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Titanic: Blood and Steel is a twelve-part mini series that tells the story of how the most famous ship in history was built. Along with the personal stories of the people who financed the ship's construction, there are stories of the Irish people that were struggling for survival. Each individual story ties into a greater picture of the luxury liner being built in Belfast, Ireland. As the series progresses, the timeline goes from the party in 1909 where the announcement was made that Titanic would be built, to the year 1912, when the final stages of construction were being completed at the Harland and Wolfe Shipyards.

No one could imagine that this ship would go down in history as the worst maritime disaster of the 20th Century. Yet, before the tragic events out at sea, there was a living drama being played out in the streets of Belfast, a time of great protest in more ways than one regarding the rights of the Irish people. Many of the investors and financiers were aware of the volatile conditions in Northern Ireland. One man commented, stating that you can not fix a culture of people. As the strife was being played out in the streets of Belfast, a ship that had no rivals in certain ways was about to sail away into history out in the open Atlantic.

Viewers can understand the personal stories that were tied into the building of Titanic in the three years of the ship's construction. From personal battles, to the street battles of Belfast, one can understand that the times that Titanic was built were somewhat unstable and all being witnessed from the backdrop of the shipyards where the great liner was being shaped.

Sunday 9:00 PM et/pt on History Asia
1 Season, 12 Episodes
May 13, 2012
Drama, History
Cast: Kevin Zegers
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Titanic: Blood and Steel Full Episode Guide

  • The time has come for the great ship to leave for the New World. As Morgan always wanted, Titanic's maiden's voyage will become one of the first great PR events. Sofia and Joanna Yaeger are friends and she gets her a job as an illustrator for the New York Times. Pietro uses most of his money to buy her a ticket. Mark himself only gets on board by chance. The group also includes Jack Lowry, a young riveter we met since the beginning of the story. Violetta with the baby, whom Michael MacCann, has come back to marry. Joanna will be onboard and so will Kitty, by now an acclaimed actress. A little girl by the name of Sarah, with her mother, will board Third Class. Neither Mark nor his daughter are aware of their presence onboard the Titanic. And, while the ship sails for New York, and Mark and Sofia finally find happiness and reconciliation, we are left asking ourselves: who amongst our characters will survive the great disaster?

  • An accountant from the United States, Samuel, makes Mark feel jealous. Samuel is handsome and witty. He is American and unaware and uninterested in divisions. For Sofia, he represents a real temptation: Pietro is better and Mark still can't leave his job. Mark is still uncertain: he still hopes to find his daughter. Mark discovers what the girl's name was: Sarah. The girl might live in a small village outside Belfast. But the girl, who had indeed been living there, has left. They have moved to Belfast but no one knows where. Andrews fights, and looses, a memorable battle to equip Titanic more life boats. And while Pirrie and Churchill try to campaign for Home Rule in Belfast, the divide between the Catholic and Protestant communities has grown. Lord Pirrie, by now disillusioned with most of his liberal principles, falls ill.

  • The Admiralty has opened an inquiry into the Olympic accident, and Pirrie, Andrews, Morgan and Mark are invited to London to participate in the works.

  • Walter's death changes the whole social and political picture: What was originally a peaceful movement now threatens to become dangerous.

  • Dr. Mark Muir's real name is Marcas Malone, and he is the son of a Belfast Catholic dockworker, Sean. Sean is an old drunkard, broken by a life of unimaginable harshness. His only remaining pride lies in Mark. Now, Sean is worried that if Mark's identity were to be disclosed, he would lose his job at the Protestant - managed shipyard. But Mark is careful and guarded. He starts finding out things about the steel used that lead him into conflict with chief designer Thomas Andrews. In the meantime, social tension escalates. A prominent figure in the labor movement, Jim Larkin, is organizing the workers in Belfast. While Kitty Carlton seduces Mark with her elegant charms, Sofia gets more involved in her fight for freedom, which she interprets in a personal way, turning down her father's apprentice, Andrea Valle, much to her father's grief.

  • Dr. Mark Muir, a young American metallurgist, persuades American tycoon JP Morgan to hire him for the biggest shipping project the world has ever seen: RMS Titanic, at the Harland & Wolff shipyard, in Belfast. The shipyard's visionary Chairman takes the young scientist under his wing, introducing him to Belfast's Protestant elite. Mark quickly catches the eye of the charming, albeit spoilt, daughter of a magnate: Kitty Carlton. But he is also intrigued by a very different woman; Sofia Silvestri, an immigrant's daughter. Belfast, seen through Mark's eyes, is a city ridden with divisions of class and religion, from which, as a stranger, Mark should be far removed. But we soon discover that Mark is a man with a past mysteriously connected to the Catholic suburbs of Belfast.

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