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Tumbler Leaf is a series for preschool children that follow the adventures of a blue fox named Fig. Fig discovers the meaning of friendship and love all around him and shows these young children how to handle certain situations. He also goes over basics such as number and colors with the children.

Tumble Leaf is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (42 episodes). The series first aired on April 19, 2013.

Where do I stream Tumble Leaf online? Tumble Leaf is available for streaming on Amazon Studios, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Tumble Leaf on demand at Amazon Prime online.

Amazon Studios
4 Seasons, 42 Episodes
April 19, 2013
Animation & Cartoon Kids & Family
Cast: Christopher Downs, Alex Trugman, Brooke Wolloff, Zac McDowell
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Tumble Leaf Full Episode Guide

  • HEDGE'S BUTTERFLY SAFARI - Fig puts a bowl in Hedge's Finding Place. When Hedge finds it, he wears it like a pith helmet and heads of on a safari in search of a giant butterfly with Fig, Pine, and Stick. First, they discover some squirrel beetles, but the noise they make scares the squirrels. By stepping on and popping dried seedpods and soft green pods, they learn that the squirrels will stay if they're quiet. They see the butterfly fly to a cove, then disappear. So, they try to ask an owl beetle where it went, but they scare the owl beetle away. After being inspired by a dancing jellibeetle, they learn that if they don't move the owl beetle will stay. The owl directs them to the butterfly. And, once they stay quiet and still, they are surrounded by butterflies and Hedge sees the giant butterfly at long last! HOPSCOTCH HIGHWAY - Ginkgo tosses two pieces of chalk away. One lands in the Finding Place while Maple finds the other one on the beach. Maple starts drawing a hopscotch board and, when Fig sees her, he's inspired to make a hopscotch board, too. They decide to connect their paths together, but their chalk runs out before they meet and their dream of one continuous hopscotch highway seems lost. But, when the chickens do a choreographed Irish step dance with large leaves, Fig gets the idea to use leaves to extend their paths. And, when the leaves run out, they use other natural objects to extend the boards. Finally, they use Fig's tie, a petal from Maple's skirt, Stick's surfshell and Pebble's spider string to make the last square connecting their Hopscotch Highway!

  • THE NATURE OF FRIENDSHIP While Fig's sleeping, Stick follows a whale's song and leaves the ship. Fig wakes and sets off to find him. Along the way, Fig learns from creatures in nature. He marvels at how ants can carry leaves much bigger than them, is awed by a walk through a beautiful thicket woven by a Bird of Paradise and helps to open a cluster of flowers so hungry butterflies can have a drink. By befriending these creatures, they point him toward Stick. When Fig finally finds Stick sitting on a little island, he runs out and gives him a hug. Suddenly, the ants, the bird and the butterflies arrive. Fig introduces his new friends to Stick. And Stick sings a whale song that makes the island rise, revealing Stick's new friend, Bonsai the whale. And Bonsai gives them a ride home as they all sing together. THE SHIP SHOP Ginkgo the Crab hauls in a present, but can't open it and accidentally flings it into the Finding Place. On his way to the Finding Place, Fig knocks open a crate of old finds. His old wagon sparks the idea of using it as a shopping cart for a Ship Shop! The barnacles remind Fig about the present, but he keeps getting distracted by past items. Fig helps Maple and Pebble find royal costumes at the "Suds & Duds Clothing and Hats Shop". In the "Find and Feast Pantry," Fig and the chickens use old finds to collect groceries. And Fig combines old finds into multi-functional toys at the "Two-In-One Toy Shop". When he finally remembers the present, he's having so much fun that he doesn't need anything new. But, Fig sees Ginkgo on the beach and offers it to him and he's overjoyed!

  • THE WHEEL THING Hearing strange music, Fig takes his bag of wheels and finds Gourd seated on a stool before his expanded organ. Gourd's struggling to move the heavy stool back and forth. Fig and Stick try to push the stool, but get tired. Seeing a beetle bus roll, Fig figures out that wheels make it easier to move stuff and puts a wheel under Gourd's stool. Now, the turtle can roll up and down easily. Gourd's inspired to go on tour so he can share his music with Tumble Leaf. But, just one wheel under the platform causes it to wobble uncontrollably. Stick, Maple, Hedge and Fig figure out how to balance the platform by putting wheels under all four corners. They pass Granny Coco, who's inspired to dance. So, Fig puts wheels under her stage and adds her to the caravan and they set off on a big musical tour! TWINE LINE Buckeye is moving away and saying goodbye to all his friends. Fig and Stick tag along to spend as much time as possible with him. After they break the news to Gourd, they head over to Maple, who quickly pulls together a goodbye sendoff using balloons and leaf confetti. Once Buckeye's gone, Fig and Maple miss him so much they simply must visit him. But, Buckeye's new home is on a high cliff. Pine runs up with a gift and, by playing with balloon propulsion, they successfully get the package to Buckeye - a stuffed turtle that reminds Buckeye of playing tic-tac-turtle with Gourd. Fig uses a twine line and propulsion to send Buckeye the tic-tac-turtle board. Buckeye realizes he is still connected to his old friends. A new neighbor, even plays tic-tac-turtle with him!

  • STICK'S QUIET RIOT Fig isn't interested in what's in the Finding Place, but he tells Stick he should take a look. Stick finds a shoebox full of active, noisy toys. As Stick plays with a jump rope from the box, Maple jumps around enthusiastically with him. But, when Stick asks Fig to join in, he politely declines. Stick follows Fig down to the beach where Fig plays quietly in the sand. Stick plays with a noisemaker, making a raucous marching band with the chickens and Hedge's one-man-band. Stick asks Fig to join in, but he politely declines. Stick realizes that all the games he's been playing are active or noisy and all Fig's activities are calm. Fig tells Stick he's in a quiet mood but Stick can be as noisy as he likes. Stick makes a quiet game with marbles and, to his delight, Fig asks, "Can I play, too?" TAPPA TAPPA TAP SHOES Fig's eager to tap all the way to Crab Cove and dance with Coconut and the Crabs. Fig is full of energy as he tap dances along the beach, but it's a long way. As his energy starts to wane, Fig learns how to keep a steady pace by tapping along to Buckeye's chomping of wood into clam derby cars. Energized, Fig continues tapping along until he reaches the steep steps of Stepping Stone Beach. But, Maple coaches him through. And, after a drink of water from beetles, Fig is almost to Crab Cove when he gets really tired. But, right on cue, Pine appears and starts playing her tuba. The music inspires Fig to keep dancing and he has the energy to tap the rest of the way to Crab Cove! He invites Coconut and the Crabs to tap dance with him and they all join him in a rousing routine!

  • COCK-A-DOODLE DAY Fig and the chickens decide to host a cock-a-doodle day on the ship. As the chickens spruce up the deck, Fig goes to ask Buckeye for some chairs. But, Buckeye's chomping creates a blizzard of wood shavings and Pine loses her crochet hook in the drifting shavings. They scoop shavings into pillowcases and discover, while sledding on the bags, that they can squeeze them flat to hold more. They find the crochet hook and turn the pillowcases into bean bag chairs for the party. Back at the ship, Fig realizes they don't have any paper. But, by accidentally dropping the wood shavings into a wash tub, they learn to make paper by mashing the mushy pulp dry. With the paper ready, they all take turns drawing while everyone else guesses at what it could be. SHIPDECK SLEEPOVER Pine's sewn everyone glow in the dark pajamas for the shipdeck sleepover. But clouds darken the sky and shield Hedge from his celestial nightlight, the moon. Fig turns on a lantern so Hedge can sleep and uses the light to read a bedtime story to Stick. The lantern wakes Maple who sleepily turns it off. The glow from Fig's pajamas fades quickly and it becomes too dark to read. So, Fig turns the lantern back on and Maple turns it off again. Fig learns that the longer a light is on, the longer his pajamas will glow and he can finish reading. Inspired by the book, Fig and Stick play with Pine's glow yarn and create yarn stars to light up the deck before going to bed. Hedge wakes for a moment just in time to see his moon before falling back to sleep in a glowing galaxy of yarn and friends.

  • QUEST FOR THE CHEST Fig is dismayed when the Finding Place chest won't open! As he tries to pry it open, the chest becomes unmoored and bounces away. Fig finds it on the beach, wedged in tight between rocks. He can't pull it free but Maple and Stick discover through musical play that they can push the chest loose. It bounces away again, landing in a "sea" of blue flowers. Fig can't find it until Hedge and Pine join him for a "swim" and discover that making a big wave can create clearings in the flowers. They find the chest, but it bounces off once more, heading back to the Finding Place. Determined to get it open, but this time remembering to play, he hops on the chest like he's at a rodeo. As it spins around, he finally figures it out: the chest was backwards and he had been trying to open in the wrong way! GET A GRIP It's time for Hedge to get a bigger bed and Pine takes him to the shed where the perfect Rocket Bed is at the tippy top of a huge pile of stuff. Fig, Maple and Stick use the suctiony bath toy to pull items out. By playing with a big knitted elephant dress form, they learn that suction cups only stick to slick, solid things. So, they cover the ele-form with a raincoat, stick the suction cups to the raincoat and pull it out. By playing again, they learn that the suction grip is stronger when wet and are able to pull out a big bathtub. Finally, reaching Hedge's Rocket Bed, they move it to his room and bring in the other treasures they found, too!

  • GO WITH THE FLOW It's a swelteringly hot day when Fig finds a toy boat perfectly sized for Stick. They head to Tumble Park to sail it, but the yarn-covered park is too hot to play in. So, Fig and Stick volunteer to get water from the ocean to restore it. At the beach, they spill water and discover they can sail Stick's boat along a channel in the sand. Fig digs a longer river to transport Stick's boat and the water to Tumble Park. He winds the river around rocks and obstacles, reaching the top of a hill. The water starts to flow in the wrong direction, but they use angled rock dominos to redirect the flow. A bamboo logjam blocks the flow again, but inspires them to use the hollow bamboo to pipe the refreshing water over obstacles and down to Tumble Park, restoring all the rides to their former glory! PASSING FANCY Fig, Stick, Hedge and Pine put on the most perfectly proper tea party, complete with beautiful music coming from a large gramophone. But, it's very challenging to pass everything in a coordinated fashion and everyone is getting bogged down with too many items in their hands. So, they all one-two and switcheroo places to get closer to what they want. But, now they're too far from what they left behind. So, Fig solves the problem by turning the gramophone into a Lazy Susan! As more friends join their tea party, everyone is too far apart to pass things in an organized manner. But, when the picnic blanket gets caught in the gramophone crank, Fig figures out a solution: a conveyor belt! Fig saves the tea party by inventing a proper party passer!

  • MAPLE'S MOBILE MUDPIE STAND When Maple's new mud pie cart rolls out of her busy restaurant, Fig and Maple chase after it to the Bayou where hungry grubs clamor for mud pie. But, Maple has no more mud. So, Fig starts making some when it starts to rain, diluting the mud. To thicken the mixture, Fig and Maple add sticks and marshrooms and discover they've made Bayou Stew and Stick and the grubs love it. Heading home, they pass through Cactus Canyon and discover more hungry grubs. This time when they try to make something from the sand in the canyon, they discover the hot sun caramelizes the sand to make sand br

  • CHASE THE LEAF The red tumble leaf wants to play with Fig, leading him on a chase. While trying to catch the leaf, Fig creates neat mud sculptures that inspire Rutabaga to make leaf-shaped biscuits. Chasing the leaf to the Spider Sanctuary, Fig bounces on spider web trampolines, inspiring Hedge to be a space spider. In Crab Cove, the leaf chase inspires Coconut and the Crabs to clean their stage in a fun, new stomp-dance way. At the Bog, the leaf chase inspires Okra to bounce on a bog bubble like Lily the Frog. Then, the leaf inspires Buckeye to make a rocking unicorn. And, at Maple's glacier, the leaf helps Fig do a rumble tumble leaf catch and Maple a triple flip! Happy with all the leaf inspired, Fig heads back to the ship and releases the leaf back out to inspire others! KNIGHTS OF THE TUMBLE TABLE Fig and Stick accidentally break Rutabaga's new potted plant - a tree in a pot that looks just like the galleon with Fig and Chicken family figurines. So, they go on a knightly quest to the Plantery to repot the plant. Fig drops the Rutabaga figurine and, as he repots the plant, Stick goes off on his own quest to rescue the figurine. Inspired by Fig's play, Stick uses the thimble to push through a dirt mountain and as a boat to cross a raging river. When, at last Stick reaches the Rutabaga figurine atop a planter pot turret, he encounters a snapping snapdragon in his way. Inspired by Fig's play again, Stick hides under the thimble and inches past the snapdragon. Stick rescues the figurine, Fig repots the plant and the brave knights met with a royal ceremony as Queen Rutabaga knights them.

  • LOOK UP AND PLAY Fig loves the slide at Tumble Park and, when the beetles give him a burlap bag from their finding place, the slide is even better. He uses the bag to play on all the rides at Tumble Park. When the beetles close the park, Fig doesn't want to leave. Walking home, he looks down at his bag and laments about all the great rides he went on while Stick tries to show him all the things to play on around them. Eventually, Fig even loses his bag. Fig finally looks up and sees the root slide Stick is enjoying, as full of twists and turns as the one at Tumble Park. Fig happily zooms down the slide and discovers other places to play. He even finds his burlap bag! He and Stick slide home down a sand dune and Fig learns that play is everywhere! TO THE MOON Fig uses tin foil to help Hedge make his dream of a trip to the moon possible. They fashion space helmets out of tin foil then go to see Maple, in search of a ship. Maple is busy fixing an engine in her workshop and is happy to let them borrow her submarine - even though it only goes underwater. But, inside the ship, a series of mishaps and lighting changes make Fig and Hedge feel like they're really traveling through space. And, when they exit the ship in newly-crafted tin foil space suits, they believe they've really landed on the moon. They explore the strange (but familiar) "lunar" surface, collecting moon souvenirs and even bump into a moon alien. After they return to earth, they tell Maple about their incredible "journey",

  • RUTABAGELS Everyone's setting up for Maple's Maker Market. Fig and Stick eagerly take in all the booths showcasing everyone's inventions and talents. Rutabaga is making bagels, but inadvertently uses Zucchini's sculpture plaster instead of bagel dough. She unknowingly serves heavy, hard plaster bagels. But, no one wants one. Rutabaga is sad that her bagels are a flop. So, Fig tries to cheer her up by encouraging others to use Rutabagels as creative solutions to their problems. Coconut uses Rutabagels as a clackity replacement to her worn-out clogs and Maple uses Rutabagels to keep the balloons in her Inflatable Motion Demonstration from floating away. In the end, Fig's encouragement and persistence make Rutabaga's Rutabagels one of the most sought after things in Tumble Leaf! OKRA-BALL Fig, Maple and Stick go to Okra's grotto to play volleyball with their new beach ball but Okra isn't there! They find her stranded in the forest, unable to get home on land. Fig and Maple try to carry Okra, but they trip. Okra reaches up to catch herself on a tree branch and realizes she can swing like a monkey to move on. Bouncing the ball between them, they move through the forest. Then, when they run out of trees, Fig lets Okra use the beach ball as a hippity hop. They continue into a grove where swinging grapenana clusters knock Okra over until they discover that they can use grapenanas as bouncy bumpers to bounce back without falling. They finally arrive at Okra's grotto and, using grapenanas, they play a bouncing game of beach volleyball.

  • STICK'S TOWERING, TOPPLING CAKE Stick asks Fig to help deliver a surprise cake to someone. Along the way, Stick continues to add new layers from his arm barrel. So, Fig must keep his arm horizontal to prevent the towering cake from falling. This inspires Fig to pretend he's an airplane, soaring through obstacles in the forest. But, soon, his arm is too tired to hold up. Luckily, Maple arrives to hold his hand and support the weight. They even manage to create a dance together up and around some marshrooms blocking their path. As the cake grows heavier, Timber supports their arms with his horns. The cake, even taller, starts wobbling, so Hedge and the Spinning Spiders attach yarn guy-wires to keep the cake upright. They finally reach Foxtail Field where Stick reveals that the surprise was for Fig all along! BAMBOOBOO Discovering Gourd's teddy bear, Bamboo, in the Finding Place, Fig worries that the turtle and his bear must both be heartbroken to be separated. Promising Bamboo that he'll be reunited with Gourd very soon, Fig carries him on his shoulders and strikes out for Beetle Hollow. But on the way, a series of comical accidents result in Bamboo ending up in hard-to-reach places. With the help of Stick, Maple and Hedge, Fig discovers that long sticks and poles can be used individually and in pairs like chopsticks to lift Bamboo out of the places in which he gets stuck. The bear is returned to Gourd for a happy reunion.

  • SPRING-A-LING-SURPRISE Bloom the Bunny and his daughter, Bulb, are prepping colorful egg-like sprouters for their Spectacular Spring Surprise when Bulb accidentally sends the eggs bouncing all over Tumble Leaf. The Chickens and Maple find some of the eggs, set off on an egg hunt, and wind up joining forces with Bloom, Hedge and Pine to recover all of Bloom

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