• TV-MA
  • 2019
  • 2 Seasons
  • 8.3  (3,625)

Vinland Saga is an exciting and action-packed anime series based on a historical manga of the same name by Makoto Yukimura. With stunning visuals that capture the essence of Norse mythology and intense fight scenes, the series has quickly gained popularity worldwide.

Set in the Viking Age, the story follows Thorfinn, the son of a famous warrior, who embarks on a journey to avenge his father's death. His father, Thors, was known as the greatest warrior of his time and was respected by his fellow Vikings, but he gave up fighting and settled down with his family. Thors is lured into a trap by Askeladd, a ruthless mercenary, and is killed in front of Thorfinn's eyes. From that moment on, Thorfinn is determined to defeat Askeladd and avenge his father.

Throughout the series, Thorfinn encounters other characters who have their own motives, including Prince Canute, the timid son of a Danish king who is in danger of being assassinated, and Thorkell, a giant of a man who is both a friend and a foe. The storyline is woven with intricate political intrigue and power plays as various factions compete for control and domination.

The animation is not only visually stunning but also immensely satisfying to watch. The series makes use of a combination of CGI and hand-drawn animation to bring the complex battle scenes to life. They are choreographed to give viewers a sense of the brutality and lethality of Viking warfare. The battle scenes have a unique authenticity, as a great deal of attention has been paid to historical accuracy in the weaponry, armor, and tactics used.

The soundtrack of Vinland Saga is one of the most exceptional aspects of the series. The music is composed by Yutaka Yamada, who is known for his work on the popular anime series "Tokyo Ghoul," and it perfectly complements the mood of the show. From the opening theme to the background score during intense fight scenes, the music heightens the emotions of each scene, creating a sense of tension and excitement.

The characters in Vinland Saga are complex and multifaceted, making it a treat for viewers who enjoy character development. Each character has their own backstory, motivations, and goals, and their actions are often driven by their desires and beliefs. For example, Thorfinn is initially portrayed as a hot-headed and vengeful teenager who becomes obsessed with killing Askeladd. However, as the story progresses, he begins to question his own beliefs and the morality of his actions.

Prince Canute is another significant character in the series who undergoes a transformative journey. He starts off as a timid and sheltered prince, but his experiences and interactions with other characters force him to confront his fears and become a stronger leader. Similarly, Askeladd is more than just a villain. He is a multifaceted character who has his own backstory and motivations. He is brutal and cunning, but also pragmatic and intelligent.

Overall, Vinland Saga is a must-watch anime series for anyone who enjoys a gripping and action-packed storyline with complex characters. From the stunning visuals and intense action scenes to the character development and political intrigue, the series has something for everyone. The themes of vengeance, leadership, morality, and loyalty are explored in depth, making the series not only entertaining but also thought-provoking.

VINLAND SAGA is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (57 episodes). The series first aired on July 7, 2019.

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48. Home
June 19, 2023
Leif's ship returns to Iceland. Thorfinn discovers what has become of his family after his father's death all those many years ago.
Two Paths
47. Two Paths
June 12, 2023
Thorfinn confronts Canute, bringing about a highly unexpected state of affairs. The fate of Ketil's farm is decided.
The King of Rebellion
46. The King of Rebellion
June 5, 2023
Thorfinn tries to prove to the thegns that he is worthy of speaking with Canute, even though he appears to be no more than a slave.
45. Courage
May 29, 2023
While Ketil is incapacitated, Olmar must decide the future of the war effort. Thorfinn goes to speak with Canute before he leaves the farm.
44. Pain
May 22, 2023
Ketil's forces clash with Canute's Jomsvikings, with predictable results. Meanwhile, Arnheid awakens while Thorfinn and Einar attempt to escape the farm with Leif.
The Battle of Ketil's Farm
43. The Battle of Ketil's Farm
May 15, 2023
Ketil gathers men to fight and defend his farm from the king's forces. Meanwhile, Thorfinn and his friends try to figure out how to escape with Arnheid before the battle ends.
The First Method
42. The First Method
May 8, 2023
Ketil arrives back on the farm, where Arnheid awaits her punishment.
The Road Home
41. The Road Home
May 1, 2023
Thorfinn resorts to using violence to defend Gardar from Snake.
Great Purpose
40. Great Purpose
April 24, 2023
Snake and his men continue looking for Gardar while Thorfinn and Einar attempt to help him escape.
39. Storm
April 17, 2023
Arnheid, against her better judgment, goes to see Gardar. Thorfinn and Einar have a fateful conversation about the nature of war and slavery.
38. Freedom
April 10, 2023
The escaped slave arrives at Ketil's farm, prompting Arnheid to open up about her past.
Dark Clouds
37. Dark Clouds
April 3, 2023
Rumors spread to Ketil's farm of a slave from a nearby home who slew his owner and escaped. Meanwhile, Arnheid begins tending to the old master.
For Lost Love
36. For Lost Love
March 27, 2023
Canute puts his plans for Ketil's farm into motion. Thorgil decides to take certain matters into his own hands.
Kings and Swords
35. Kings and Swords
March 20, 2023
Ketil goes to offer gifts to the king, only to find a different man now sits on the throne. While before the king, Olmar makes a shocking declaration...
The Cursed Head
34. The Cursed Head
March 13, 2023
Three years after Thorfinn and Einar began clearing the forest, they finish cutting down all the trees. Learning they will soon be free, they discuss their futures. Meanwhile, Canute, conqueror of England, visits Jelling, the royal capital of Denmark.
33. Oath
March 6, 2023
Finally, Thorfinn is able to remember his nightmare, and he comes to a realization about the person he's become.
An Empty Man
32. An Empty Man
February 27, 2023
Thorfinn continues to be haunted by his usual nightmares. Thorfinn, who had thought only of revenge as he lived on the battlefield, lost his reason to live when Askeladd died. Einar and Sverkel tell the troubled Thorfinn that "people can change."
Iron Fist Ketil
31. Iron Fist Ketil
February 20, 2023
Ketil's eldest son Thorgil comes back to the farm to visit, and he tells Olmar of their fathers' exploits as the fearsome Iron Fist Ketil.
We Need a Horse
30. We Need a Horse
February 13, 2023
Thorfinn and Einar desire the power of a horse to efficiently clear the vast forest, but nobody is willing to lend a horse to a couple of slaves. While the two are at a loss, they meet an eccentric old man named Sverkel.
Path of Blood
29. Path of Blood
February 6, 2023
After the death of Sweyn, King of Denmark, war breaks out in England once again having lost its ruler. Canute, who once despised conflict more than anyone, walks a bloody path alone in order to conquer England.
28. Awakening
January 30, 2023
Snake forces Thorfinn to accept a fundamental truth about himself. Einar finally learns the truth of Thorfinn's past, and struggles to come to terms with it.
27. Snake
January 23, 2023
The "guests" who defend Ketil's farm arrange for Olmar to kill a person so he can become a man.
Ketil's Farm
26. Ketil's Farm
January 16, 2023
Danish landowner Ketil instructs his slave Einar to work with Thorfinn to clear a vast forest. Einar is surprised and pleased to learn he can purchase his own freedom if the value of the harvest taken from the land he cultivates exceeds his own. However, Thorfinn's express remains as dark as ever.
25. Slave
January 9, 2023
Einar lives peacefully in northern England with his mother and sister, but then one day, their village comes under attack.
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    July 7, 2019
  • IMDB Rating
    8.3  (3,625)