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When the local drug dealer's 12-year-old pregnant daughter disappears, a detective is sent to investigate what happened. She is five months pregnant, and she refuses to tell anyone who the baby's father is before she disappears. She is found standing in a frozen lake. The detective's name is Robin Griffin as she starts to unravel surprising secrets from her past. Robin gets tested to her limits throughout the invesigation into the child's disapperance. Since the child is underage, it is illegal for the child to be having sex with anyone.

Robin has to let her mother know that she has to leave her Sydney home to take a business trip in the first few scenes of the show. Robin moves to Queensland, New Zealand before the show starts, so she can take care of her unfinished emotional affairs. She is sent to the walfare case of the druggie daughter's pregnancy. The drug lord's name is Matt Mitcham; he is the patriach of his crime family. GJ is another character from the TV show, and he's an export that's in-charge of a post-menopausal tribe of Amazones.

The shaman knows that are a lot of women in pain, and they have bad situation such as abuse from sex addicts, bad marriages, and broken hearts. There are a lot of elements of suspense in the TV show. Robin is in-charge of finding the girl when she goes missing. She is probably trying to kill herself or cause a mischarge to her unborn baby. There is a lot of beautiful scenery in the TV show too as the mountains have a desireable look to them. The location helps to set the mood of the scene.


The show is classifed under the mystery/drama caterogy; It's a crime drama. Despite the detective's own set of issues, she is working on solving the case of the missing teenager and figure out who raped the child.

Sundance Channel
1 Season, 8 Episodes
February 25, 2013
Cast: Elisabeth Moss
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Top Of The Lake Full Episode Guide

  • In the series finale, Tui's due date nears and she's still no where to be found. When Robin goes to Matt's house, she is caught off guard by his confession, which seriously impacts her relationship with Johnny. Finally, a frustrated Matt takes matters into his own hands, leaving Robin in a frantic race to find Tui before he does.

  • Robin tries to make a connection between Matt's illegal activities and Tui's disappearance, but the women who work for him refuse to cooperate when she questions them.

  • Despite their pasts and a secret that haunts them, Robin and Johnno begin to grow closer, against her mother's wishes. Later, Matt sends henchmen into the bush to find Tui, so Robin and Johnno follow them and uncover shocking evidence.

  • A violent encounter could ruin Robin's future with local police, while secrets surface at Laketop.

  • Robin goes to the last location Tui was seen, the women's camp at Paradise, where her questioning of GJ goes nowhere and instead is interrogated herself. Later, Robin obtains a warrant to search Matt Mitcham's house, and uncovers something surprising.

  • As Tui's whereabout remain unknown, fear for her survival increases. Meanwhile, Robin has an encounter with a local pervert.

  • In the series premiere, a pregnant 12-year-old New Zealand girl disappears. Investigation into the case presents multiple roadblocks, including the girl's tight-knit and tight-lipped family.

  • This powerful and haunting story from Oscar winning writer/director Jane Campion follows the story of a detective (Elisabeth Moss) who investigates the disappearance of a 12-year-old pregnant daughter of a local drug lord.

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