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  • 1959
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Rawhide is a classic western television series that aired on CBS from 1959 to 1965, starring Eric Fleming as Gil Favor, Clint Eastwood as Rowdy Yates, and Paul Brinegar as the trail cook, Wishbone. The show follows a group of cowboys on a never-ending cattle drive across the American West. Each season typically consisted of 30 to 32 hour-long episodes, which were filmed in black and white.

In the early seasons, Rawhide was known for its gritty, realistic portrayal of life on the trail. The cowboys faced all sorts of challenges, from hostile weather conditions to hostile Native Americans, and they had to rely on their wits and their trusty horses to survive.

Over time, the show evolved into more of an action-adventure series, with the focus shifting away from the daily grind of the cattle drive and towards individual stories of danger and excitement. The show continued to be popular, however, thanks to its charismatic lead actors and the timeless appeal of the western genre.

Eric Fleming was the star of the show, playing the role of Gil Favor, the trail boss of the cattle drive. Fleming imbued his character with a sense of authority and leadership, and he was the driving force behind many of the show's plotlines. He was also responsible for keeping the cowboys in line and making sure that everyone did their job on the drive.

Clint Eastwood, who played the role of Rowdy Yates, was the breakout star of Rawhide. Although his character was initially meant to be a supporting one, Eastwood's screen presence and natural talent quickly made him a fan favorite. Rowdy was the tough and rebellious cowboy of the group, with a quick wit and an even quicker draw.

The rest of the cast included Paul Brinegar as Wishbone, the cook who kept the cowboys fed and happy; Sheb Wooley as Pete Nolan, the scout who was always on the lookout for danger; and John Ireland as Jed Colby, a former outlaw who joined the group in later seasons. Raymond St. Jacques also appeared in a few episodes as Simon Blake, a highly educated black man who faced discrimination from some of the other characters.

Rawhide was known for its impressive stunts and action sequences, which were often performed by the actors themselves. The show also featured a memorable theme song, sung by Frankie Laine, which became a hit in its own right and is still recognized today as one of the most iconic theme songs in television history.

In conclusion, Rawhide was a beloved western series that captured the adventure and danger of life on the trail. Its talented cast, thrilling action sequences, and enduring popularity have made it a classic of the genre, and it remains a must-watch for fans of westerns and television history.

Rawhide is a series that is currently running and has 8 seasons (157 episodes). The series first aired on January 9, 1959.

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Crossing at White Feather
10. Crossing at White Feather
December 7, 1965
Rowdy hires Jonas Bolt to guide the herd to and across the river. Rowdy finds Jonas drunk and fires him. The saloon owner tries to trick Rowdy out of a 1000 head using Jonas.
The Pursuit
9. The Pursuit
November 9, 1965
Jed is being pursued by Marshall Hanson Dickson, a well known lawman. Dickson claims Jed Is James Carothers wanted dead of alive for murder in Missouri. Jed says he was cleared of the charge.
Clash at Broken Bluff
8. Clash at Broken Bluff
November 2, 1965
Rowdy must convince a young widow to allow the herd on her land to protect it from the a norther. She is involved in the suffragette movement. The saloon owner will do anything to stop women from getting the vote. The drovers are allowed to vote if they stick around. The saloon owner buys their votes, but Rowdy has second thoghts.
Vasquez Woman
7. Vasquez Woman
October 26, 1965
Colonel Emilio Vasquez "buys" 200 head from Quince, Jed and Simon in Mexico. Jed goes to town to see if the pesos are worth anything. The gringo who runs the town says they're just paper. Emilio's wife, Maria, was left behind and is in the bar. Emilio sneaks into town and kills the gringo, but doesn't get Maria. Jed escapes with Maria. Jed and Emilio argue over the terms of her return.
Hostage for Hanging
6. Hostage for Hanging
October 19, 1965
Rowdy is held for ransom by a family of crooked horse traders. Quince, Jed, Wish and Simon try to dicker unsuccessfully. The family is led by Ma Gufler. Her two sons are Jesse and dim-witted Max. They prepare to hang Rowdy. Jed rides in to talk things over.
Escort to Doom
5. Escort to Doom
October 12, 1965
Rowdy enlists the aid of eight Indians who have been trailing the herd to get to the Little Red River. Their leader, Yellow Sun, looks white. The drovers, particularly Wish doesn't like it. The other Indians, particularly Quadero doesn't like it.
Walk Into Terror
4. Walk Into Terror
October 5, 1965
A mine cave in traps Quince and Simon. New drover Ed says he's found some blasting gel and gun cotton. He and his buddy Jerry will blow them out for $500. It is a perilous journey hauling the unstable gel to the mine in a rickety old wagon.
Six Weeks to Bent Fork
3. Six Weeks to Bent Fork
September 28, 1965
Mr. Fletcher offers Rowdy $6,000 to get 1500 head to Bent Fork in six weeks or less. There is a penalty of $30 for each head that doesn't make it. Lash Whitcomb, one of Fletcher's men is going along as Segundo (#2 man). Lash and Rowdy disagree on which trail to take. Rowdy checks his out. It leads to a box canyon. Rowdy's horse hits a chuckhole and he is thrown and breaks some ribs. Rowdy tells Lash to take over. Ten miles and three days from Bent Fork, Sheriff John Keeley, says there is a sixty day quarantine on Texas cattle.
Ride a Crooked Mile
2. Ride a Crooked Mile
September 21, 1965
Jed convinces Rowdy against his better judgment to hire Danny Hawks who is riding an expensive stallion. Danny proves to be a capable drover but when Nat Benson wants Danny and the stallion handed over, Rowdy finds himself in a bind.
Encounter at Boot Hill
1. Encounter at Boot Hill
September 14, 1965
Morgan Kane and his son Jethro hang two drifters who killed his son, Vance. Morgan kills Peters and seriously wounds Ian who tried to stop it. Rowdy takes Ian to Regis for medical attention. He tries unsuccessfully to get the law to investigate Peter's killing. Sheriff Blaine says the drifters broke Vance's neck. Blaine is blackmailing Jethro. The coroner's inquest finds the Kane's innocent. Rowdy tells Morgan he's taking him and his son to Wichita for a fair trial.
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    January 9, 1959
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    7.9  (4,661)