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When the local drug dealer's 12-year-old pregnant daughter disappears, a detective is sent to investigate what happened. She is five months pregnant, and she refuses to tell anyone who the baby's father is before she disappears. She is found standing in a frozen lake. The detective's name is Robin Griffin as she starts to unravel surprising secrets from her past.

Top Of The Lake is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (21 episodes). The series first aired on February 25, 2013.

Where do I stream Top Of The Lake online? Top Of The Lake is available for streaming on Sundance Channel, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Top Of The Lake on demand at Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, Google Play, Apple TV online.

Sundance Channel
2 Seasons, 21 Episodes
February 25, 2013
Cast: Elisabeth Moss, David Wenham, Peter Mullan, Holly Hunter, Gwendoline Christie
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Top Of The Lake Full Episode Guide

  • Robin and Pyke are desperate to find out if hostage Mary is alive, while Adrian struggles to make sense of the crime scene at Silk 41. As dawn breaks, the gunman is on the loose in Bondi and the beach is about to be flooded with people.

  • There's a breakthrough in the case when Robin interviews Silk 41 regular Brett who suspects that China Girl is his 'Girlfriend Experience'. Puss tests Mary's love with a surprise for her 18th birthday celebration.

  • Robin is galvanised by her theory that China Girl is a surrogate and ignores the threat of Al Parker's imminent case against her. Mary accuses Robin of being manipulated by Pyke and Julia into believing Alexander is dangerous.

  • Armed with the fact that China Girl was pregnant, Robin launches into the investigation, including inside Sydney's sex industry. The meeting with her daughter's parents veers off the rails and puts contacting Mary at risk.

  • Detective Robin Griffin is newly back in Sydney, haunted by the baby she had as a teenager and partnered with an eager new recruit, Miranda. When a body in a suitcase washes up on Bondi Beach, Robin is determined to take the case.

  • In the series finale, Tui's due date nears and she's still no where to be found. When Robin goes to Matt's house, she is caught off guard by his confession, which seriously impacts her relationship with Johnny. Finally, a frustrated Matt takes matters into his own hands, leaving Robin in a frantic race to find Tui before he does.

  • Robin is convinced that Matt and his illicit operations must be connected to Tui's disappearance. She tries to question the women who work for Matt but they refuse to cooperate. That evening Robin gets a near-lethal warning to stop snooping. A group of Tui's friends plan a secret trip that implicates the girl's whereabouts. As they return, some of Matt's thugs intercept them. With fresh intelligence, Matt launches a full-scale search party consisting of armed associates. Robin and Johnno go in after them, but tragedy strikes before they can help. In response, the town begins to turn against Matt. Some of the women who earlier rebuffed Robin may now have reason to testify. Matt says he is ready to give a confession, but he will only give it to Robin alone.

  • Robin tries to make a connection between Matt's illegal activities and Tui's disappearance, but the women who work for him refuse to cooperate when she questions them.

  • Despite their pasts and a secret that haunts them, Robin and Johnno begin to grow closer, against her mother's wishes. Later, Matt sends henchmen into the bush to find Tui, so Robin and Johnno follow them and uncover shocking evidence.

  • A violent incident raises questions about Robin's future with the local police, but she won't let go of the case. She locates a friend of Tui's who refuses to speak a word to anyone. He is accused of disrespect, but Robin believes there are deeper motives at play. His silence may hold a clue to Tui's disappearance and she's determined to earn his trust. Robin is also contacted by a pathologist who has investigated several cases for the local police. He tells Robin about additional evidence with potentially powerful implications, and she finds herself ever more committed to getting to the bottom of Tui's case. At the same time, she begins to exhume long-buried memories with Johnno. He hints at a tragic secret from their past that could threaten the future of their relationship and her work on the case.

  • A violent encounter could ruin Robin's future with local police, while secrets surface at Laketop.

  • Robin goes to the last location Tui was seen, the women's camp at Paradise, where her questioning of GJ goes nowhere and instead is interrogated herself. Later, Robin obtains a warrant to search Matt Mitcham's house, and uncovers something surprising.

  • After a tense encounter with pregnant girl Tui's father, Robin Griffin is driving home and confronts a disturbing sight: Tui's rider-less horse on the road. The hard-bitten Laketop community turns out in force to search for her but the questions only multiply. As the search grows in intensity, so do fears for her survival. Tui's father addresses a crowd assembled in the local pub asking anyone who knows anything to come forward, but his threatening words hardly seem to encourage hope. Robin pursues an accused pedophile to his house for questioning, but the encounter spirals quickly out of control. Desperate, Robin turns to Johnno Mitcham, the girl's half-brother, for help. His support may prove crucial to the case and to Robin's safety, but it also soon entangles Robin more deeply in a battle with her own past.

  • As Tui's whereabout remain unknown, fear for her survival increases. Meanwhile, Robin has an encounter with a local pervert.

  • In the series premiere, a pregnant 12-year-old New Zealand girl disappears. Investigation into the case presents multiple roadblocks, including the girl's tight-knit and tight-lipped family.

  • This powerful and haunting story from Oscar winning writer/director Jane Campion follows the story of a detective (Elisabeth Moss) who investigates the disappearance of a 12-year-old pregnant daughter of a local drug lord.

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