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Chuck is an energetic young dump truck who hopes to grow up to be a race truck like his big brother. With friend's Rowdy the garbage truck that loves to get dirty, Handy the tow truck, Digger the backhoe, Biggs the Monster truck, Boomer the fire truck, Soku the modified Japanese style speed machine, Haulie the forklift who is Chucks mom, Porter the big rig who is Chucks Dad, Rally the race truck and Chucks brother and more, Chuck manages to get out of jam after jam with his friends for the long haul. Chuck has an imagination that knows no limits and has fun experiences to remember.

The characters all have big personalities unique to each who deal with real world issues. The Adventures of Chuck and Friends were made for younger audiences but it is enjoyable for all ages. With messages kids can relate to in their own lives like being nice to your friends, sharing with others, being honest, working together, feeling left out, hard work and having patience children will be learning important life lessons all in an entertaining show that will hold their attention and keep them giggling for more.

The Adventures of Chuck and Friends are four wheels of fun for the whole family. Although the characters are all cars it is definitely not just show for boys. Girls will love the creativity too. Both kids and parents alike will enjoy the clever plots, bright colors and positive messages in this one of a kind animated series.

The Adventures of Chuck & Friends is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (39 episodes). The series first aired on October 15, 2010.

Where do I stream The Adventures of Chuck & Friends online? The Adventures of Chuck & Friends is available for streaming on The Hub, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Adventures of Chuck & Friends on demand at Amazon, Google Play, Apple TV, Tubi TV online.

The Hub
2 Seasons, 39 Episodes
October 15, 2010
Kids & Family Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Stacey DePass, Fab Filippo, Darren Frost, Gabriel Giammaria
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The Adventures of Chuck & Friends Full Episode Guide

  • Chuck becomes mayor for the day and the guys tear down the old garage.

  • When Chuck "re-gifts" a coveted new toy to his pal Boomer, he sets off a series of kind acts that proves generosity can be contagious.

  • Chuck works on a Mother's Day gift for Haulie.

  • Chuck proves he needs a navigation device.

  • Chuck gets the royal treatment when he swaps places with visiting Prince Piston. / Chuck and Soku get as muddy, dirty and stinky as they possibly can.

  • Rad Taillights is shooting a commercial and Rowdy may get to meet his favorite rock star.

  • Handy loses his favorite screwdriver. And Chuck has a Halloween party.

  • They guys want to earn a scout badge and a crane truck keeps wrecking a bridge.

  • Uncle Vertie teaches Chuck and his friends a trick on the half-pipe. / A girl truck tries to get Chuck and his buddies to help with a dance routine.

  • When Chuck neglects to do his daily maintenance, he gets stuck in reverse gear. / Chuck and his friends challenge a visiting truck to a race.

  • Chuck and his pals search for Bigtire and Biggs helps Chuck keep a promise.

  • Chuck and his pals build a super sweeper machine to clean up the truck stop. / Haulie and Porter leave Chuck and his pals with a babysitter.

  • Chuck and his pals refurbish a machine to help Rowdy build bigger things. / Chuck trains his grandfather in the hopes of winning a truck show.

  • When Soku doesn't show up to play, Chuck and friends begin to guess why. / Handy and the gang use science to experiment building a bridge.

  • Chuck and friends start an astronomy club. / Boomer offers to help Chuck with his work after he accidently hurts him playing a game.

  • Chuck and the gang build a giant monster-like vehicle in the parts yard. / Chuck and friends play with and learn from Kazuo, Soku's Japanese cousin.

  • Chuck and his pals build their own beach hoping to enjoy a little fun in the sun. / Chuck helps a celebrity truck, who is just looking to relax, hide from a nosy reporter.

  • Chuck and friends head to the parts yard to explore their artistic talents. / A visually impaired motorcycle teaches Chuck about using other senses.

  • Chuck is jealous when Rally helps Biggs work on his racing. / Chuck recreates the night his parents first met in order to resolve their disagreement.

  • Feeling underappreciated, Biggs begins to mimic Chuck in an attempt to gain the respect of the group; Even though he is sick, Chuck pretends to be healthy so he can continue playing with his friends.

  • When their videogame breaks, the boys decide to continue playing...but in real life. / Chuck and friends try to prove to Rally that they're too big for toys and games and that they're only interested in racing.

  • Chuck-Atomic, Chuck's superhero alter ego, drives around assisting those in need. / Rally's Coach gives Chuck a chance to show him what he's got.

  • Chuck borrows Rally's big new racing wheels but can't control them. / Chuck and friends surprise Haulie by planting flowers around the repair shop.

  • Chuck and friends go in search of the Lost Hubcap of Gold. / Chuck does his best to keep his shiny new hood ornament clean while playing with friends.

  • After breaking a gasket, Chuck begins "sleep-driving." / Chuck and friends dare each other into performing stunts around the parts yard.

  • At Christmas, Boomer admits that he wants to be a snowplow when he grows up. / Chuck and friends try to stay up late to welcome in the New Year.

  • After a meteor shower, Chuck is on the lookout for aliens. / Chuck and friends try to keep a TV villain from causing trouble at the truck stop.

  • Chuck is in charge of watching his younger cousin. / When the gang plans a campout, Chuck suggests a practice run to make sure they won't get scared.

  • When Chuck encounters a pothole, he tries to cover it up instead of fixing it properly. / Chuck plans the perfect party for his brother's homecoming.

  • Chuck has an extra ticket to a show and must choose only one friend to take. / Chuck and friends compete to win a giant trophy.

  • Chuck and his friends decide to start a band.

  • Chuck digs a hole with his friends; the gang makes a movie.

  • Chuck gets nervous about a trip; Chuck does a poor job on his chores.

  • Chuck builds a fort with his friends; Chuck and pals set up a circus.

  • Chuck and friends help Rowdy out of the mud for Rally's race; the gang tries to figure out flying.

  • Chuck accidentally breaks an important piece of Mom's equipment; Chuck experiments with a number of ways to get bigger.

  • Chuck needs the support of his friends while helping around the truck stop; Chuck exercises to the extreme.

The Adventures of Chuck & Friends Video Clips & Extras

Chuck Meets Flip - "Chuck's Big Air Dare" Clip (49 sec)