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This drama series centers around two Canadian families, one of them a group of wealthy developers and the other a widow and her three daughters, as they battle over ownership of some ranch land. The series aired on the CBC for a single season in 2009.Wild Roses is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (13 episodes). The series first aired on January 7, 2009.

Wild Roses is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Wild Roses on demand atAmazon online.

Fireworks International
1 Season, 13 Episodes
January 7, 2009
Cast: Steve Byers, Kristen Hager, Amy Lalonde, Meghan Heffern, Gary Hudson
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Wild Roses Full Episode Guide

  • Kate second guesses her rash decision to flee Rivercross with Peter when his truck breaks down and they can't find work, until she finally breaks down herself and sleeps with him.

  • When David forces every oil company in Alberta to shun the Henrys, Lucy proposes a partnership with the only oilman she trusts – Will. But, can the rest of the Henry women truly trust a McGregor?

  • Charlotte gets an unexpected16th birthday present – a visit from her birth mother Yvonne. But, why won't Yvonne tell her who her father is?

  • Will turns the Henrys' world upside down when he reveals there's oil under Rivercross – and lots of it. Now the question is: how do they get at it – or should they?

  • Haunted by Dillon's mysterious phone message, Maggie helps Kate search for Dillon's falsely accused murderer – Briggs. John Cameron threatens to bankrupt David if he doesn't get his oil.

  • Traumatized by finding Dillon's body, Charlotte falls deeper into Jude's world and gets caught vandalizing SUV's. Romance between Lucy and Will heats up, until Lucy tells Will she suspects his dad was involved in Dillon's death.

  • Charlotte's first drunken house party is also the site of her first drunken crush –the intoxicating cute and worldly environmental crusader Jude.

  • Will must decide whether to protect Lucy from a lecherous client or protect a deal that his family's company desperately needs.

  • Lucy hires hunky and mysterious stranger Briggs to work at the ranch. The Henry herd is imperiled by an acid spill caused by David's drilling operations.

  • When the daughter of one of David's prospective suppliers enters the rodeo competition Kate is in, David forces Peter to become her trainer, leaving Kate in the dust – literally.

  • When The Henrys' breeder bull dies, Kate and Lucy get caught rustling a bull from the McGregors' stables. When Dillon discovers there may be oil under Rivercross, David is more determined than ever to take Rivercross by any means necessary.

  • After Maggie spurns David's affections at Rebecca and Trevor's lavish engagement party, David becomes determined to take-over Rivercross.