon-shin's attitude toward their enemies and treatment of their prisoners could not be more different.Soon-shin and his men are busily preparing for an imminent Jurchen attack. They conclude that the Jurchen tribes are likely to attack Nokdune Island which is a vulnerable point of strategic importance. Meanwhile, Jurchen leaders Ulginae and Matniungae send Chun-su and his gang to Chosan Fort in order to steal Chosunese weapons.
Episode 28
28. Episode 28
December 5, 2004
Soon-shin proposes peace with the Jurchen tribes. He tries with all his might to arrange a hostage exchange for Gobdan, but Yi Il's reaction is lukewarm, and the royal court is indifferent to Soon-shin's outcry about finding a tangible solution to the problems at the northern borders. While the hostage negotiation is in progress on both sides, in an unrelated incident, Won Kyun ends up killing a member of the Jurchen tribe who was doing illegal trade with one of the locals. The next day, Gobdan's cold body is found.
Episode 27
27. Episode 27
December 4, 2004
The operation is a success. Soon-shin leads his first battle to victory and clears the misunderstanding among the people about exacting the grains. But Chief Commander Yi Il is displeased with Soon-shin for carrying out a military operation without his permission.Unable to reward his men with horses taken from the enemy, Soon-shin buys wine and food with his own stipend to reward his men for their victory. At the banquet, Soon-shin appoints Beksu as the instructor of the archery unit for his display of exceptional skills during the battle. Having lost one of his duties to Beksu, Oh Hyung's frustration with Soon-shin reaches its peak. Meanwhile, Jurchen Chief Matniungae and Sassonga swears revenge on Yi Soon-shin and his men and kidnaps Oh Hyung's younger sister Gobdan.
Episode 26
26. Episode 26
November 28, 2004
Checking out Chosan Fort anonymously, Soon-shin runs into Oh Hyung and Yim Kyung-bun who are exacting grains from the farmers to present to the new garrison captain.The nomads attack that night while the guards are drunk, but Soon-shin effortlessly disables the nomads and punishes Oh Hyung by flogging in order to restore discipline in the camp. The next day, while inspecting the armory, Yim Kyung-bun tells him that the books are exact to a T. But Soon-shin harshly admonishes Yim saying that record keeping is meaningless when he is counting old and broken weapons that are useless. He also tells him that he is offended by the small amount of grains that the people have presented him and orders him to exact more.
Episode 25
25. Episode 25
November 27, 2004
Mijin returns to Gonyang from Japan pregnant and badly injured, but she safely gives birth to a girl with Eunu's help. Soon-shin returns to Seoul to take the military service exam, and dying Mijin watches Soon-shin from afar. Soon-shin shows exceptional talent in the exams but falls from his horse hurting his leg. He gets up despite his injuries and finishes his test with ovation of the people. Proud and reassured, Mijin dies in peace. In 1586, after ten years in military service, Yi Soon-shin is assigned as a garrison captain of Chosan Fort in Hamkyung Province. He is attacked on his way to his new post by the Jurchen nomads but rescued with help from a mysterious man.
Episode 24
24. Episode 24
November 21, 2004
Soon-shin meets the King in disguise at Sung-ryong's house. Sonjo asks Soon-shin how he feels about the changes the new king is making, and Soon-shin replies that the world will not truly change as long as innocent people are being starved and persecuted. The king presses on with his reform. He cuts the royal staff in half and fires the imperial attendant Ju Tae-moon placing the rice picking eunuch Yoon Hwan-shi in his place. Year 1572. Soon-shin is living a peaceful life with his family in Ahsan.With the military service exam impending, he visits his master's grave in Gonyang. Meanwhile at the northern front, Won Kyun has come to be known as a merciless army commander more ruthless than the Jurchen nomads. A nomad raid leaves a village in ruins, and Won Kyun goes after them with his men. After an intense battle, Won Kyun saves Woo Ji-chuk and crushes the nomads.
Episode 23
23. Episode 23
November 20, 2004
Wakizaka slaughters the people of Gonyang with vengeance. Soon-shin frantically runs after the Japanese when he learns that Mijin had been taken. He finds Nalbal's house on fire on the way and saves the young boy from the flames. Hair-raising fight ensues on the beach between Wakizaka and Soon-shin. Ultimately, Namgoong Du is killed and Soon-shin loses Mijin to the Japanese. Meanwhile, young Sonjo runs into a eunuch in the palace who does not notice the King's encourage as he busily picks up grains of rice from off the ground. The eunuch has erred by getting in the King's way, but Sonjo looks highly on he who won't let a grain of rice go to waste.
Episode 22
22. Episode 22
November 14, 2004
Year 1567, King Myung-jong dies without an heir apparent, and Prince Ha-sung ascends to the throne as the 14th king of Chosun Sonjo. Immediately upon his ascension, Sonjo begins a reform exonerating neo-Confucian scholars that had been wrongfully prosecuted starting with Master Cho Kwang-jo.Learning that Soon-shin's grandfather Yi Bek-lok had also been exonerated, Bang Jin and his daughter Yunhwa goes to Gonyang to deliver the good news to Soon-shin. Mijin is taken aback to see Soon-shin and Yunhwa together and sad when she hears Soon-shin refer to her as his little sister.Master Namgoong tells Soon-shin that the time has come for him to leave Gonyang and sends his disciple off to Seoul. Sometime later in Seoul, Soon-shin finds out that Mijin's father Park Nam-kyong had been exonerated as well and takes the road to Gonyang again to deliver the good news to Mijin.
Episode 21
21. Episode 21
November 13, 2004
Sung-ryong is brought before King Myung-jong for making corrections on a diplomatic document. But he lectures the king saying that a servant would not be doing his duty to his king if he were afraid to speak the truth. Meanwhile, Soon-shin settles back into his life in Gonyang pondering the meaning of the words "Ji Gwa" etched on his sword. Won Kyun urges him to take the military service exam, but Soon-shin turns him away saying that he wants to be a true warrior before becoming a military officer.When Prince Soon-hwe dies and leaves the royal house without a direct heir, the Queen looks to Prince Ha-sung for the next potential heir to the throne. Not entirely pleased with the Queen's idea, King Myung-jong tests the young prince by telling him to put on his crown.
Episode 20
20. Episode 20
November 7, 2004
"Until every last sword of tyranny against the people is withdrawn, do not let this sword out of your hands."When Mijin finds Soon-shin missing, she goes to Won Kyun, and Won Kyun take a navy vessel out to an island that illegal trading is taking place. Soon-shin, Won Kyun and Won Kyun's men successfully stop the crime. His master Namgoong Du tells him that ...Won Kyun goes back to the naval station prepared to face punishment for taking action against the Right Naval Commander's orders, but much to their surprise, he is praised for his brave actions and Soon-shin is absolved for his previous crime. They find out that the political power had shifted in the court with Queen Dowager's death and Yoon Won-hyung no longer had any authority.Soon-shin is clear of all charges and free to take the military service exam. But he struggles with the fact that he has taken human lives.
Episode 19
19. Episode 19
November 6, 2004
"The land will give back exactly how much you put in. Isn't it most honest and kind?"Soon-shin chases after the men that brutally slays Nalbal's father and finds Chun-su with them, but he cannot shoot his own friend. He goes to Chun-su and pleads with him to leave the company, but Chun-su is in too deep. Instead Chun-su goes to the baron and tells him that Soon-shin knows about his illegal activities. Baron Huh reports to the authorities that a fugitive has been spotted, and wanted posters with Soon-shin's picture are posted all over town. Naval officer Won Kyun must go after Soon-shin, but he cannot get himself to arrest a friend who has been wrongly accused.Sung-ryong goes to Prince Ha-sung of Sajik that Master Twe-gae spoke of. People have said that there is imperial energy around the prince. Young but thoughtful and principled young prince makes an impression on Sung-ryong.
Episode 18
18. Episode 18
October 31, 2004
Jang-pyung's father is badly beaten by the authorities because of pottery Jang-pyung has hidden. Soon-shin is struggling with his inability to help them. Seeing that Soon-shin cares more about other people than about himself, Namgoong finally begins to teach him martial arts. One year later, Soon-shin runs into Mujik at Donglae Port and learns that Chun-su has become the supervisor for Baron Huh's trading company. He also learns that the baron's company is involved in illegal trading with the Japanese selling iron and Korean pottery. Chun-su comes to Gonyang with Wakizaka Yasuyoshi seeking finest tea cups.
Episode 17
17. Episode 17
October 30, 2004
Soon-shin arrives in a small pottery town of Gonyang. Namgoong Du is an old potter and a martial arts master. Soon-shin's persistent pleading moves Namgoong Du to take him in as his disciple. Soon-shin's first lesson is to find clay suitable for pottery. After days trying and failing, Soon-shin seeks help of a local boy named Jang-pyung to find suitable clay. Soon-shin confesses to having sought someone else's help, but Namgoong tells him that there is no shame in asking for help in order to make a right decision. Days pass, but there are no martial arts lessons. Namgoong tells Soon-shin that he will teach him martial arts once he opens his mind's eye.Meanwhile, Yi Hwang tells Sung-ryong that learning is not a true learning without action and tells him to go to Prince Ha-sung in Sajik.
Episode 16
16. Episode 16
October 24, 2004
Framed for a crime he did not commit, Soon-shin is on the run. He goes to Ahsan to see his mother but finds his poster posted everywhere. He turns around vowing never to be defeated by the world again and heads for Gon-yang to find Namgoong Du. Sung-ryong is caught at the crossroads between the road of a government servant and the road of a scholar after having witnessed first hand corruption of government. He leaves the academy and the city and goes to Andong where he finds the great Confucius scholar Twe-gae Yi Hwang."Corruption in the court is old news." Won Kyun is perplexed and frustrated by Sung-ryong's dilemma and Soon-shin's reckless actions. He enters and passes the military service exam and goes to Bang Jin to seek his daughter's hand in marriage.
Episode 15
15. Episode 15
October 23, 2004
Baron Huh frames Chun-su and Supervisor Kim for all of his criminal activities in the salt tax collection and points to Soon-shin as the snitch causing division between Chun-su and Soon-shin. Chun-su and Supervisor Kim are arrested and tortured by the authorities.All of the physical evidence that point to Baron Huh for the crime disappears.Yoon Won-hyung had acted quickly and gotten rid of them. Lack of evidence causes the royal court to stop the investigation.Soon-shin tries desperately to save Chun-su, but it's hopeless. He goes to the Royal Repository where the two men are being held and finds out from Supervisor Kim where Baron Huh keeps his books. With the incriminating books in possession, Soon-shin makes a deal with the baron.Chun-su is freed, but infuriated baron orders Chun-su to frame Soon-shin.
Episode 14
14. Episode 14
October 17, 2004
Chun-su makes a trip to Andong for the company instead of Soon-shin so that Soon-shin would not miss his archery contest, but he makes a huge mistake during his trip. Chun-su grows increasingly despondent as he realizes that nothing goes right for him while everyone seems to hold his friend Soon-shin in high regard.Baron Huh and Song Tak decide to test Soon-shin's loyalty to the company and sends Soon-shin to Ahsan to collect salt tax. It turns out that Baron Huh was the one who had been exacting usury from the naive salt farmers of Ahsan.When Soon-shin finds out about their unlawful activities, he returns to Hanyang to discuss the situation with Sung-ryong. Sung-ryong begins an internal investigation which reveals involvement of a Royal kin Yoon Won-hyung.
Episode 13
13. Episode 13
October 16, 2004
Soon-shin is able to dream once again of entering government service. But students at Deung-ryong Pavilion fight to keep him out. Soon-shin is given a chance to prove himself. He will have one month to train in archery, at which time he will compete with an existing member of Deung-ryong league. The winner gets to stay and the loser gets to leave. Won Kyun is chosen as his competitor. Won Kyun pleads with Bang Jin to call off the unfair competition, as he is a trained archer and Soon-shin is not. Soon-shin prepares for the rivalry, but with much emotional struggle knowing that he has to beat his best friend in order to pursue his dream. Meanwhile, Byung-tek tries to interfere with Soon-shin's training by having the company supervisor give him unreasonable workload. Bang Jin's daughter Yunhwa watches Soon-shin from afar praying for his success.
Episode 12
12. Episode 12
October 10, 2004
"The moon sheds light on everyone equally without prejudice. But the world is so unfair..."When Bang Jin's daughter Yunhwa is taken hostage by intruders at Bang Jin's house, Soon-shin divert the intruders' attention to save the girl. The situation ultimately comes to an end when Won Kyun enters the scene, and Bang Jin finds out that the man who saved his daughter's life with calmness and quick thinking is a friend of his disciple Won Kyun.The day of the archery contest between Deung-ryong Pavilion and Sung-kyun Academy. Byung-tek finds Soon-shin doing odd jobs for the event, and blows up at the baron for keeping him in his staff. The baron assuages him telling him to keep Soon-shin near to torment him for fun.Bang Jin offers to take Soon-shin as his disciple, but Soon-shin politely refuses. Bang Jin is disappointed when he learns of Soon-shin's situation from Won Kyun.
Episode 11
11. Episode 11
October 9, 2004
"All I can do now is to live for the sake of living."Ju Tae-moon and Byung-tek's slander causes Soon-shin and Chun-su to be fired from Baron Huh's trading company.Back on the streets, the two young men use Chun-su's inheritance money to start a pottery business. But Byung-tek once again sabotages their business and leaves them penniless, and Soon-shin and Chun-su are forced to turn to Baron Huh again.Finding out that Baron Huh's company is in trouble due to a competitor hording all the ginseng in supply, Soon-shin asks the baron to let him solve his dilemma.Having dodged a potential disaster with Soon-shin's clever plan, Baron Huh sends him on an errand to Master Bang Jin who trains military officers in order to measure Soon-shin's potential.
Episode 10
10. Episode 10
October 3, 2004
Running from Song Tak, Soon-shin and Chun-su end up in Hanyang. Soon-shin goes to Sung-kyun Academy to find his old friend Sung-ryong, but the sight of refined scholar keeps him from approaching him. Stranger in a new town with nowhere to go, Soon-shin and Chun-su find themselves in trouble surrounded by street thugs, but they are saved with help from Won Kyun.At last the three childhood friends unite. Won Kyun is bewildered by the changes in Soon-shin. Having heard about Soon-shin situation from Byong-tek, Sung-ryong coldly turns Soon-shin away with hopes that adversity will make him a stronger man.
Episode 9
9. Episode 9
October 2, 2004
After failing the civil service exam, Soon-shin turns to a wild life among the hunters to forget the pain of defeat and injustice.Meanwhile, Magistrate Song Tak is abusing the tax laws and levying all kinds of outrageous taxes from the people to fill his own pockets. When tax collection does not go as smooth as he wants, he decides to make an example of Chun-su's father arresting him and beating him to the point of death. Soon-shin feels guilty and ashamed for failing to protect his friend, and he vows not to let that happen again. He begins an investigation which begins to reveal evidence of Song Tak's illegal activities, but before it is brought to light, Song Tak arrests Soon-shin on false charges.
Episode 8
8. Episode 8
September 26, 2004
Soon-shin agrees to take the exam for the magistrate's son to save his older brother Yo-shin. His parents are bewildered by Yo-shin's untimely release from imprisonment not knowing about the deal Soon-shin has made to get him out. Recovering from the beating he suffered, Yo-shin encourages Soon-shin to take the civil service exam himself. Tormented Soon-shin goes to his friend Chun-su for comfort, but a slip of the tongue in drunken state reveals his intent to be a proxy at the exam. Soon-shin's father Yi Jung goes to the magistrate to confront him.
Episode 7
7. Episode 7
September 25, 2004
Soon-shin's family has moved to Ahsan, and eight years have passed since Soon-shin and Sung-ryong promised to meet again at Sung-kyun Academy. There is a civil service exam being held in nearby Own-yang, but Soon-shin has put his dream aside to take care of his family.Byong-tek, the son of the local magistrate, comes to take the civil service exam in Own-yang after repeated failures in other cities, and he keeps bumping into Soon-shin in unpleasant circumstances. The magistrate and his assistant learn about Soon-shin's exceptional literary talents and proposition him to take the civil service exam in place of his son. Soon-shin's flat-out refusal infuriates the magistrate, and he and his assistant plot out a scheme.
Episode 6
6. Episode 6
September 19, 2004
"I refuse to continue my education if I can't even protect a friend!"Soon-shin's father is accused of treason and arrested by the authorities. The next day at the village school house, Soon-shin gets into a fight with other children that mock him a son of a traitor. The schoolmaster, having received complaints about Soon-shin's presence at the schoolhouse by other parents, finds Soon-shin at fault for the fight and ends up expelling him from the schoolhouse.Won Kyun and Yu Sung-ryong are frustrated and distraught by their friend's absence. Finally, Sung-ryong walks out of the schoolhouse shouting out that what the books teach is worthless if he can't even protect a friend. Won Kyun follows him, and the friendship between Yi Soon-shin, Yu Sung-ryong and Won Kyun grows deeper.
Episode 5
5. Episode 5
September 18, 2004
"I want to be brave like Kyun."We go back in time to the year 1555 when Yi Soon-shin, Won Kyun and Yu Sung-ryong grow up together in Gunchun-dong, Hanyang (modern day Seoul).Village captain Won Kyun is busily recruiting soldiers for an impending battle against the lower village children. Timid little boy Yi Soon-shin who admires Won Kyun for his bravery enlists in Won Kyun's army, but he is dropped when he fails to pass the initiation test. Finding out how badly Soon-shin wants to become a member, Kyun decides to give Soon-shin another chance. The challenge is to conquer the General Rock atop a rugged mountain. When the rocky hills become even more dangerous with heavy rain, the boys give up and turn back one by one until Soon-shin and Kyun are left climbing alone.
Episode 4
4. Episode 4
September 12, 2004
"This is the burial ground for me and the enemy. I am not certain if I am determined to die or determined to live."Yi Soon-shin places the emissary in confinement and prepares his final battle. The day of battle. Admiral Yi tells the emissary that he would gladly bear the charges of treason in order to destroy the enemy and protect his men. Emissary is surprised by Yi's determination, but begins to understand him.Meanwhile, Shimazu Yoshihiro in Sachun leads his navy of 12,000 men to Noryang in order to save Konishi Yukinaga and capture Yi Soon-shin.The Battle of Noryang... The final battle that will change the fate of Chosun begins...
Episode 3
3. Episode 3
September 11, 2004
"Retreating enemy is more intimidating than the approaching enemy. By retreating, the enemy seemed to be trying to demonstrate the futility of life."The Royal emissary removes Yi Soon-shin of his authority holding him accountable for the defeat in Wekyo and puts Yu Jung in charge of the alliance navy. Yi's men are furious and distraught, and order begins to fall apart in the camp. The emissary continues to put pressure on Yi Soon-shin threatening to charge him for impiety against the King, but Yi Soon-shin's will to go after the retreating enemy is unshaken.The confusion in Chosunese camp provides an opening for Konishi Yukinaga to launch a messenger ship requesting reinforcements from his allies nearby. Yi Soon-shin is forced to respond by taking military action against the order of the emissary, and the emissary recommends charges of treason against Yi Soon-shin.
Episode 2
2. Episode 2
September 5, 2004
"The King feared the enemy and he feared the Supreme Naval Commander who was fearless against that enemy."Both the Japanese and the Chosun-Ming alliance suffer significant loss during the Battle of Wekyo. Yi Soon-shin reports to the King that although they have suffered damages, they succeeded in destroying dozens of enemy ships. But Konishi wheedles Ming Commander Yu Jung to write an opposing report holding Yi Soon-shin responsible for the utter defeat in Wekyo.Having received two conflicting reports, the King and his court is confused and divided as to whose report to believe.The King's anxiety is amplified when he received a report that praises Yi Soon-shin as the hero of the people. Meanwhile, Commander Yu Jung sends yet another letter questioning Yi Soon-shin's loyalty to the King. The King, in response, sends his Royal emissary to put pressure on Yi Soon-shin.
Episode 1
1. Episode 1
September 4, 2004
"We must stop the retreating enemy at sea!"After seven years of bloody war against the Japanese invaders, Supreme Naval Commander Yi Soon-shin prepares his final battle against Konishi Yukinaga in Wekyo, Soon-chun. But bringing the allied forces of Ming army and navy together for the battle proves to be a difficult task for the Admiral.October 2nd, 1598, the Chosun-Ming Alliance finally launches another land-sea pincer attack on Wekyo only to be put in great danger by the betrayal of Ming commander Yu Jung who is bought off by the enemy.
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