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  • 2012
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Ultimate Fighter Fridays is a reality television show that airs on FX. The series has been in production since 2005, and it focuses on mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters who compete against each other for a cash prize and the opportunity to win a UFC contract. The format of the show is straightforward: sixteen fighters are selected to live and train together in a house for six weeks. During this time, they are coached by two well-known MMA fighters who aim to teach them new techniques and prepare them for their upcoming fights.

The contestants are divided into two teams, which compete against each other in a series of challenges and elimination bouts. The challenges range from physical challenges that test each fighter's agility, strength, and endurance, to more mental challenges that require the contestants to work collaboratively and use strategy to secure a win.

The elimination bouts are the highlight of Ultimate Fighter Fridays. They involve two fighters from opposing teams fighting against each other, with the winner moving on to the next round and the loser going home. The bouts take place in a full-size UFC octagon, with three judges scoring each round to determine the winner.

The stakes are high for each contestant, as they know that one loss could mean the end of their dreams of becoming a professional MMA fighter. The contestants are highly motivated and driven, with each fighter having a unique backstory and reason for wanting to compete on the show. Some are fighting to provide for their families; others have been given a second chance at life and see MMA as an opportunity to leave their past behind.

Despite the intense competition, Ultimate Fighter Fridays also provides moments of camaraderie and friendliness among the contestants. Living in close quarters for six weeks can be stressful, but the fighters form strong bonds with each other as they share their experiences and train together. The coaches also play a pivotal role in this aspect of the show, providing emotional support and guidance for their respective teams.

Ultimate Fighter Fridays is known for its high-quality production values, with state-of-the-art cameras capturing every angle of the action. The show also features expert commentary from well-known MMA fighters and commentators, who offer their insight and analysis on the fights and the contestants.

One of the unique features of the show is the behind-the-scenes access that viewers get to the fighters and coaches. Unlike other MMA events, where fighters are often seen only in the ring, Ultimate Fighter Fridays shines a spotlight on the personalities and stories behind the fighters, giving viewers a deeper understanding and appreciation of the sport.

In addition to showcasing the physical and mental toughness of the contestants, Ultimate Fighter Fridays also explores the mental and emotional toll that fighting can take on a person. Many of the fighters struggle with anxiety, self-doubt, and the fear of failure, and the show is not afraid to delve into these complex issues.

Overall, Ultimate Fighter Fridays is an engaging and thrilling reality show that appeals to MMA fans and general audiences alike. With its mix of high-octane action, inspiring stories, and behind-the-scenes drama, the show provides a unique and entertaining look into the world of professional fighting.

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What We Do
2. What We Do
September 20, 2012
Just a day after moving into the TUF House, vicious smack talk begins between the fighters. Roy Nelson and Shane Carwin pick their squads and begin training. Then the first two welterweights face off in the first preliminary fight.
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    September 13, 2012