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  • 2010
  • 2 Seasons
  • 4.5  (111)

The WotWots is an imaginative children's show that aired on The Hub in 2009. Created by Martin Baynton, the show follows the playful adventures of SpottyWot and DottyWot, two fluffy extraterrestrial siblings on a mission to explore planet Earth. SpottyWot and DottyWot travel in their spaceship, searching for new and exciting discoveries. They are curious and excited about everything they encounter, from animals to plants and humans. They love to learn and have a thirst for knowledge, which makes them ideal explorers.

The show is both educational and entertaining, providing children with an imaginative way of learning about different animals, habitats, sounds, and colors. Each episode explores a different theme, such as the ocean, the jungle, the forest, or even outer space. The episodes are full of exciting discoveries and fun-filled adventures, making it an entertaining watch for kids of all ages.

One of the striking things about The WotWots is the colorful and engaging animation. The creatures are designed with large eyes and a round, furry body, which adds to their charm and appeal. The animation perfectly captures the spirit of adventure and playfulness, which is central to the show.

The show is narrated by Nathalie Boltt and Janet Roddick, who provide a gentle and soothing voice to the story. The narration is straightforward and easy for children to follow.

The WotWots is not only an excellent source of entertainment for kids, but it also has educational value. The show aims to develop children's knowledge and understanding of science, as well as their social and emotional skills. Each episode encourages children to use their imagination, to learn, and to problem-solve.

Overall, The WotWots is a fun and engaging show for children. It teaches children about science, adventure, and exploration, all while providing great entertainment. SpottyWot and DottyWot's curious and playful personalities, their love of exploration, and their desire to learn are what make this show truly special.

The WotWots is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (53 episodes). The series first aired on October 11, 2010.

The WotWots
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Gulls Gulls Gulls
26. Gulls Gulls Gulls
December 28, 2011
The WotWots spot some seagulls diving into the sea for fish. SpottyWot is excited by the idea of being underwater and the WotWots prepare their Spaceship to go into the sea.
Shiver Me Wotties
25. Shiver Me Wotties
December 28, 2011
SpottyWot draws a treasure map and goes out onto the beach to dig for the treasure. He's not having much luck until DottyWot points him to the right spot. What will he find?
Wot a Hermit
24. Wot a Hermit
December 21, 2011
DottyWot makes a picture out of shells on the beach but before she can show her brother the picture has moved! Is it possible that the shells are moving themselves?
Wot a Grommet
23. Wot a Grommet
December 21, 2011
SpottyWot is enthralled when he spies a surfer riding the waves. He wants to try it himself - until he sees how big the waves can be! But DottyWot hatches a plan to help him.
WotWot Bottle Wot
22. WotWot Bottle Wot
December 14, 2011
SpottyWot makes a monster out of sand and driftwood. While looking for shells to decorate it he finds a message in a bottle. The WotWots decide to make their own message.
Twinkle Winkle
21. Twinkle Winkle
December 14, 2011
The WotWots find a Starfish washed up on the beach. They decide to send it home, but first they have to find out where the Starfish came from, was it the sea or the starry sky?
Wind Wotty
20. Wind Wotty
December 7, 2011
The WotWots see a kite flying at the beach. They are fascinated and want to find out what else can move with the wind. Can the WotWots use the wind as well?
Gnome Sweet Gnome
19. Gnome Sweet Gnome
February 7, 2011
DottyWot and SpottyWot are looking at some mythical creatures on the Spaceship's computer. They think these creatures are real and go out in search of them at the beach.
Wot a Racket
18. Wot a Racket
November 30, 2011
The WotWots discover a large shell which sounds like there is an ocean inside it. SpottyWot doesn't want to take the shell inside the ship in case the sea floods out.
Footprints in the Sand
17. Footprints in the Sand
November 30, 2011
The WotWots find some mysterious foot prints in the sand. What could have made them and where do they lead.?The WotWots decide to track down the mystery footprint maker.
Crabby WotWot
16. Crabby WotWot
November 23, 2011
To SpottyWot's horror the spaceship has run out of bananas for his loopy-fruity drink. The WotWots go on a hunt for what they think is a giant banana, but it turns out to be something very different.
Moons and Moats
15. Moons and Moats
November 23, 2011
SpottyWot builds a massive sand castle on the beach, but that night the tide washes it away. The WotWots build a new castle and decide to protect it from the sea.
Fronds Like These
14. Fronds Like These
October 16, 2011
The WotWots land on a sandy beach and DottyWot explores a rock pool. She finds a sea anemone and the WotWots learn all about these amazing creatures on their computer.
Sleepless in the Cattle
13. Sleepless in the Cattle
December 28, 2011
The WotWots can't sleep. The farm animals are very noisy and keep them awake at night. SpottyWot asks them to be quiet, but they don't listen. Maybe it's time to leave the farm?
Wot a Grommet; Wotty Hermit
12. Wot a Grommet; Wotty Hermit
December 21, 2011
Admiring a sufer and DottyWot creates and loses a picture out of seashells.
Twinkle Winkle; Wot Wot Bottle Wot
11. Twinkle Winkle; Wot Wot Bottle Wot
December 14, 2011
Helping a lost starfish and sending a message in a bottle.
Gnome Sweet Gnome; Wind Wotty
10. Gnome Sweet Gnome; Wind Wotty
December 7, 2011
A search for fabled creatures and a kite.
Footprints in the Sand; Wot a Racket
9. Footprints in the Sand; Wot a Racket
November 30, 2011
Unusual footprints in the sand and listening to the ocean in a seashell.
Moons and Moats; Crabby WotWot
8. Moons and Moats; Crabby WotWot
November 23, 2011
Saving sandcastles and a search for bananas.
Sleepless in the Cattle; Fronds Like These
7. Sleepless in the Cattle; Fronds Like These
November 16, 2011
Farm sounds make the Wotwots lose sleep and DottyWot finds a sea anemone.
Whistle Wots; Tough Crowd
6. Whistle Wots; Tough Crowd
November 9, 2011
A sheepdog's work ethic and barnyard animal impressions.
Milky Moo; Alpaca Sad
5. Milky Moo; Alpaca Sad
November 2, 2011
The Wotwots can't decide on breakfast drinks and draw a fictitious animal.
Wheelie Wots; Wot a Wormy
4. Wheelie Wots; Wot a Wormy
October 26, 2011
New wheels and an odd critter.
The Trotty Wot; Swan Lake
3. The Trotty Wot; Swan Lake
October 19, 2011
Dottywot and a pony ride and Spottywot and a paper boat.
Wot Plants; Wot's New Pussycat
2. Wot Plants; Wot's New Pussycat
October 12, 2011
Spottywot gets planted and the Wots stuff gets chewed.
Wotties of Steel; Nibble Notty
1. Wotties of Steel; Nibble Notty
October 5, 2011
Dottywot meets some ants and damaged pictures.
Where to Watch The WotWots
The WotWots is available for streaming on the The Hub website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The WotWots on demand at and Tubi TV.
  • Premiere Date
    October 11, 2010
  • IMDB Rating
    4.5  (111)