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Water Rats is a television series focused on the men and woman in the Sydney Water Police. This series looks closely at challenges faced by professions dedicated to protecting human impact on the ocean in Sydney, Australia. There is a wide variety of action in this program as it follows seventy men and women focused on guarding the busy harbor. The officers travel around the harbor and take part in many challenging activities dealing with all types of crimes.

Water Rats is a Crime, Drama series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (177 episodes). The series first aired on February 12, 1996. It has moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 6.9.

Water Rats is available for streaming on the Nine Network website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Water Rats on demand at Tubi TV, IMDb TV Amazon, Vudu, Tubi TV, IMDb TV online.

Nine Network
6 Seasons, 177 Episodes
February 12, 1996
Crime, Drama
Cast: Colin Friels
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Water Rats Full Episode Guide

  • Acting Chief Inspector, Jack Christey has to accept the responsibility for an operation that has gone wrong, resulting in the death of an informant and leaving two of his officers in hospital, one critically injured.

  • When investigating the murder of a woman, the Water Police discover that her death was the result of mistaken identity and quickly find themselves in the middle of an ongoing war between two major crime bosses.

  • Alex and Mick investigate the case of a four year old boy found at the bottom of the Sydney Harbor. Jack is promoted to Acting Chief Inspector, a move which doesn't please Helen who had her eye on the job, as she regularly filled in for Jeff.

  • Alex and Mick chase a triple killer through the streets of Sydney.

  • Alex and Mick try to solve an old burglary and murder whilst battling a retired cop seeking redemption for years of humiliation.

  • A young troubled boy places a wedge between Jack and his daughter, Sophie.

  • After a shooting on a Harbor wharf, the Rats discover a love triangle of Russian immigrants and a Cold War in sunny Sydney.

  • Things backfire for an old friend of Alex's, when he begs her to find his missing son-in-law.

  • Alex and Mick race against time when someone is distributing guns that are rigged to explode when fired.

  • On the eve of Gary Sykes' wedding, the rest of the Rats admit to their true feelings - one is dumped, one is given an ultimatum and one is kissed.

  • Alex's life is a nightmare as she battles an obsessed admirer, her mother and the flu.

  • Christey's daughter is given a brutal introduction to the realities of police work, while the death of a girl in a hit-and-run jet-ski accident causes disturbing memories to resurface for Alex.

  • The Rats attend a wake following the sudden death of a former colleague. As the alcohol flows, so do the stories and, one by one, their true feelings are revealed.

  • The Rats attend a wake following the sudden death of a former colleague. As the alcohol flows, so do the stories and, one by one, their true feelings are revealed.

  • Hawker remains the professional police officer, even when he is targeted by a criminal. But when the vendetta involves his son, Hawker shows his true colors.

  • Reilly is forced to cover up the murder of a criminal to save his family.

  • Reilly crosses the line and unknowingly sparks a murder when he helps his sister's husband avoid jail.

  • Knowing that a great job is coming her way, Blakemore resigns prematurely and takes the opportunity to tell everyone exactly what she thinks of them.

  • Quinn is forced to re-evaluate the meaning of friendship when he alienates his workmates, as he defends a friend's lies and criminal behavior.

  • Christey is reacquainted with his estranged father and discovers he is involved in a dangerous scam.

  • A runaway yacht, a missing child and suspected multiple murders set Alex and Christey down the wrong path, where they uncover a plot to poison Sydney Harbor.

  • Jack Christey's new relationship is tested when one of the Rats is taken by a serial killer.

  • Christey's investigation into a series of yacht explosions takes him north to a beachside community, where he meets a beautiful female cop with an agenda of her own.

  • A water police operation on a container wharf results in a death, leaving each of the Rats to deal with their culpability and guilt.

  • Alex, haunted by the brutal murder of a teenage girl, puts her life on the line to identify the murderer.

  • Alex, convinced a car accident was an attempt on her life, investigates, only to discover a larger more frightening truth. Reilly and Christey come to blows over Alex.

  • Charlie Driscoll makes her last great dash for freedom and Jack Christey is determined to stop her.

  • Jack is haunted by memories on the anniversary of Rachel's death. Coincidence forces him to hunt the woman many still hold responsible for Rachel's murder.

  • Alex confronts her prejudices when she thinks they have uncovered a ritual killing by a religious cult.

  • Reilly's faith in his ex-lover is tested when she confesses to murder.

  • When an ex-lover re-enters Reilly's life asking for his help, Christey accuses Alex of being jealous.

  • Christey's on a mission to help a retiring cop recover his dignity after he's stripped naked in a bizarre humiliation rite. Reilly asks Alex out on a date.

  • Constable Matthew Quinn ends up in trouble with his girlfriend, local cops, and Hawker, when he apparently takes the law into his own hands.

  • Distraught father and hard-nosed detective battle for supremacy when Jack Christey tracks his daughter after she's taken hostage by a prisoner on the run.

  • Christey and his daughter are taken captive by a wise-cracking escaped prisoner after a daring harbor ambush.

  • Two halves of a body don't add up for Reilly and Alex. Hawker discovers the reasons behind the murder of Annie's father.

  • Hawker becomes an unwitting accomplice to murder when he tries to help a friend.

  • Christey's personal and professional life clash as he struggles with a major investigation and the realization that a young woman is the daughter he never knew he had.

  • A murder investigation leads Alex, Christey and Reilly to explore online relationships. Sykes dreams of becoming a detective.

  • Alex's undercover partner, and ex-lover, comes back into her life after a series of death threats and she must take a hard look at the people she trusts.

  • What appears to be a simple mugging of a homeless woman, leads the Water Police into a confusing murder case and a threat on Alex's life.

  • Alex personal life throws her off balance leaving Christey and Reilly to solve the brutal slaying of a security guard.

  • Quinn's attraction to a young woman lands him in hot water during a murder investigation.

  • While recovering from a gunshot wound, Reilly finds his missing wheelchair occupied by a mummified body.

  • Reilly's life is on the line when he backs a street kid suspected of murder.

  • Quinn and the Water Police are devastated when a young woman dies at the station. Detectives search for a kidnapped six year old girl.

  • Christey feels responsible when a grieving woman, who's brother was killed in an armed robbery, takes the law into her own hands and holds him and a suspect hostage.

  • Alex and Mick must sift through a maze of suspects and motives to solve the murder of Cosimo Luvece.

  • Detectives St Clare and Reilly investigate the murder of a restaurateur where their only witness is a ferocious dog.

  • Jack and Alex are lead round the mulberry bush by a smart killer while the ASIO operation comes back to haunt Sykes and Reilly.

  • ASIO enlists a couple of the Water Rats in a covert operation which causes Reilly to become the victim of an amorous spy and Sykes' love life gets him into very hot.

  • The detectives are devastated when their skepticism about a woman's paranoid claims lead to a tragic killing.

  • After sleeping with her ex-lover, Alex is devastated when she is convinced he is a murderer.

  • A former lover of Alex's becomes a suspect in a murder investigation and, after Helen Blakemore is forced to fire during an armed robbery, she finds her career on the line as Internal Affairs investigate.

  • A spate of armed hold-ups have Goldie and Jack chasing a robber dressed like a cowboy from the wild west.

  • A power struggle within Charlie Driscoll's crime empire makes Christey a marked man.

  • Christey's gun is stolen from his house. An ex-con is found, shot dead by a police revolver and Christey is set up as the prime suspect for murder.

  • A torched yacht, two bodies, two men missing. Who is dead, who is alive and who did it?

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