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In this fantasy action series, a test pilot is outfitted with mechanical body parts after a crash nearly kills him. His new bionic body has superpowers, and he has to use them in a new role as a secret agent who is tasked with taking down bad guys. The series stars Lee Majors and spawned the Bionic Woman spinoff.

The Six Million Dollar Man is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (102 episodes). The series first aired on January 18, 1974.

Where do I stream The Six Million Dollar Man online? The Six Million Dollar Man is available for streaming on ABC, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Six Million Dollar Man on demand at , NBC online.

5 Seasons, 102 Episodes
January 18, 1974
Action & Adventure Drama
Cast: Lee Majors, Richard Anderson, Martin E. Brooks
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The Six Million Dollar Man Full Episode Guide

  • A terrorist steals a Russian rocket launcher and American missilse and plans to hold both countries hostage. Steve is sent along with a beautiful Russian agent to stop the terrorist, but his opposite number has orders to dispose of him and bring back the missiles to her superiors.

  • Steve teams with the owner of the computer dating service to put a stop to her now-sentient computer. After escaping a computer-arranged assassination, Steve finds himself in a mental facility after his medical records are altered. While the computer attempts to have everyone who knows about it killed, Steve must find a way to escape and stop the computer before it's too late.

  • When OSI's communications chief is accused of spying, Steve attempts to prove his innocence and discovers tampered computer memory. He is led to suspect a computer dating service is behind the ilegal activity, but doesn't realize a computer itself has gained sentience and plans to stop Steve any way it can.

  • Steve's brush with death is followed by visions that may be the work of a spirit.

  • While Steve helps a countess retrieve a microdot with important information hidden on a painting in a museum, she helps herself to a masterpiece and replaces it with a forgery. Oscar sends Steve to retrieve the painting from its buyer before a visiting art expert causes embarrassment by discovering the counterfeit currently on display.

  • While searching for a fallen satellite in the Pacific, Steve rescues a drowning victim who turns out to be an alien. She offers to help him acquire the satellite, which has landed on her race's invisible island. However, many of the island's populace in fear of a revolution, yet are unable to leave due to a lack of an immune system to Earth illnesses. Steve must get an experimental serum for her before she will help him.

  • When all physical assaults fail against the new Venus probe, Steve succeeds in tricking it into falling into a pit. However, when it starts drilling towards a city, Steve has a bigger problem than before.

  • A new, deadlier Venus probe is tested in a desolate area as a demonstration for Steve and Oscar, but a threat to Oscar to either hand over nuclear weaponry or see the probe set loose on the public forces Steve to find a way to stop the probe, even though it outmatches him in many ways.

  • Steve enters a time warp while on an orbital mission, hurling him six years into the future. Upon landing, the authorities arrest him for treason, believing he defected to Russia and was brainwashed into thinking the time warp occurred. Steve has to both prove his innocence and figure out how to get back to his own time.

  • Steve is assigned to gain the confidence of a scientist who has developed a weapon to capture soldiers non-violently, but refuses to hand over the plans to anyone for fear it could cause drastic results if used on a pilot in flight. As Steve begins to become his friend and acquire the weapon, the Russians inform the scientist they are holding his wife hostage and demand the device in trade for her safe return.

  • Steve investigates his girlfriend's disappearance while she was piloting a new plane with anti-radar technology. He discovers one of the plane's technicians has been talking to a known trader of military secrets and starts the search for further clues.

  • Steve is captured on the moon and is forced to help the scientist, who believes he's found a new energy source, and who threatens nuclear devastation on Earth if Steve refuses.

  • Steve is sent to the moon to investigate an orbital shift which is causing major upheavals in the Earth's climate. It turns out the upheavals are caused by a deranged scientist working at an exploration post on a nearby asteroid.

  • Steve goes undercover, joining a roller derby team whose owner plans to acquire and sell top-secret information. When the owner discovers the ruse, he plants evidence to lead Steve in the wrong direction, and uses the distraction to go get the information.

  • Two locals join Steve when he attempts to rescue a group of students in a stalled cable car halfway up a mountain. They must rescue the students before a tornado gets to them, but one of the men is a criminal and the plan is put in jeopardy.

  • Steve thought Bigfoot had returned to space. But when Bigfoot is seen and photographed by an anthropologist, Steve travels to her camp to investigate.

  • The daughter of Steve's friend, David McGrath, is kidnapped in order to force David to kill Steve. When the attempt on Steve fails, David confesses to Steve who then must rescue her.

  • Steve is on a mission involving a test satellite. But Steve becomes a target when the satellite is needed to gain control of a missile to be sold to a foreign power.

  • A nuclear submarine is commandeered for the purpose of piracy and extortion. Steve investigates and is captured. To escape he must eluded trained sharks.

  • Steve is captured while investigating the unusual power failure of a nuclear submarine.

  • Steve is framed for espionage when the writing on research papers for a special formula disappear before his very eyes. Seeking to prove himself, he runs afoul of a pair of twins seeking a cure for their rapid-aging disease, and the formula can provide them with what they need.

  • A crooked Indian medicine man kidnaps two OSI scientists to protect his plan to sell radioactive ore, and Steve is sent to recover them.

  • Steve is sent to impersonate an eccentric scientist who is recruited by the Russians. He discovers they are working on a project involving a mind-reading computer, but time is running out on how long he can maintain the impersonation.

  • An ex-submariner from the English Navy raises an abandoned Nazi U-boat and threatens to use its deadly cargo against the U.S. unless they give in to his extortion demands.

  • Steve trails a East German scientist who fakes a heart attack at a conference, then goes to a traveling carnival located suspiciously close to the test flight of a new B-1 bomber.

  • Steve poses as an amateur boxer to get the goods on an infiltration ring targeting expatriate athletes.

  • A crooked trio manipulate a conservation group into halting an oil drill so they can get at the uranium underneath, and Steve is sent in disguised as a oil worker to find out what's up.

  • Danny, a 14 year old kid, inadvertently creates a source of chemical thermal energy source while trying to create a new fuel source for his toy rocket. When his chemicals are stolen from his garage laboratory, Steve and OSI must protect Danny and catch the thief before he sells it on the black market.

  • With time running out as the probe approaches the Wyoming town with the intent to destroy it, Steve must outsmart the probe when both the armed forces and his bionics prove useless against it.

  • The Soviets have created an experimental Venus probe out of a new alloy, but it crashes in Wyoming. Thinking it's on Venus, the probe prepares to destroy a small town. The Russians send a team of agents in to recover it, while the OSI is desperate to stop it before it kills. Complications arise when it becomes clear the probe is stronger then Steve.

  • Steve's friend Joe Patton is the subject of a unique experiment to transfer information directly from a computer to a human brain. Patton becomes the OSI's newest super-agent but the process has hidden dangers...

  • other characters: Jim (helicopter pilot)Steve goes undercover as Steve Ferguson, a hired mercinary, in order to infiltrate a ring of thieves attempting to steal a military missile called the Hornet.

  • other characters: Sissy Crandall (Bob's other daughter)When Steve is sent to investigate problems with an OSI project contracted out to Budge Corp., he discovers the problem is that the corporation's owner, Horton Budge, is a cheap ""Scrooge"". Steve then uses the same strategy from the Charles Dickens classic.

  • To save the life of a young middle-eastern prince from rival factions, Steve goes undercover as a Thunderbird pilot and must smuggle him out of the country.

  • Steve must stop a terrorist trying to blackmail the government.

  • Rudy develops a new form of bionics that can restore mobility to people who has been paralyzed. Andy Sheffield, who was paralyzed from the waist down in a previous accident, is selected as a prime candidate to test Rudy's new work and try to restore his ability to walk again.

  • Jaime lies near death after being attacked by two Fembots. Meanwhile, Steve locates the compound where Oscar is being held and attempts to rescue him.

  • Steve must infiltrate the deadly Omega spy ring as an underwater diving expert to thwart their theft of a device capable of separating the hydrogen and oxygen in water.

  • Steve and Rudy go to check up on a scientist, Cheryl Osborne, who was doing research on chimpanzees but who has ceased communications. When they arrive they find something has destroyed the lab, and Rudy is bitten by a rampaging chimpanzee. Rudy begins to turn into a psychotic and Steve must both stop him and find Osborne before it's too late.

  • Billy Parker, a comedian, who resembles an African leader is implanted with a device that controls his actions. After being struck by a car he is brought to the hospital and after being X-rayed, the device is discovered. Steve is assigned to find out why he was implanted.

  • Steve is present at the test flight of his friend Kelly Wood when she is shot down by a World War II Japanese Zero! Later Kelly is found but the plane has vanished and she's suspected of selling it to a foreign concern. Steve must clear her name and discovers a sinister plot to steal top-secret aircraft.

  • In her efforts to save Steve's life, Jamie is confronted by Bigfoot.

  • The alien race that Steve fought before (in "The Secret of Bigfoot") need supplies of metal and jewels and send their Bigfoot android to steal them from U.S. government depots. Seeing the results of the unseen android's efforts, the authorities conclude Steve is responsible and arrest him. To clear his name, Steve must escape and track down the aliens.