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Wagon Train is a western television series that ran for eight seasons consisting of 284 episodes; the show was broadcast on NBC during its initial successful period and transferred to ABC when it became less successful. The show was born from the U.S. motion picture Wagon Master that was released in 1950; Wagon Train was first broadcast in 1957 and ended its eight season run in 1965. The lead character of wagon master Major Seth Adams was played into season four by Ward Bond who was replaced by John McIntire after his real life death; Bond had played a similar role in the 1950 Wagon Master movie directed by John Huston. The death of Bond and the departure of lead supporting actor Robert Horton from the role of Flint McCullough during season five marked the beginning of the decline of the show.

The first season of Wagon Train tells the story of a group of American settlers travelling to California from Missouri in a convoy of wagons. Each episode in the first season shows a small portion of the journey, including flashbacks telling the backstories of many of the characters and explaining their motives for travelling to California. In almost every episode of Wagon Train the convoy is attacked by Native American's forcing the wagons of the train to form a circle for protection. To begin the second season a group of the main characters of the show are kidnapped and forced to become crew members on a ship travelling along the southern coast of the U.S.; after escaping the group make their way back to Missouri and set out on another wagon train journey across the country. Unlike the first season the remaining episodes neveer feature an end to the journey back to California with each episode focusing on a character travelling across America with the wagon train.

1 Season, 284 Episodes
September 18, 1957
Drama, Action & Adventure
Cast: Frank McGrath, Terry Wilson, Robert Horton, John McIntire
Wagon Train

Wagon Train Full Episode Guide

  • In this flashback episode, Charlie Wooster recalls his younger days working at a frontier trading outpost for a man named Jarbo Pierce.

  • Coop tells Charlie Wooster the story of the Earp brothers and a lady who died in the wreck of a stagecoach carrying a shipment of silver.

  • Bill Hawks refuses to turn a Native American girl over to Chief Crazy Bear who wants revenge on her for the death of his son.

  • Barnaby kills a masked bandit and is guilt-stricken when it's discovered that the bandit was approximately his own age.

  • Coop is recruited to pose as the husband of his old galpal's twin sister.

  • A female tugboat skipper receives a surprise when the wagon train brings her two visitors--her sailor son and his new bride.

  • Tightwad spinster Mary Lee McIntosh considers the fee for joining the wagon train to be way too high so she plans on following the train at a distance in her lone wagon.

  • Pregnant Bonnie Brooke desperately needs money for her medical care.

  • Native Americans are in awe of Jamison Hershey's huge Clydesdale horse named Herman.

  • Charlie Wooster and Coop ride into a town that appears deserted and that everyone packed up and departed in a hurry.

  • Wanda Snow has a premonition that Coop's life is in danger.

  • Hale's former sweetheart joins the wagon train and immediately gets into an argument with a gambler.

  • Coop gets himself captured by an outlaw band whose members include two females.

  • Charlie Wooster and Barnaby West try to help an inventor launch the first "flying machine."

  • A little girl is heard crying in the night but she vanishes and Charlie Wooster is the only one who got a good glimpse of her.

  • The wagon train is faced with all kinds of troubles in this one. Coop is wounded, Bill Hawks is seriously ill, and Native Americans are on the warpath.

  • Richard Bloodgood, an old friend of Coop's whose now blind, joins the wagon train with one purpose--to kill his old pal.

  • Nancy Styles is determined to get to Denver is spite of Hale's edict that the train will bypass the city.

  • Hale has no room in his train for Ben Campbell, an ex-convict whose life has been threatened by a former co-hort in crime.

  • Coop becomes romantically involved with a half-breed girl he found wandering in the wilderness.

  • Brian Conlin forms an almost immediate distrust of wagonmaster Hale when he and his party stumble into camp.

  • Bostonian Barbara Lindquist is the only survivor of a bandit attack on a stagecoach.

  • Coop and Barnaby escort a young girl to a wide open tent city of gambling and honky tonks where she thinks there's a job as a singer waiting for her.

  • Outlaw John Gillman is stuck caring for an orphan girl.

  • Coop and Barnaby West go on a buffalo hunt with a group of hide hunters.

  • A former lawman tangles with an old enemy on his wedding day.

  • The end of the trail is marked by tempers flaring about the crew, a young couple deciding to marry inspite of their parents' disapproval, an old man fighting death, and Charlie Wooster entering the ladies stew cooking contest.

  • Hale gives washed up scout Zebedee Titus a job with the wagon train out of respect for his former glory but Titus' mistakes lead to Coop being captured by Native Americans.

  • Gambler Euchre Jones is reunited with his former protege, Link Cheney, on the wagon train but their reunion isn't one of good cheer.

  • Duke Shannon gets framed for murder when he tries to help a widow of a friend who's being forced to work for a ruthless saloon owner.

  • Coop travels to a town where a mysterious band of outlaws has turned killing Comanches into a lucrative business.

  • Barnaby West runs away after Bill Hawks gives him a spanking for getting out of line too much. Hawks is so upset by this turn of events that he begins making errors in judgment regarding the wagon train.

  • Harry Diel is saved from a lynch mob by Ben Engel, a man he once tried to rob.

  • Lt. Duncan McIvor is puzzled when his commanding officer orders him to halt his investigation into recent thefts of military property.

  • When the wagon train stops to rest at a town called Bedrock, a series of murders occur. Is the culprit someone on the train or a townsperson?

  • Scheming Pearlie Garnet gets herself kicked off the wagon train for theft but later ends up the richest (and most despised) woman in a western town.

  • Duke Shannon vies with three other men for the hand of attractive young widow Melanie Craig but she has her eye on a fifth man who's an avowed woman hater.

  • Duke Shannon is held for questioning by the Army as to why he returned alone after leading a party of six into the badlands.

  • Grover Allen murders his tyrannical employer and flees the scene with his daughter-in-law and grandson. They join up with the wagon train but so does a detective.

  • Wagonmaster Chris Hale gets engaged to freight line owner Kate Crawley but their wedding plans are put on hold by the unexpected arrival of a Native American war party.

  • Pregnant Geneva Balfour starts a chain reaction which leads to a move to oust wagonmaster Chris Hale.

  • Respected sheriff Frank Lewis is revealed to be Jed Whitmore, a wanted outlaw.

  • Juli Holland falls in love with wagon driver Michael Malone but he has some secrets in his past.

  • Fenton Canaby is no Bart Maverick. He's a wagonmaster who deserted his train and left his passengers to die of thirst in the desert. In an attack of conscience, Canaby turns himself into Hale who tries to keep his identity secret in order to avert a lynching.

  • Prospector John Cain is so glad that the wagon train saved him from death by exposure in the desert that he offers to sell his shares in a gold mine to travelers. Then he changes his mind.

  • Ma Bleeker and her gang join the wagon train disguised as farmers in order to gain entry into Fort Bridger and steal a deposit of gold being stored there.

  • Singer Sandra Cummings objects to her daughter's romance with Cooper Smith because she views him as the love 'em and leave 'em type.

  • Outlaw Eli Bancroft and his no-talent assclown sons rob Coop's party and leave them stranded in the wilderness.

  • When New York street thug Sam Pulaski and his sister join the wagon train, Coop recognizes him as the leader of a gang that once robbed him and left him for dead.

  • Outlaws Sam Spicer and Reno Sutton take Barnaby West hostage after robbing a bank.

  • Myra Marshall joins the wagon train in order to escape her unhappy marriage.

  • Robert Harrison Clarke, a British journalist, decides that traveling with the wagon train would be a good place for him to learn about the wild west but his carelessness and naivete lead to a showdown with a dangerous Native American chief.

  • Duke Shannon and Charlie Wooster are being held prisoner by an exiled Chinese and forced to work as slave labor. Cooper Smith arrives on the scene to rescue them and might be successful due to his resemblance to the princess' late husband.

  • Hale guides hard as nails railroad tycoon Gus Morgan through the mountains to try to find a passable route for Morgan's railroad.

  • An Army colonel orders the wife of a subordinate officer to leave the fort with the wagon train.

  • Molly Kincaid seeks her revenge upon the man whose cowardice resulted in her being taken prisoner by hostile Native Americans.

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