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The Replacements is an animated series from 2006 about a pair of orphaned siblings that come across a Fleemco comic book containing an advertisement for a special phone. After ordering the phone by mail, they discover that they can use it to replace any person with someone more pleasing and even gain a mother, the British Agent K, and a father, the American stuntman Dick Daring, in the process. The series, which lasted for two seasons of 26 episodes apiece, consists of the kids using their Fleemco phone in ways that should improve the lives of themselves and of others.

2 Seasons, 38 Episodes
July 28, 2006
Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family
Cast: Nancy Cartwright, Grey Griffin, Jeff Bennett, Kath Soucie
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The Replacements Full Episode Guide

  • Johnny ditches his three-month anniversary with Riley to meet Tim Gunn when he goes to New York for a modeling job.

  • Dick must take sixth grade history with Todd in order to renew his stuntman's license. Meanwhile, Riley and Johnny must take on a band of bullies at the skating rink.

  • Todd starts selling replacements to his classmates.

  • Tasumi creates a secret identity to escape from her stardom in Japan. Meanwhile, Todd is confronted by a street performer over his one-man-band show.

  • Riley goes to Canada as part of a foregin exchange program while the Darings host a Canadaian boy who makes Todd so jealous that he runs away from home.

  • The Darings go on vacation at a beach where Todd falls for an older girl, and Riley waits for Johnny Hitswell to call.

  • The Darings go to Hollywood where Todd lands a part in a movie, Dick befriends a stuntman, and Agent K meets Josh Duhamel.

  • Garage Sale: Riley scrambles to get rid of her childish things before Johnny arrives for a study-date. Private Todd: Todd gets sick of his mom giving him no space and so ends up with a spy proof room.

  • Buzz uses Riley's phone to create replacements all over town. Meanwhile Todd is saddened when his favorite comedy team breaks up.

  • Todd goes to summer camp with Riley as his camp counselor.

  • Riley befriends an older girl on the wild side. Meanwhile, Todd realizes that he may need glasses.

  • The Darings compete in a reality show along with the Winters and the Klutzberrys. With Buzz keeps cheating at the challenges, Todd calls Fleemco to replace the host with someone who will stop Buzz from cheating.

  • Riley gets a job at a drive-in theater to earn money for a camcorder.

  • The Darings test-drive the Fleemco space shuttle into space.

  • Riley doesn't get invited to Sierra's slumber party. Todd shows a scary movie at his slumber party.

  • Riley gets stuck in detention and is unable to replace herself. Later, there's a mystery dinner party.

  • K's father arrives to take C.A.R. back to Britain with him so that he can do edcuating at the Royal Spy Academy. Todd and Riley then go to Britain to get C.A.R. back. Soon, they stumble upon a plot to steal the Spyclopedia. When it is stolen, it would take the entire family to reclaim the Spyclopedia.

  • K fails to show up at a parent-child talent competition, so Todd replaces her with a real magician's assistant; Riley writes a private love letter to a classmate and it accidentally gets mailed.

  • Riley and Todd replace Dick's ill-advising friend; the kids send K on a vacation and replace her with a maid.

  • The Frog Prince: After Shelton starts to get teased for having an imaginary girlfriend, Riley feels sorry for him so she calls Fleemco to have his imaginary girlfriend replaced with a real one. The new girlfriend turns out to be the famous Celebrity Star, and she loves her man to be a bit of a nerd. But when Shelton starts to get tired of having to do all the things that come along with having a girlfriend like holding hands and stuff, Riley realizes that she may have hurt the situation more than she actually helped it.

  • The Perfect Date: Riley finally gets a boy she likes to ask her out on a date.Serf's Up: Todd imagines Riley to be an evil princess when he dreams that he lives in midieval times.

  • Todd and Jacobo argue over who gets to keep the football that NFL quarterback Carson Palmer used to throw a record-breaking touchdown.

  • Agent K signs Riley up for violin lessons, but the teen decides she'd like to learn the fiddle instead. Later, Riley and Todd make a field trip more exciting by getting a true-life adventurer to lead it.

  • In her bid for student council, Riley faces a very tough competitor: Todd. Later, a problem between best pals Riley and Tasumi winds up being solved in the wrestling ring.

  • Riley thinks she's helping the animals at the zoo by getting them a new caregiver; karate kid Todd decides he's ready to train under a martial arts legend, although his mother isn't so sure.

  • Riley replaces the pool lifeguard with a 14-year-old hunk . Later, Todd's project rat escapes from its cage, so Riley replaces it with a different rodent.

  • Todd has trouble passing German class; Riley replaces the school trend setter with a girl who is more average.

  • Mysterious disappearances start to occur after Fleemco delivers neighbors who really get into the Halloween spirit.

  • Todd and Riley aren't keen on having Mrs. Howitzer as their babysitter, so they trade her in for the fun-loving host of "Captain Splatter's Good Time Fun Hour." Later, Todd helps his parents figure out what kind of party Riley wants for her birthday.

  • Todd has second thoughts about asking for his father's help building a car for the annual soapbox derby; Riley is responsible for transforming the entire student body into cheerleaders

  • Riley sets her sights on owning a horse; Todd decides it would be fun to run away with the carnival.

  • The Truth Hurts: As a reporter for the school newspaper, Riley learns that getting the best story isn't always the best thing. Jumping Mad: Riley replaces Dick Daring's old stunt coordinator, Uncle Phil, with a physics professor so that his stunts will be safer.

  • The Insecurity Guard: Todd replaces the school's old security guard with a new one after an encounter with a bully while at school. Quiet Riot: Todd replaces the school librarian with a heavy metal rocker when she follows the rules too closely and always demands silence.

  • Riley transforms a boring barber into a fancy stylist who helps her look fabulous for her first school dance; Todd arranges for a pro skater to become mayor, which seems like a better idea than it actually is.

  • Todd Strikes Out: After a horrible losing streak, Todd and Riley decide to replace their old baseball coach with a new one that just happens to be a professional baseball player.The Jerky Girls: Riley gives Fleemco a call to replace her scout group leader with a new one that doesn't follow the rules as much in the hopes of beating her arch rival in selling the most amount of jerky.

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