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  • 2018
  • 1 Season

When Gai Reid and Neil McLean decided they wanted an authentic travel experience, they knew they had to live like locals. For one year, that's exactly what they did - lived like locals in four countries at over twenty locations. All for less than it costs to live at home.

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13. Umbria
April 20, 2018
With a stop over in the stunning Annecy and the historic city of Florence. Our last European home is a magnificently renovated homestead overlooking the sweeping mountain ranges of Umbria. In this final episode - we become deeply embedded with a string of locals, who take us hunting for the elusive white truffles and meet an American woman who lives in a fortress!
12. Bellac
April 20, 2018
We drive back to Bellac for a taste of autumn. Our Australian friends have spent 2 years assimilating into French life, living in a house with links to the French Resistance of WW2. We stumble upon the quirky village of Montrol Senard, and a sad reminder of German-occupied France - the destroyed village of Orador-sur-Glans where more than 600 people were wiped out in one afternoon of war madness.
Ottery St Mary
11. Ottery St Mary
April 20, 2018
We spend our last stop over in England, in a gracious East Devon home, the former rectory in a tiny enclave outside Ottery St Mary. We explore how the Brits go coastal, near the Jurassic coastline, the spectacular Lyme Regis and Branscombe Beach. In Exeter we learn that the humble donkey is a lot smarter and more affectionate than most people think.
The Cotswolds
10. The Cotswolds
April 20, 2018
The renowned region of the Cotswolds certainly lives up to its reputation as we live like locals in this classic picture-postcard slice of British country life. We explore the small settlements where the tourist buses cannot reach. See what happens when two para-gliders land among free-ranging cattle, and experience the beauty of the Roman city of Bath as it reveals its ancient secrets.
9. Scotland
April 20, 2018
Our castle in the rolling green hills of Scotland is a vision! Glenfarg is close to Perth and Edinburg. We snag a private tour of HMS Britannia including a peek at the Queen's bedroom! Our Scottish heritage kicks in to the sound of pipes at Balmoral Castle. We visited Glamis Castle, reputedly the most haunted in the country, and a historic family castle on a large estate near Kilmarnock.
Bishops Waltham
8. Bishops Waltham
April 20, 2018
We cross the Channel to arrive in a typical Hampshire village with cute cottages, narrow lanes and High Street shops. We soon become friendly with neighbours who shed light on the importance of the English pub! Winchester, once capital of England and home to the world-famous cathedral is close by ,and in the other direction Portsmouth, full of British Naval history.
7. Ch
April 20, 2018
A month in a classic ch
6. Normandy
April 20, 2018
We journey through the Massif Central in France on the way to the famous beaches of Normandy. At a nearby site of the D-Day Landing beaches, we meet visiting British veterans of 1944 and hear firsthand accounts of the savage battle that changed the course of WW2. We go to the workplace of an English expat whose job is to keep the integrity of the rugged coastal landscape.
5. Coussac-Bonneval
April 20, 2018
We explore Paris with a Parisienne who gives us a snap-shot of life as a local in this most famous city. After a long drive south, a 300-year-old cottage becomes our first French home. We embed ourselves in the lifestyle of the small settlement of Coussac-Bonneval and explore nearby villages. Every day we take the dogs to explore the remains of life in a 200-year-old ch
Barossa Valley
4. Barossa Valley
April 20, 2018
The Adelaide Hills is just 1 hour's drive from one of Australia's foremost wine regions - the Barossa Valley. We discover how a patch of ancient vines was saved from developer's bulldozer. They now produce a very special drop. We're invited into the Seppeltsfield Centennial Cellar to see one of the world's most valuable wine collections - including a barrel for a prince.
Adelaide Hills
3. Adelaide Hills
April 20, 2018
Just 20 mins from the city of Adelaide, the village of Stirling features spectacular properties and a privileged lifestyle. The Adelaide Hills is loved for its food culture, lush gardens and exotic heritage. The German township of Hahndorf is home to one of the region's best pubs and the world's oldest sporting clubs.
Port Stephens
2. Port Stephens
April 20, 2018
Port Stephens, 180km north of Sydney is defined by secluded beaches and rugged headlands. We also find the ideal place for ship spotting as the enormous vessels come into Australia's largest coal port on Newcastle harbour. We meet a group of Sydney-siders who have moved from Australia's biggest city, to a shared village lifestyle.
Gold Coast
1. Gold Coast
April 20, 2018
We set up the "how & why" of the Village to Villa series and of house and pet sitting. The Gold Coast on Australia's eastern seaboard is the country's premier holiday destination. Living a different lifestyle in another part of our own city becomes an eye opener that prepared us for what could come over the next year - especially when things go pear shaped!

When Gai Reid and Neil McLean decided they wanted an authentic travel experience, they knew they had to live like locals. For one year, that's exactly what they did - lived like locals in four countries at over twenty locations. All for less than it costs to live at home.

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    April 20, 2018