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Presented by Peadar King, this series illustrates the human consequences of global economic inequalities and human rights violations, by focusing on how people encounter these issues on a daily basis.

1 Season, 10 Episodes
March 12, 2013
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  • The Upper West Africa Ebola epidemic has ended. The foreign nurses and doctors have left. The tented treatment units have been packed away. The 28,603 people who died from the disease have been buried. These bare facts hide the emotional toll that the disease took on the people of Sierra Leone.

  • The Agbogloshie dump in Accra, Ghana's capital city. Europe and the world's electronic dumping ground. Here hundreds of people sift through the discarded debris of the digital age. Hammer and chisel are the only tools as the workers strip and burn the plastic sending plumes of toxic smoke into the capital's air.

  • For forty years they have lived in exile in the hottest part of the Algerian desert. The Sahrawi people of Western Sahara: the forgotten people of Africa. Theirs is a story of abandonment and systematic human rights abuse.

  • Latin American prisons are some of the most brutal and overcrowded in the world. But change is afoot. El Salvador's Yo Cambio programme is attempting to develop a more humane and human rights approach to incarceration.

  • People with disabilities in poorer countries are among the most forgotten, very often hidden away, perceived as a curse on the family, as a social embarrassment and a cultural / religious defilement. In Togo an estimated 620,000 (8.7%) people have disabilities. But among the forgotten are those who are making their own way.

  • The decision by the Korean government to build a naval base on what locals call sacred Gureombi Rock was taken in 2007. Protests and obstruction by locals delayed the commencement of the construction. However, seven years on the building of the base is well on its way. Opposition continues as the people of Gangeong continue to block its construction.

  • From South to North, from East to West, from healthy bodies to the mortally sick, from poorer bodies to more affluent bodies, from black and brown bodies to white ones, from poor men to rich men, a new trade has opened up. The trade in body parts: livers, retinas and kidneys, particularly kidneys.

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