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  • 2007
  • 4 Seasons

Wasted Spaces is a DIY show that aired on the DIY Network, starring Karl Champley, an expert builder, designer, and handyman. The show debuted in 2006 and aired for several seasons. Wasted Spaces focuses on taking under-utilized, forgotten or outdated spaces and transforming them into beautiful and functional parts of the home.

Throughout the show, Karl Champley showcases his expertise in construction, design, and DIY to transform cluttered spaces into beautiful, functional areas. Each episode focuses on a particular space, which can range from garages, basements, or attics to patios, backyards, or kitchens. Through the process, Champley demystifies the construction process and offers practical tips and tricks for DIY enthusiasts who want to undertake their own renovation projects. Karl Champley also employs a wide array of tools and techniques to bring these spaces up to date and make them functional for homeowners.

The show has a unique format which allows viewers to visualize the transformation of the space from the conceptualization to the final outcome. Karl Champley takes the viewers on a journey of how the space looks like before the transformation, what inspired the new design, the tools he will utilize in the renovation process, how he will manage the timelines, and the final outcome. This approach helps homeowners to better understand the renovation process and make informed decisions about what changes they want to make to their living space.

The show has a broad appeal, catering to a wide variety of viewers beyond just hardcore DIY enthusiasts. Wasted Spaces is popular because it can inspire homeowners who are looking to revamp their home, as well as those who enjoy watching the process unfold on screen. The show is also popular among those who are into home renovation and looking for new ideas or ways to improve their spaces. Karl Champley's friendly and approachable demeanor combined with his wealth of experience make him the perfect host for Wasted Spaces. He also brings a unique Australian sense of humor to the show that makes it even more enjoyable for viewers.

Throughout the show, Karl Champley demonstrates a deep understanding of the construction process and design theory. He offers practical tips for homeowners to consider when undertaking their own DIY renovation projects. He also focuses on energy-efficient solutions and comes up with innovative and unique ideas that can benefit homeowners looking to create sustainable living spaces.

Wasted Spaces also showcases the latest tools and materials used in home renovation projects. Karl Champley employs cutting-edge technology like 3D printing and energy-efficient LED lighting to make the space more functional and eco-friendly. He also uses sustainable materials like recycled wood and eco-friendly paints to limit the environmental impact and create spaces that are functional and beautiful.

Overall, Wasted Spaces is an engaging and informative DIY show that showcases the latest in home design, renovation, and construction. With its unique format, its focus on eco-friendly and sustainable solutions, and Karl Champley's unique talent for making home renovation accessible to viewers of all levels, Wasted Spaces is sure to appeal to anyone looking to revamp their living space.

Wasted Spaces
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A New Shed for the Mwangis
13. A New Shed for the Mwangis
January 1, 2009
A unused family room is converted into the coolest place to be.
A Nice Place to Spin Time
12. A Nice Place to Spin Time
January 2, 2009
A family's multi-use bonus room becomes an organized place.
Drop Down Gorgeous
11. Drop Down Gorgeous
January 1, 2009
With three young girls sharing a bedroom, space is an issue.
The Serving Curve
10. The Serving Curve
January 2, 2009
See how this large porch is brought down to size by adding a pass through.
Kicking Out the Garage Bland
9. Kicking Out the Garage Bland
January 2, 2009
A cluttered, messy garage transforms into the perfect workspace.
Whining for a Cellar
8. Whining for a Cellar
January 2, 2009
A wine collection finds its home in a space saving wine cellar.
Make Room for Mudroom
7. Make Room for Mudroom
January 2, 2009
A busy breakfast nook is turned into a multi-functional mud room.
Wow! What a Workshop
6. Wow! What a Workshop
January 2, 2009
A spare room in the basement is turned into a workshop.
Deck the Hallway
5. Deck the Hallway
January 2, 2009
An unorganized hallyway closet is converted into an organized sitting area.
Tower of Toast
4. Tower of Toast
January 2, 2009
Cramped counter space is combated by a nifty tower of toast and more.
Convertible Dining Room
3. Convertible Dining Room
January 2, 2009
An elegant dining room is turned into a temporary craft room with a craft station for four growing kids.
Let There Be Light
2. Let There Be Light
January 5, 2009
A new window, a giant new cabinet for the kids, and desk space turn this catch all room into an organized and attractive space.
Of Course It's Quartz
1. Of Course It's Quartz
January 5, 2009
In a kitchen that serves as a catch-all for many activities, a granite table top, and a space-maximizing home center for office supplies, computers and kitchen supplies streamline the space.
  • Premiere Date
    January 3, 2007