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  • 2023
  • 1 Season
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Victory At Sea is a groundbreaking documentary series created from World War II's vast archival footage. The series, produced by NBC News, features twenty-six episodes documenting the history of the U.S. Navy's battles during World War II. It covers the highs and lows of naval warfare, from the attack on Pearl Harbor to the final surrender of Japan.

Narrated by Leonard Graves, Victory At Sea is a comprehensive overview of one of the most significant conflicts in human history. The series captures the bravery of American naval forces, highlighting their courage and sacrifices, the immense scale of the battles, and the strategic importance of naval tactics.

The show also features interviews with key figures who played a significant role in the war, including Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, who commanded the U.S. Pacific Fleet, and Winston Churchill, the British Prime Minister. The interviews add depth to the series, giving viewers an insider's perspective on the war effort and how naval tactics were developed during the conflict.

The show's power lies in its extensive use of archival footage, which brings the audience closer to the action than ever before. This footage not only shows the major battles but also portrays the everyday life of sailors aboard naval vessels. The footage includes incredible images of torpedo boats dodging enemy fire, aircraft carriers launching wave after wave of planes, and battleships exchanging fire with enemy warships.

The series highlights the crucial role that naval warfare played in World War II. Naval power proved to be the key to victory, and Victory At Sea shows the incredible successes of the U.S. Navy in battle after battle. From the decisive victory at Midway to the daring amphibious assault on Iwo Jima, the show captures the critical moments that determined the outcome of the war.

Victory At Sea is a powerful tribute to the men who served in the U.S. Navy during World War II. It pays homage to their courage, resilience, and selflessness. The series is a reminder that freedom is never free and that the men and women who protect it deserve our admiration and respect.

In conclusion, Victory At Sea is a must-watch for anyone interested in World War II history or naval warfare. Its incredible visuals, compelling narration, and insightful interviews make it an unparalleled documentation of naval history. The show is an excellent look at one of the most significant events in human history, and it serves as a reminder of the importance of naval power in modern warfare.

Victory At Sea is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (25 episodes). The series first aired on December 30, 2023.

Victory At Sea
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Design for Peace
26. Design for Peace
December 30, 2023
World War II concludes with the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. American troops occupy the Japanese home islands, and the weary military forces of the Allies make a triumphant homecoming.
Suicide for Glory
25. Suicide for Glory
December 30, 2023
The American military storms into Okinawa, setting off the final great battle of the war. But the Japanese counter with waves of their terrifying suicide weapon, the kamikaze.
The Road to Mandalay
24. The Road to Mandalay
December 30, 2023
In order to prevent the collapse of China, the Allies launch a campaign to open a supply route through Southeast Asia.
Target Suribachi
23. Target Suribachi
December 30, 2023
Three years of grueling island and jungle warfare culminates in the campaign for Iwo Jima, one of the deadliest battles of the Pacific war.
The Fate of Europe
22. The Fate of Europe
December 30, 2023
Hitler's Third Reich crumbles as the Allies close in on Germany from both east and west.
Full Fathom Five
21. Full Fathom Five
December 30, 2023
Using lessons learned from the German U-boat campaign, American submarines unleash a wave of destruction and death upon Japan's merchant fleet.
Return of the Allies
20. Return of the Allies
December 30, 2023
Fulfilling the solemn promise of General Douglas MacArthur, the Americans return in force to liberate the Philippines from Japanese occupation.
The Battle for Leyte Gulf
19. The Battle for Leyte Gulf
December 30, 2023
The United States military liberates the Philippine island of Leyte. But the Japanese Imperial Navy launches a complicated and risky operation to foil the American invasion, culminating in the largest naval battle of World War II.
Two If by Sea
18. Two If by Sea
December 30, 2023
The American military closes in on the liberation of the Philippines, wresting islands like Peleliu away from Japanese occupation.
The Turkey Shoot
17. The Turkey Shoot
December 30, 2023
The American military liberates Guam and the rest of the Mariana Islands from Japanese control, leading to one of the largest and most one-sided aerial battles in history.
Killers and the Kill
16. Killers and the Kill
December 30, 2023
The despite new Allied ships, tactics and technologies, the Kriegsmarine's U-boat war continues to terrorize the Atlantic shipping routes.
15. D-Day
December 30, 2023
The Allies land on the beaches of Normandy to begin Operation Overlord, the largest amphibious invasion in the history of war.
Roman Renaissance
14. Roman Renaissance
December 30, 2023
Beginning with amphibious landings in Sicily and continuing with an invasion of the Italian mainland, the Allies slowly dismantle the fascist regime of Benito Mussolini.
Melanesian Nightmare
13. Melanesian Nightmare
December 30, 2023
Working in concert with their Australian and New Zealander allies, the United States thwarts Japan's invasion of New Guinea.
The Conquest of Micronesia
12. The Conquest of Micronesia
December 30, 2023
As U.S. naval supremacy continues to build in the Pacific throughout 1943, American military leaders plan amphibious landings in the Gilbert and Marshall Islands.
The Magnetic North
11. The Magnetic North
December 30, 2023
The war reaches the top of the world, as Allied convoys make the hazardous run to land supplies at Murmansk. Meanwhile, on the other side of the globe, the United States makes plans to liberate two Alaskan islands from Japanese occupation.
Beneath the Southern Cross
10. Beneath the Southern Cross
December 30, 2023
World War II touched every corner of the globe, even the far away South Atlantic, where naval battles, commerce raiders and submarine attacks were a constant reality of life at sea.
Sea and Sand
9. Sea and Sand
December 30, 2023
The Allied counteroffensive against Germany begins with Operation Torch, an amphibious invasion of North Africa.
Mare Nostrum
8. Mare Nostrum
December 30, 2023
Benito Mussolini thrusts Italy into the war on the side of Germany, leading to an invasion of Greece and a spillover of the conflict into the deserts of North Africa.
Rings around Rabaul
7. Rings around Rabaul
December 30, 2023
Following the Allied victory at Guadalcanal, American military leaders launch a campaign to isolate the major Japanese base at Rabaul.
6. Guadalcanal
December 30, 2023
After discovering a Japanese airfield under construction on a remote island called Guadalcanal, United States military leaders decide to make it the site of America's first counteroffensive in the Pacific.
Mediterranean Mosaic
5. Mediterranean Mosaic
December 30, 2023
Sitting at a strategic crossroads in the Mediterranean, the island of Malta becomes a punching bag for Axis aggression, while the British Royal Navy valiantly defends the island from invasion and aerial attack.
Midway is East
4. Midway is East
December 30, 2023
As Japan's military rampages unchecked across the Pacific, American naval commanders plot to stop the enemy's advance at a remote island called Midway.
Sealing the Breach
3. Sealing the Breach
December 30, 2023
With America now in the war, regular trans-Atlantic convoys bring much needed supplies and reinforcements to the British Isles. But the U-boats of the German Kriegsmarine inflict painful losses on merchantmen, putting the Allied war effort in jeopardy.
The Pacific Boils Over
2. The Pacific Boils Over
December 30, 2023
The rapid growth of Japanese power and influence in the Pacific puts it on a collision course with the United States, leading to the devastating attack on Pearl Harbor.
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    December 30, 2023
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