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  • 1970
  • 2 Seasons
  • 0.0  (14)

True Love or True Lies? is a reality show that initially aired in the UK in the summer of 2018 on MTV. Hosted by actor Danny Dyer and presenter Maya Jama, the show featured eight couples who competed against each other to prove that their relationship was real. However, there was a twist: three of the couples were actually fake, with actors playing the roles of partners. The winning couple received a cash prize of £50,000.

At the beginning of each episode, the couples would arrive at a luxurious mansion and introduce themselves to one another. They would then participate in a series of challenges to test their compatibility and knowledge of each other. These challenges included answering questions about their partner, competing in a quiz show-style game, and completing physical challenges together.

Throughout the show, the couples had to navigate their way through a series of dilemmas and dramas. Some of the real couples faced difficulties in their relationships, while the fake couples had to ensure they didn't slip up and reveal their true identities. Viewers were encouraged to play along at home and try to guess which couples were real and which were fake.

The show was notable for its diverse cast, which included same-sex couples and people from different ethnic backgrounds. The contestants were all in their twenties and thirties and had a range of backgrounds, including business owners, personal trainers and tattoo artists.

As the weeks went on, tensions began to rise and alliances were formed. The fake couples found themselves in danger of being exposed, while the real couples struggled to maintain their relationships. The hosts Danny and Maya added to the drama by dropping hints and asking provocative questions about the contestants' relationships.

The show's finale was a tense affair, with the remaining couples given the chance to plead their case to the other contestants. The real couples argued that they deserved to win because they had genuine feelings for each other, while the fake couples tried to justify their deception. In the end, the winning couple was chosen by the other contestants, and the truth about the fake couples was revealed.

Overall, True Love or True Lies? was a gripping reality show that kept viewers guessing until the very end. The mix of drama, romance and strategy made for compelling viewing, and the diverse cast added an extra layer of interest. The show was a hit with audiences and was renewed for a second season the following year.

True Love Or True Lies?
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Das perfekte Paar
12. Das perfekte Paar
January 1, 1970
Im Finale erwarten die
11. Herausgeputzt
January 1, 1970
Es ist Halbfinale. Vier Paare sind noch im Rennen und wollen beweisen, dass sie das perfekte Paar sind. Eins von ihnen wird heute Abend herausgew
Ich gelobe, die Wahrheit zu sagen
10. Ich gelobe, die Wahrheit zu sagen
January 1, 1970
Die Liebesspiele sind vorbei, nun muss jedes Paar f
Bis ins Finale
9. Bis ins Finale
January 1, 1970
Diese Folge ist voller Schockmomente, denn ein Paar geht freiwillig und ein anderes erlangt Macht in der Mansion. Die Liebesspiele gehen weiter... aber es gibt eine Wendung. Findet ihr heraus, wer liebt und wer l
Buddeln nach Liebe
8. Buddeln nach Liebe
January 1, 1970
Die Liebesspiele bringen den Kampfgeist der Paare beim Wettbewerb um ihren Platz in der Mansion zum Vorschein. Es gibt eine romantische
Die Neuank
6. Die Neuank
January 1, 1970
Es kommt zu einer unerwarteten Wendung, denn f
Tanz mit mir heute Nacht
5. Tanz mit mir heute Nacht
January 1, 1970
In der Mansion bilden sich Lager, doch vernebeln neue Allianzen den Blick f
4. Verlieben
January 1, 1970
Die Eins
Setz dich auf mein Gesicht
3. Setz dich auf mein Gesicht
January 1, 1970
Zwei Fremde Autumn und Arnie ziehen als Paar ein und m
Die Liebesspiele beginnen
2. Die Liebesspiele beginnen
January 1, 1970
Der Wettkampf, bei dem die L
Neue Liebe oder neue L
1. Neue Liebe oder neue L
January 1, 1970
Acht Paare starten mit ihrem Einzug in die Villa eine neue Serie. Doch unter ihnen sind L
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    January 1, 1970
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    0.0  (14)