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Winter Sonata is a Korean romantic drama television series that is written by Kim Yun Hee and Yun Eun Kyung. Broadcast on the KBS network, the show features Choi Ji-woo and Bae Yong Joon and is directed by Yoon Seok-Ho. The story follows Jun-Sang, the son of a notable musician who abandoned him and his mother. After relocating to the rural city of Chuncheon in South Korea, he becomes a gifted student. Welcomed by fellow students and teachers, he remains introverted.

His goal is to learn more about his biological father. His mother tells him that his father died long ago. It was his search for him that motivated the relocation to the province. He has developed an identity crisis due to never having met his father. He blames his mother, believing that no one really cares for him.

On the way to school, Yoo-Jin, a classmate, falls asleep on his shoulder on the bus. Soon Jun-Sang falls for Yoo-Jin and she for him. However, their relationship ends when Jun-Sang becomes seriously injured. Due to a car accident, he suffers brain damage which causes amnesia. Thus, he does not remember anything prior to the accident.

Jun-Sang's mother yearns for her son's respect and love. She has him brainwashed by a psychiatrist so that he will not remember the painful childhood he had. Therefore, Jun-Sang's memories are all erased.

They move to the United States with a new identity to start fresh; Jun-Sang is known as Lee Min-Hyeong. They have told old teachers and friends that Jun-Sang has died.

Ten years forward, Min-Hyeong has become a respected architect. He remembers nothing from his former life in Korea. He is a completely different, extroverted person who cares for others, including his mother.

When he returns to Korea, Yoo-Jin encounters him on the street. She postpones her engagement to Sang-Hyeok. However, she is not aware that Min-Hyeong is now dating her rival Che-Rin. Things start to heat up when Yoo-Jin starts work at Min-Hyeong's firm. She then investigates whether he is actually her former friend, Jun-Sang.

KBS America
1 Season, 20 Episodes
January 1, 2004
Cast: Ji-Woo Choi, Yong-jun Bae
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Winter Sonata Full Episode Guide

  • Jin-woo finds out that Jun-sang is his lost son. Jun-sang hears shocking news from the doctor that unless he undergoes brain surgery, he will have a very slim chance of living due to the aftermath of his car accident.

  • You-jin discovers a shocking secret from Kang Mi-hee. Meanwhile, Jun-sang treats You-jin coldly, knowing that he should cut ties with her. Realizing how difficult it must be for him, You-jin suggests to Jun-sang that they go their separate ways.

  • Unable to change You-jin's mother's mind, You-jin and Jun-sang decide to have a secret wedding by themselves. However, their plan is shattered when Sang-hyuk chases after them.

  • You-jin and Jun-sang decide to get married and head for Chuncheon to her mother?s house to get her approval. However, when You-jin's mother finds out that Jun-sang is Mi-hee's son, she firmly disapproves of them getting married.

  • Jun-sang recovers his lost memories partially, and shares them with You-jin. Although You-jin and Jun-sang spend a happy time together for the first time in ten years, they both have heavy hearts as they are unable to erase the pain they have caused their friends.

  • When You-jin finds out that Min-hyung is Jun-sang, she desperately runs out to find him and stop him from leaving. During her attempt, she nearly gets into a car accident, and Min-hyung jumps in and gets hurt instead.

  • Min-hyung goes to Jun-sang?s old house and meets Kang Mi-hee. Mi-hee assures him that Min-hyung is actually Jun-sang. Sang-hyuk calls Min-hyung as Jun-sang and warns him to stay away from You-jin. Meanwhile, Min-hyung takes You-jin to his car by force, and tells her that he is Jun-sang. Unable to believe his words, You-jin only looks into his eyes with sad tears.

  • You-jin finally breaks up with Sang-hyuk when she realizes that she is completely in love with Min-hyung. Although everybody around her opposes her love, she tells herself that she can be happy as long as she is with Min-hyung. Meanwhile, Sang-hyuk refuses to eat or sleep.

  • Min-hyung and You-jin spend the night at the ski resort and Sang-hyuk and Chae-rin wait for them anxiously. The next morning, Sang-hyuk questions You-jin whether she truly loves him. When she is unable to answer him, Sang-hyuk coldly turns away from her.

  • You-jin is injured while trying to save Min-hyung, and her boyfriend Sang-hyuk is infuriated. When Min-hyung realizes that his girlfriend Chae-rin lied to him about You-jin, he asks her for some space in their relationship. Min-hyung and You-jin go together to a pond where she shared beautiful memories with Jun-sang when they were in high school.

  • Min-hyung takes the drunk You-jin to his hotel room and is surprised when she calls him "Jun-sang". The misunderstanding between the two deepens and Chae-rin sets fire to Min-hyung's anger towards You-jin.

  • You-jin and Min-hyung work together in renovating a ski resort. Although You-jin tries to hide that she's working with Min-hyung, Sang-hyuk soon finds out.

  • You-jin waits for Jun-sang until late at night, but he never appears. The next day, she hears the shocking news that Jun-sang was killed in a car accident. Ten years later, You-jin is engaged to Sang-hyuk. She meets her friend Chae-rin's boyfriend Min-hyung, who looks just like Jun-sang.

  • Jun-sang and You-jin's love begins to blossom as they keep on running into each other. In the meantime, Jun-sang becomes confused and shocked to find the same picture he has in You-jin's house.

  • Jun-sang transfers to You-jin's school, and they quickly become friends sharing their similar backgrounds of growing up under a single mother. Jun-sang is shocked when he meets his classmate Sang-hyuk's father, who turns out to be his own father whom he only saw in a picture.

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