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The crime drama series Umbre follows the life of a Romanian mob enforcer. He has to balance his life of violent crime with his responsibilities to his family. His attempts to keep his criminal pursuits a secret from his family become more difficult after he kills a man. The film first aired on HBO Romania in 2014.

1 Season, 8 Episodes
December 28, 2014
Action & Adventure, Comedy, Drama
Cast: Serban Pavlu, Maria Obretin, Andreea Vasile, Madalina Craiu
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Umbre Full Episode Guide

  • Relu bargains for his life with the Captains secrets. Gina and children prepare to leave, but are taken for a shocking turn.

  • Mr. Puiu is on the mobster's blacklist and everyone is looking for him. Meanwhile he surprises Chuckie. Relu has returned home and he decides to change his life. When Relu goes to see Capitanu in the hospital, he finds out that his boss has been watching him for a long time and that he and his family are in danger. His only chance is finding Mr. Puiu and getting back the stolen money. After Relu talks to Nico, he decides to try one last thing and he gets ready for the most complex operation to date. Gina discovers what Mr. Puiu has given Chuckie.

  • Mr. Puiu has some memory problems and decides to pay a visit to a doctor, a good friend of his; he discovers some unsettling things. At school, Chuckie is challenged by a classmate, gets into a fight with him and things get out of control. The principal calls Relu and Gina to school and they unite to defend their boy. During a meeting with the boys, Capitanu finds out that Relu didn't finish a certain job and gets very angry. Wanting to warn Relu, Teddy finds Magda and so the two get to see each other after a long time. Mr. Puiu pays Relu a visit and he confesses that he wants to get out of the mobster's world to take care of his family. Capitanu is looking for Relu and Nico is accused of defending him. Mr. Puiu gets into a big mess, without anyone suspecting anything, while Relu brings his cab to the car service.

  • In the doghouse, Relu drowns his sorrows, but clears his head to reconstruct a disastrous situation. When the dentist goes rogue and accosts Gina, Relu and company scour the town to get him back. A collection with a powerful senator goes horribly wrong.

  • Ginas suspicion hits a tipping point when she follows Relu to his clandestine meeting with Nico. Relu gets an offer to sell black market guns, but under imperfect conditions.

  • A dentist in debt to the Captain outsmarts Relu and gives him the slip. Teddy and Magda go on a date, much to Relus displeasure, and Gina starts to suspect her husband after finding a stash of womens jewelry.

  • Relus ordered to rough up a thug whos stepped in on the Captains prostitution ring, and he takes Teddy along. Later, Relus work starts to come home with him.

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