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  • 1957
  • 8 Seasons
  • 7.5  (3,735)

Wagon Train is a classic western television series that aired from 1957 to 1965 on NBC. The show follows a group of pioneers traveling in a wagon train from Missouri to California during the 1860s. The wagon train is led by wagonmaster Major Seth Adams, played by the legendary actor Ward Bond. The show was created by writer and producer Aaron Rosenberg and produced by Revue Studios.

Each episode features a different story of the pioneers facing challenging situations on their journey through the American West. The show was known for its high-quality writing, strong performances, and realistic portrayal of life on the trail. The show tackled important themes such as race relations, women's rights, and the impact of the Westward expansion on Native Americans.

Ward Bond's portrayal of Major Adams was a major draw of the show. Bond was a well-known character actor who had appeared in many classic films such as The Searchers and It's a Wonderful Life. He brought a commanding presence to the role of Major Adams and was the heart of the show. Bond's sudden death in 1960 left a hole in the show that was filled by a rotating cast of guest stars.

The rest of the cast was made up of a variety of talented actors who played the pioneers on the wagon train. They included Robert Horton as the young scout Flint McCullough, Terry Wilson as the wagon train cook Bill Hawks, and Frank McGrath as the grizzled trail hand Charlie Wooster. There were also a variety of guest stars who appeared in different episodes, such as Leonard Nimoy, Leonard Nimoy, and Ricardo Montalban.

One of the unique aspects of Wagon Train was its anthology format. Each episode was a self-contained story that could be enjoyed on its own, but they also helped to build a larger narrative about the journey of the wagon train. The show also had a strong focus on character development, as the pioneers faced challenges that tested their personalities and morals.

Many famous writers and directors worked on the show over the years, including John Ford, who directed a few episodes. The show's high standards of quality and attention to detail helped it to become one of the most popular and enduring westerns in television history.

Overall, Wagon Train is a classic western that has stood the test of time. It features strong performances, high-quality writing, and a realistic portrayal of life on the trail during the 1860s. The show's focus on character development and important themes helped to make it a landmark series in the history of television.

In short, Wagon Train is an old but gold television series that needs to be watched for the classic value it represents.

Wagon Train is a series that is currently running and has 8 seasons (497 episodes). The series first aired on September 18, 1957.

Wagon Train
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The Jarbo Pierce Story
26. The Jarbo Pierce Story
May 2, 1965
In this flashback episode, Charlie Wooster recalls his younger days working at a frontier trading outpost for a man named Jarbo Pierce.
The Silver Lady
25. The Silver Lady
April 25, 1965
Coop tells Charlie Wooster the story of the Earp brothers and a lady who died in the wreck of a stagecoach carrying a shipment of silver.
The Indian Girl Story
24. The Indian Girl Story
April 18, 1965
Bill Hawks refuses to turn a Native American girl over to Chief Crazy Bear who wants revenge on her for the death of his son.
The Katy Piper Story
23. The Katy Piper Story
April 11, 1965
Barnaby kills a masked bandit and is guilt-stricken when it's discovered that the bandit was approximately his own age.
The Betsy Blee Smith Story
22. The Betsy Blee Smith Story
March 28, 1965
Coop is recruited to pose as the husband of his old galpal's twin sister.
The Captain Sam Story
21. The Captain Sam Story
March 21, 1965
A female tugboat skipper receives a surprise when the wagon train brings her two visitors--her sailor son and his new bride.
The Miss Mary Lee McIntosh Story
20. The Miss Mary Lee McIntosh Story
February 28, 1965
Tightwad spinster Mary Lee McIntosh considers the fee for joining the wagon train to be way too high so she plans on following the train at a distance in her lone wagon.
The Bonnie Brooke Story
19. The Bonnie Brooke Story
February 21, 1965
Pregnant Bonnie Brooke desperately needs money for her medical care.
18. Herman
February 14, 1965
Native Americans are in awe of Jamison Hershey's huge Clydesdale horse named Herman.
The Isaiah Quickfox Story
17. The Isaiah Quickfox Story
January 31, 1965
Charlie Wooster and Coop ride into a town that appears deserted and that everyone packed up and departed in a hurry.
The Wanda Snow Story
16. The Wanda Snow Story
January 17, 1965
Wanda Snow has a premonition that Coop's life is in danger.
The Chottsie Gubenheimer Story
15. The Chottsie Gubenheimer Story
January 10, 1965
Hale's former sweetheart joins the wagon train and immediately gets into an argument with a gambler.
The Echo Pass Story
14. The Echo Pass Story
January 3, 1965
Coop gets himself captured by an outlaw band whose members include two females.
The Story of Hector Heatherington
13. The Story of Hector Heatherington
December 20, 1964
Charlie Wooster and Barnaby West try to help an inventor launch the first "flying machine."
Little Girl Lost
12. Little Girl Lost
December 13, 1964
A little girl is heard crying in the night but she vanishes and Charlie Wooster is the only one who got a good glimpse of her.
The Clay Shelby Story
11. The Clay Shelby Story
December 6, 1964
The wagon train is faced with all kinds of troubles in this one. Coop is wounded, Bill Hawks is seriously ill, and Native Americans are on the warpath.
The Richard Bloodgood Story
10. The Richard Bloodgood Story
November 29, 1964
Richard Bloodgood, an old friend of Coop's whose now blind, joins the wagon train with one purpose--to kill his old pal.
The Nancy Styles Story
9. The Nancy Styles Story
November 22, 1964
Nancy Styles is determined to get to Denver is spite of Hale's edict that the train will bypass the city.
Those Who Stay Behind
8. Those Who Stay Behind
November 8, 1964
Hale has no room in his train for Ben Campbell, an ex-convict whose life has been threatened by a former co-hort in crime.
The Alice Whitetree Story
7. The Alice Whitetree Story
November 1, 1964
Coop becomes romantically involved with a half-breed girl he found wandering in the wilderness.
The Brian Conlin Story
6. The Brian Conlin Story
October 25, 1964
Brian Conlin forms an almost immediate distrust of wagonmaster Hale when he and his party stumble into camp.
The Barbara Lindquist Story
5. The Barbara Lindquist Story
October 18, 1964
Bostonian Barbara Lindquist is the only survivor of a bandit attack on a stagecoach.
The Race Town Story
4. The Race Town Story
October 11, 1964
Coop and Barnaby escort a young girl to a wide open tent city of gambling and honky tonks where she thinks there's a job as a singer waiting for her.
The John Gillman Story
3. The John Gillman Story
October 4, 1964
Outlaw John Gillman is stuck caring for an orphan girl.
The Hide Hunters
2. The Hide Hunters
September 27, 1964
Coop and Barnaby West go on a buffalo hunt with a group of hide hunters.
The Bob Stuart Story
1. The Bob Stuart Story
September 20, 1964
A former lawman tangles with an old enemy on his wedding day.
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  • Premiere Date
    September 18, 1957
  • IMDB Rating
    7.5  (3,735)