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Push Girls is an uplifting and inspiring show that follows a group of women who are disabled and confined to wheelchairs. The focus of the program is the fact that these women can do anything that "normal" women can. Watching this type of programming is the sort of uplifting television that is great for families, and especially wonderful for families that have members who are disabled or are struggling with any sort of handicap.

The stories of each of the girls is one of perseverance that many people can learn from. The purpose of the show is not to promote the girls starring on the show as much as it is to promote those who can get through difficulties. It's wonderful programming for those who want to see an example of how to get through a difficult situation.

The inspiration in the show is enough to power anyone who wants to know that they can get through whatever troubles they are having.

The show does an excellent job of profiling the girls and the activities they participate in so that anyone who is interested helping or needs ideas of what to do can learn form the show. The infinite amount of ideas that the show can provide allow families to learn what best to do for those they know who are disabled.

Push Girls is a good example of how reality television can promote those are making a difference and can offer inspiration to those who have been downtrodden or who need a lift form whatever terrible place they have found themselves in.

Monday 10:00 PM et/pt on Sundance Channel
2 Seasons, 25 Episodes
June 4, 2012
Cast: Tiphany Adams, Auti Angel, Angela Rockwood, Mia Schaikewitz
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Push Girls Full Episode Guide

  • In the second season finale, Angela takes her driving test; Auti and Eric attempt to reignite their romance; and a publisher approaches Chelsie about writing a memoir. Meanwhile, the girls visit a racetrack.

  • Barak reveals his feelings for Mia; Angela disappears during a spontaneous adventure with Chelsie; and Auti takes time to work on her relationship with Eric. Meanwhile, Tiphany becomes the middle man for her mother and sister.

  • Mia's mother and aunt arrive for her next important medical test, and emotions run high; Chelsie senses a change in Raymond; Tiphany introduces Liz to her sister.

  • When Tiphany finds her sister, she plans an intervention. Auti and Eric go to counseling again. Angela prepares for her driver's test.

  • Tiphany hires a private investigator to search for her drug-addicted sister. Auti begins mentoring a newly paralyzed man. Mia dives into her relationship.

  • Chelsie enjoys her serious new relationship, while hoping that breakthrough technology could provide the impossible; Angela looks forward to a new modeling job; and Tiphany and her girlfriend create sparks.

  • In the chaos of a divorce from her husband, Angela faces an uncertain future. Auti and Eric are desperate to save their troubled marriage. And Tiphany's new-found independence leads her to a surprising new romance.

  • Season 2 premieres June 3rd at 10pm. Relationships unravel, love blossoms, demons emerge and careers take hold. Getting what you want out of life isn't easy - especially in a wheelchair.

  • In the season finale, Angela's choice to return to modeling means that Cody must serve as her traveling nurse; Auti's independent film premieres, forcing her to reflect on how far she has come.

  • Tiphany challenges herself by entering a 5K race; Eric pressures Auti to make her decision about having a baby; and Mia competes in her first swim meet in 17 years.

  • Tiphany encourages Mia to upgrade from her run-down apartment, Chelsie tells her story of the accident to Seventeen magazine.

  • Chelsie is nervous about going skiing for the first since becoming paralyzed. Meanwhile, Angela's boyfriend is put to the test as the group's only able-bodied caretaker.

  • The demands of trying to record an album and have a baby become burdensome for Auti and Eric. Meanwhile, Chelsie tires of the same old dance routines and threatens to quit Auti's ensemble.

  • Tiphany is torn after her ex comes to town; newly separated Angela dates a much younger man; Mia is asked to go on a kayaking date.

  • An accident threatens Chelsie's first hometown dance performance, while Angela thinks about entering the modeling industry again.

  • Chelsie considers stem-cell treatments, which sparks a debate among the Push Girls.

  • A relationship ends as two others begin fresh. Meanwhile, a visit from Angela's husband has her reconsidering their separation; and Mia and Tiphany try speed dating.

  • Two years after the accident that left her paralyzed, Chelsie reflects on her first meeting with the Push Girls and the inspiration they've given her to meet life head on.

  • Can Auti take the pressure of rehearsing a new dance routine with only two days until the big competition?

  • Faced with mounting bills, Angela decides to restart her modeling career. But, is the fashion world ready for a woman in a wheelchair?

  • The Push Girls toast their lives and reflect on their friendship, offering a little humorous insight into what makes them tick.

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