Watch TV Shows on Sundance Channel

The Sundance Channel is where you go to watch Indie films, such as those featured at the Sundance Film Festival. These featured films range anywhere from being short clips to documentaries. This network is currently labeled Sundance TV, however in prior years was known as the Sundance Channel.

This channel/network was founded in 1996 by Robert Redford and is owned by the AMC networks. The network has been through many changes over the time it has been in existence, until it finally became known as the Sundance TV.

As mentioned before, despite the current name of the channel, there's more to it than just Sundance Film broadcasts. You can also find fashion shows and travel shows on this channel. The basis behind this network is to showcase talent of individuals that have a creative ability to create presentations, in the form of shows, documentaries and other types of independent films.

This network gives a chance for talented, up and coming writers , directors and actors to demonstrate the type of talent that they have without compromising their integrity. By having a reputable founder for the network, Sundance TV has come a long way and helped many individuals become recognized for their talent.

This channel features original series on top of the documentaries, talk shows and reality based shows that are featured.