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  • 2010
  • 13 Seasons
  • 7.5  (453)

Great British Menu is a British television series that premiered on BBC Two in 2006. The show aims to find the best British chefs and give them the opportunity to cook a high-quality meal that represents their region or country. Three judges, Matthew Fort, Oliver Peyton, and Andi Oliver, taste the dishes and score them based on taste, presentation, and originality.

The show consists of several rounds in which the chefs compete against each other to earn a spot in a banquet attended by some of the most influential people in the UK. The first rounds are regional heats in which the chefs prepare a starter, a fish course, and a main course. The chefs must use local ingredients and create a dish that represents their region. The judges taste the dishes and choose the best chef to represent their region in the next round.

After the regional heats, the chefs compete in the finals, where they must create a four-course meal that represents a different aspect of British culture. The themes for the courses change each year and can range from the seasons of the year to British inventions. The chefs must be creative and use their culinary skills to create dishes that not only taste great but also look amazing. The judges then select the best dish for each course and score the chefs based on their performance.

The top-scoring chefs from the finals will then be invited to cook their dishes at a banquet attended by VIPs. The banquet usually takes place in a unique setting that reflects the theme of the competition. For example, a banquet that celebrated British weather was held in a greenhouse. The chefs also have the opportunity to work with a team of experts to create a stunning presentation for their dishes.

Throughout the competition, the judges provide feedback to the chefs and offer tips and advice to help them improve their dishes. They are also known for their humorous comments and banter with each other. The judges have different backgrounds and culinary preferences, which means they often have different opinions on the dishes. However, they all share a passion for high-quality food and recognize the talent of the chefs who participate in the show.

Great British Menu has been a popular show since it first aired in 2006. It has helped to promote British cuisine and showcase the skills of the chefs who participate. The show has also inspired viewers to try new dishes and support local producers. The judges have become well-known personalities in the food industry and are often asked to comment on British food trends.

In conclusion, Great British Menu is a popular TV show that celebrates the best of British cuisine. The show has become an annual event on BBC Two and is eagerly anticipated by viewers every year. The judges, Matthew Fort, Oliver Peyton, and Andi Oliver, provide expert feedback to the chefs and help to inspire a new generation of culinary talent. Great British Menu is a must-watch for anyone who loves food and wants to learn more about British cuisine.

Great British Menu is a series that is currently running and has 13 seasons (51 episodes). The series first aired on May 6, 2010.

Great British Menu
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The Banquet
45. The Banquet
October 12, 2018
It's the grand finale of Great British Menu as the winning chefs cook their dishes at a banquet for the heroes of the NHS.
Finals - Dessert
44. Finals - Dessert
October 11, 2018
It's dessert day and with just one place remaining at this year's banquet feast, each chef is giving everything they've got for a chance to say thank you to the heroic NHS staff.
Finals - Main
43. Finals - Main
October 10, 2018
It's main course day and with only two spots remaining on the banquet menu, the competition is fierce.
Finals - Fish
42. Finals - Fish
October 9, 2018
Today the chefs must cook their fish courses but after some exceptionally high scoring dishes in yesterday's starter round, everyone is desperate to deliver perfection in order to see off the competition.
Finals - Starter
41. Finals - Starter
October 8, 2018
Today it's the starter course and as the chefs arrive in the kitchen and size up their rivals for the first time, they discover the competition is stiffer than any of them had imagined.
Northern Ireland - Judging
40. Northern Ireland - Judging
October 5, 2018
It's the last regional final of the series as the two chefs representing Northern Ireland go head to head.
Northern Ireland - Dessert
39. Northern Ireland - Dessert
October 4, 2018
It's dessert course and the final chance for the chefs to impress. After such a tightly fought battle all week, each is hoping to deliver a technically perfect dessert.
Northern Ireland - Main
38. Northern Ireland - Main
October 3, 2018
With two courses down it's time for the chefs to cook their main courses. It's the battle of beef with each using the same meat in their innovative creations. Tommy also meets the first baby ever born on the NHS.
Northern Ireland - Fish
37. Northern Ireland - Fish
October 2, 2018
After a tense starter course, the chefs return to the kitchen to cook their fish dishes. James is making his elevated take on a fried chicken takeaway as a tribute to the NHS staff who care for his sister.
Northern Ireland - Starter
36. Northern Ireland - Starter
October 1, 2018
It's the final regional heat of Great British Menu as the nation's top professional chefs compete to cook at a banquet celebrating the heroes of the NHS.
North West - Judging
35. North West - Judging
September 28, 2018
It's the penultimate regional final as the two highest scoring chefs from the week return to cook their menus again.
North West - Dessert
34. North West - Dessert
September 27, 2018
It's the dessert course and the last chance for the North West chefs to impress in a bid to make it through to tomorrow's regional final.
North West - Main
33. North West - Main
September 26, 2018
Time for the chefs to cook their mains and after yesterday's scores the pressure is on. Craig is hoping to impress using two cuts of Dexter beef, while Liam prepares his take on a Bajan lamb stew and Ellis prepares four cuts of suckling pig.
North West - Fish
32. North West - Fish
September 25, 2018
It's the fish course and the chefs are all gunning for tens.
North West - Starter
31. North West - Starter
September 24, 2018
It's the penultimate regional heat of Great British Menu as the nation's top professional chefs compete to cook at a banquet celebrating the heroes of the NHS.
South West - Judging
30. South West - Judging
September 21, 2018
It's time for the two remaining chefs representing the South West to go head to head as they cook their menus again for the exacting panel of Andi Oliver, Matthew Fort and Oliver Peyton.
South West - Dessert
29. South West - Dessert
September 20, 2018
With just one more chance to impress their veteran judge, the chefs are all hoping to use their pastry skills to deliver technically complex desserts.
South West - Main
28. South West - Main
September 19, 2018
It's the main course and two of the chefs are hoping duck will win the day. Tom is preparing a technically challenging duck dish steeped in NHS history while Jude is making a multi-element Chinese duck dish inspired by his mum.
South West - Fish
27. South West - Fish
September 18, 2018
It's the fish course and with Tom renowned as a fish specialist all eyes are on him. He's cooking his take on a classic British fish supper in tribute to a charity which looks after the health of local fishermen.
South West - Starter
26. South West - Starter
September 17, 2018
This week it's the turn of three chefs representing the South West, including two who have competed before but meet in the kitchen this week for the very first time.
Wales - Judging
25. Wales - Judging
September 14, 2018
It's the Wales regional final as the two remaining chefs do everything they can to impress the judging panel of Andi Oliver, Matthew Fort and Oliver Peyton. After tensions ran high in the week, the chefs are under pressure to deliver perfection.
Wales - Dessert
24. Wales - Dessert
September 13, 2018
It's the dessert course and the last opportunity for the chefs to impress.
Wales - Main
23. Wales - Main
September 12, 2018
The chefs are pulling out all the stops in a bid for big scores with their mains.
Wales - Fish
22. Wales - Fish
September 11, 2018
After the starter results, the chefs return to the kitchen hoping for high scores with their fish dishes.
Wales - Starter
21. Wales - Starter
September 10, 2018
Today the three chefs meet their surprise veteran judge and cook their celebratory starters. Andrew is attempting to pay tribute to NHS staff with his innovative take on a traditional healing recipe, 'Mum's Flu Fighting Chicken Soup'.
Central Judging
20. Central Judging
September 7, 2018
The two remaining Central region chefs do battle for a place in the national finals. They must impress the formidable panel of Andi Oliver, Matthew Fort and Oliver Peyton with their four course menus.
Central Dessert
19. Central Dessert
September 6, 2018
With one dish left to impress the veteran judge, the chefs cook their desserts. Marianne is looking to raise a smile with her 'carry on' themed dessert, complete with surprise presentation.
Central Main
18. Central Main
September 5, 2018
The chefs cook their mains and following yesterday's results, tension is high. Both Marianne and Ryan are cooking muntjac in the hope of impressing the veteran judge, while Sabrina is making an ambitious technical take on a family feast.
Central Fish
17. Central Fish
September 4, 2018
It's the fish course and the chefs are pulling out all the stops. Marianne pays tribute to the 'angels' in her local hospital who looked after her during a recent illness.
Central Starter
16. Central Starter
September 3, 2018
This week three chefs compete in the heat for the Central region.
Scotland Judging
15. Scotland Judging
August 31, 2018
It's judging day and the two remaining chefs must impress the panel of Oliver Peyton, Andi Oliver and Matthew Fort. Both chefs are gunning for success and are doing everything they can to deliver their menus to perfection.
Scotland Dessert
14. Scotland Dessert
August 29, 2018
It's dessert day and the last chance for the chefs to impress before one is sent home.
Scotland Main
13. Scotland Main
August 29, 2018
It's main course day and the heat is on.
Scotland Fish
12. Scotland Fish
August 28, 2018
It's the fish course and the chefs are all out to impress. The heat is increased as all three serve their unique takes on lobster.
Scotland Starter
11. Scotland Starter
August 27, 2018
Great British Menu continues as the nation's top professional chefs compete for a chance to cook 'A Feast to Say Thank You' at a glorious banquet celebrating 70 years of the NHS, one of Britain's most prized institutions.
London & South East Judging
10. London & South East Judging
August 24, 2018
Today the two remaining London and the South East chefs must cook their four course menus again. But will they take on board their veteran's advice as they prepare their 'Feast To Say Thank You'?
London & South East Dessert
9. London & South East Dessert
August 23, 2018
It's the last chance for the chefs to secure a place cooking for the judges tomorrow and the pressure in the kitchen is rising.
London & South East Main
8. London & South East Main
August 22, 2018
The contest is hotting up as the three chefs prepare their celebratory mains in the hope of impressing the veteran judge. All three of them are creating sharing dishes.
London & South East Fish
7. London & South East Fish
August 21, 2018
Today the chefs do battle for the fish course and as they all strive for perfection the atmosphere in the kitchen is tense.
London & South East Starter
6. London & South East Starter
May 24, 2010
A new round of Central England starters: pork neck, veal tartare, and breast of squab.
North East Judging
5. North East Judging
April 17, 2009
Only one can remain to represent Scotland on the Olympic Banquet Menu.
North East Dessert
4. North East Dessert
April 16, 2009
Dessert dishes in the final round include an Eton mess and beetroot cake.
North East Main
3. North East Main
April 15, 2009
Barbecued veal, beef rump, and blackface lamb with sweetbreads compete as main courses.
North East Fish
2. North East Fish
April 14, 2009
The fish course, featuring grilled mackerel, crab cannelloni, and poached halibut.
North East Starter
1. North East Starter
April 13, 2009
Scottish starters: duck terrine and pineapple, braised pork cheek, or smoked pigeon breast.
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  • Premiere Date
    May 6, 2010
  • IMDB Rating
    7.5  (453)