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Although she appears to be the average 12 year old girl, Betty Bartlett is in fact an alien who is one of the important guardians of the galaxy. Singing in he band in the garage of her Canadian home she has gained a huge base of fans around the galaxy and must split her time between her singing and her mission to protect the galaxy. Whenever an important or fun event is happening Betty's communications bracelet will beep and send her on a mission to battle aliens somewhere in the galaxy.

Atomic Betty is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (78 episodes). The series first aired on August 29, 2004.

Atomic Betty is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Atomic Betty on demand atAmazon Prime, Amazon online.

The Hub
1 Season, 78 Episodes
August 29, 2004
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Bruce Hunter, Tajja Isen, Rick Miller, Adrian Truss
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Atomic Betty Full Episode Guide

  • Betty plays with a new time machine while her friends plan a surprise birthday party for her.

  • Noah gets turned into a dog by the inhabitants of Canus Dogilia. Queen Penelope wants to move hives.

  • Spindly Tam gets a job at the Moosejaw burger joint and the citizens of Moosejaw have been infected by a plague.

  • Betty and gang are imprisoned inside mixed-up fairytales; Icilica leads a team of unbeatable giants to beat The Moosjaw Prairie Dawgs.

  • Betty's Mom redecorates and Atomic Roger can grant Betty's wishes.

  • The Bloodmonks go to boot camp and Admiral DeGill takes his crew on a much needed vacation.

  • Betty and Co are chased by a hungry Blugo and Princess Nacissitad and Prince Studly go to Earth to elope.

  • Maximus kidnaps Chaz and Noah answers a GG call by himself.

  • Mulock tries to be a comedian and Sparky eats mind controlling computer chips meant for Betty.

  • Earth is a part of a killer croquet game and Admiral DeGill discovers a son he never knew about.

  • Maximus moves his Grandpa into a retirement home. Betty deals with disagreements.

  • Noah gets turned into hunk and and Iciclia's vacation spot is transformed.

  • Betty falls for Minimus under a bug-injection and Zulia's bad boy boyfriend is trouble.

  • Paloma is beamed into space under mysterious circumstances.

  • TV superhero Delta Aurora comes to town and crop circles are appearing.

  • Sparky, Betty, and X-5 turn into pop stars. X-5's translator for Betty gets mixed up.

  • Sparky finds bongo drums and Noah takes Betty to a comic convention.

  • Minimus is in space and a evil carney in Moosejaw Heights.

  • Purrsy's missing and Enormo meets big warriors.

  • Penelope's necklace has powers and Maximus messes up a plan.

  • Betty tells a secret and her grandparents get married.

  • Betty doesn't like Bombshell's new suit and April Fool's gets out of hand.

  • Betty is turned into a baby.

  • Betty winds up on a pirate ship at the Moose Jaw Water World.

  • Mom wants to be the hip-hop squad coach and Pontifadora can turn any girl into an Amazonian warrior.

  • Maximus destroys HQ because The Chameleon turns into Noah.

  • Noah checks on a UFO while Betty and Juanita race to save Paloma.

  • Betty guards and amulet while Maximus gets a super-suit!

  • The crew investigates Spindly Tam's disappearance and a witch Dr. takes civilizations back in time.

  • A new villain steals people's singing voices. There is a charity dance at Betty's school. Admiral DeGill faces the Galactic Guardian Council.

  • The Galactic Guardians have to break up when the crime stops. The Scribe kidnaps a romance writer.

  • Minimus's head gets stuck on "nasty". Betty and crew are bought and sold at a space market.

  • Dr. Cerebral's new creation gets loose. Maximus is acting nice - weird.

  • Infantor creates an army. Mylord Orus attacks GG Headquarters!

  • Betty transports a fast-growing plant. Nuclea gets infected and Noah sees strange changes at a zoo on Earth.

  • The Collector tries to steal a Ruby and Degill gets in a fight with his clone.

  • Bombshelle is and evil villainess committing fashion crimes against the galaxy. Zulia unknowingly helps her prison pen pal, Max Sr., escape from jail. Purrsy is celebrating a birthday on Earth.

  • Betty tries to beat Maximus and Nuclea to find an immortality potion, Queen PeneloBee is back and needs a mate and Mom makes Purrsy exercise.

  • Betty vs. Penelope, Hopper the Chopper robs trains, and a new minion for Maximus.

  • Betty vs. Schmoz. Duncan has a lot in common with a space troll.

  • The evil Betty triplets return and Tam asks Betty to watch a demon.

  • Minimus takes over evil duties while Maximus is sick. A new super-villain, The Scribe, has banned all...

  • A creature named Jinx steals the galaxy's good luck.

  • Iciclia causes trouble while atomic Roger visits Betty. And Sparky gets his own ship!

  • Maximus trans an audience and forces them to listen to him sing.

  • Betty transports a giant-sized diamond across the galaxy.

  • Atomic Betty has to put a stop to the evil doings of Auntie Matter.

  • Mayhem at school breaks out when Penelope finds Betty's bracelet.

  • Dr. Cerebral infiltrate Robot Paradise and entrap the robots vacationing there! / The galaxy's greatest villains compete to see who can destroy Atomic Betty and be crowned "Evil Idol".

  • The Chameleon wants to give Maximus the best Christmas present ever - the destruction of Atomic Betty. / The evil baby, Infantor becomes greedy at Christmas time and demands all the toys in the galaxy.

  • The Galactic Guardians are hosting a charity circus to raise money for the Junior Galactic Guardians League. / Betty must stop the evil Dr. Cerebral who is using his Stupifactor Ray on the galaxy's most intelligent beings.

  • Betty must stop the evil Maximus and his father from their biggest heist of all. / Betty must travel to the paradise planet of Edenia and stop the evil Mylord Orus.

  • Betty must travel to the planet Mortavio to rescue Good King R-turmex. / Maximus opens a self-themed amusement park named Max-Land.

  • Miniature villain Enormo has a device that shrinks anything it is zapped with. / Betty gets called off into space on Mother's Day!

  • Betty and her crew must stop an army of Abomi-Neutrino Snowmen / Betty, Sparky and X-5 are sucked into a "hologame" titled "Infantor Rules!"

  • Minimus accidentally spills some growth nectar on his ant farm! / Betty must infiltrate Maximus's lair to get stolen Galactic Guardian plans back.

  • Betty must stop the evil, "Medusa-haired" Nuclea from stealing the galaxy's power resources. / Betty, Sparky and X-5 fall under the spell of Maximus's Dream-Invader.

  • Maximus uses DNA from a lock of Betty's hair to create "better" versions of her that reek havoc on the galaxy. / Betty battles a giant spider in space and her bratty cousin Kyle on earth.

  • The mother-ship of the Ancient Pharotines has been discovered and now their secret may fall in the wrong hands. / Maximus receives an award for his newest destructive weapon, The Overloader.

  • Betty goes below the surface of Ainrofilac Ubilam and discovers a sort of aquatic wild west. / Betty runs for mayor of the school's Winter Carnival.

  • Betty has a criminal secret admirer who is committing crimes in the name of love for her. / Maximus has a new love interest, Sparky's Mom, Zulia!

  • Empress Nacissitad is kidnapped by Maximus and held for ransom on the computer junkyard planet of Crushton. / Duncan has a crush on Penelope and Noah agrees to "coach" Duncan in how to woo her if Duncan agrees stop bullying him.

  • Sparky becomes a movie star when famous director Antoine Lucci casts him in his latest movie; Betty's mission...

  • Betty and crew must manage with their mixed up ship to stop Maximus' latest scheme; Betty is the toast of the...

  • Betty and her Dad are competing in a fishing derby with Penelope and her father. / Betty must free her friends who have been captured by Maximus and return to Earth before art class ends.

  • Betty has a date after school with Dylan, the new boy in her class. But first she must stop Maximus; Chef...

  • It's Halloween and The Chameleon has stolen the Sythian president's brain and decides to hide out on Earth. / The Ranger Girls scouting troop is sitting around a campfire at night telling ghost stories.

  • Betty's fearful trip to the dentist is interrupted when she is called off to save the galaxy from the evil...

  • Betty and Noah get separated while visiting a house of mirrors at an amusement park and Betty is called off on a mission to protect a pair of scientists and their cargo from an evil shapeshifting spy known as The Chameleon.

  • Purrsy accidentally stows away on Betty's ship as she spies on Maximus. / Betty must stop Maximus from unleashing his biochemical compound on the galaxy.

  • Betty's old martial arts trainer is captured by Maximus. / Betty and her classmates are participating in a science fair at school, while in space Maximus attacks the water planet!

  • Betty is excited to be going to a school dance, her mom will let her go on one condition, that her room is clean before she goes. However, Purssy keeps sneaking into Betty's room and messing it up while she's away on galactic missions. Betty finally scares him off - with help from an alien dragon - in time to accompany Noah to the dance.

  • Maximus is using sound waves to torture the residents of Coolosia - could this be connected to the horrible sound at Betty's school's Talent Show?