Welcome to India

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India is one of the most interesting countries on the planet. In this film, you will find out just what it is like to be in India. As this film takes you on a tour of the great country, you will discover more than you ever knew about the wide world of India. After watching this film you are sure to know more about this country that plays so heavily in our world.

1 Season, 3 Episodes
October 3, 2012
Documentary & Biography, History, Travel

Welcome to India Full Episode Guide

  • Prakash and Mangesh are brothers from an illegal settlement in downtown Mumbai. Prakash works as a deckhand on a yacht while striving to realise his dream and launch a Bollywood career. His family make it clear to him his sole purpose is to earn enough to fund in their joint future which is his brother Mangesh's course in software engineering. Swapan works as a merchant in a hectic fish market attempting to provide for his family's future even though that his wife knows he is ruining his health.

  • Johora began as a rag-picker, but through building a bottle recycling business on a railway embankment, she now has huge ambitions for her family of seven kids. Kanye uses a blowtorch to cut up ships discarded by the rest of the world while Ashik buys beef fat from the abattoir, and renders it down to make tallow.

  • A couple of characters are followed as they use all their ingenuity to carve out a home.