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Wolfblood is a British television series with supernatural and fantasy elements. Its intended audience are teenagers and young adults, and it is produced by CBBC and ZDF/ZDFE. The show's main characters are Maggy Smith, played by Aimee Kelly, and Rhydian Morris, played by Bobby Lockwood. Maggy and Rhydian are teenagers who attend the same school, and they both share a deep and disturbing secret: they are wolfbloods.

A wolfblood is a person with supernatural abilities akin to wolves, but what those abilities are, how they control them, and their limitations are all mysteries within the show. Maggy?s parents are residents of an old home at the edge of town while Rhydian is an orphan who has lived with foster parents and in orphanages his entire life. Maggy?s family encourages the two teenagers to take control of their budding powers, and eventually Rhydian is welcomed as a distant cousin.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday on Disney
3 Seasons, 39 Episodes
October 1, 2013
Children, Horror & Suspense
Cast: Gabrielle Green, Leona Vaughan, Shorelle Hepkin, Bobby Lockwood
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Wolfblood Full Episode Guide

  • The Wolfbloods face their toughest challenge yet when confronted with Kincaid's plan to eradicate their species.

  • As the net closes in on Gerwyn, help comes from unexpected sources.

  • Jeffries gets a lot more than more than he bargained for when he decides to follow Tom and his friends.

  • Tom is out of control so Rhydian, Shannon and Jana turn to Segolia for help.

  • Jana, Tom and Shannon go to Segolia where Tom discovers something mysterious and terrifying that changes his life.

  • Rhydian and Jana mysteriously collapse as a comet appears on the dark of the moon – can Shannon save the day?

  • Rhydian is determined to help Jana while Shannon follows her dream and Tom faces the wrath of the K's.

  • Lost without her pack, it's a full moon and Jana's inner wolf has become morwal - a bitter angry wolf with the instinct to attack.

  • Sparks fly when some ancient Wolfblood relics are discovered and Tom finds a kindred spirit in Kay.

  • Rhydian is reunited with his father... but why has he really come? And why is Dacia so interested in him and the wild Wolfbloods?

  • Protecting Rhydian, Tom is accused of poaching so Shannon becomes his romantic alibi.

  • An unexpected arrival puts Rhydian's leadership skills to the test in a matter of life and death.

  • Rhydian, Shannon and Tom face a new future... and an old foe.

  • Despite general disdain Liam is convinced that he has seen a werewolf and returns to the tunnel, which he traces to the Smiths' lair, taking Daniel's DNA. The family prepares to flee but Maddy brings her parents, in the form of wolves, to school, claiming that they are tame pets and Liam is discredited. However Dr Whitewood has already been contacted and, although Rhydian retrieves Daniel's DNA from her laboratory, Maddy is aware that the doctor knows the family's secret. Thus, for their own protection, they decide to join the wild pack, bidding farewell to Shannon, Tom and Rhydian.

  • A vengeful Alric, blaming Rhydian for taking Jana from him, turns up at the school and pursues Maddy and Rhydian through the woods but he calms down when he imagines he sees Jana standing in Maddy's place and Maddy reminds him that it was he who abandoned Jana. Rhydian consoles him and persuades him that, though exiled from his pack, he can make a new life for himself as Rhydian has done. Liam is obsessed with finding the supposed werewolf and leads his friends Jimi and Sam back through the tunnels, hitting a dead end. However, through a crack in the brickwork they see, and take a picture of, four wolves - who are Maddy and her parents and Rhydian having transformed at the full moon.

  • Ceri unexpectedly turns up at the caravan with extraordinary news for Jana.

  • On an orienteering trip with the school Liam finds that the group is close to the field where his ancestor killed a wolfblood - or werewolf as he believes. Maddy discovers the ancestor's diary and learns where the wolf's lair is and so she and Rhydian join Liam's group in an effort to stop him finding it. In fact they discover it but Liam falls into the pit and Maddy has to momentarily turn into a wolf in order to climb through a passage to free him before Rhydian summons help. However nobody believes Liam when he claims to have seen a werewolf.

  • As student rep, Kara is in charge of organising tonight's school disco. Katrina is excited because she thinks Harry Averwood is to be her date that night, but she soon discovers Shannon has a date with him instead. Kara and Kay begin to plot their revenge on Katrina's behalf. With Maddy feeling responsible for Shannon's depression she hopes to put things right at the disco, despite it taking place on a no-moon night.

  • Whilst most of the class are vying to buy tickets from Jimi for a pro-celebrity football match Jana is still concerned that Shannon's lap-top contains information and photos damaging to the wolfbloods, so, taking advantage of a playground fight as a diversion, she steals it. Shannon discovers the theft and retrieves it but it is soon missing from her locker. Shannon traces it to Sam, a boy in the class who wanted to sell it for tickets for the match, and makes him return it. Maddy however makes her delete all her wolfblood files to prevent any further scares.

  • The feuds within our pack escalate when student elections are held, putting them all at risk.

  • Jana meets Alric by arrangement and it is apparent that she was sent to bring Rhydian back to the wild pack - who are angry at his defection. She tries to persuade Rhydian, who is initially reluctant but, after a class reading of 'Romeo and Juliet' agrees to go back to afford reconciliation. Maddy follows, mistrustful of Alric, who captures Rhydian in a net with a view to punishing him. Whilst Tom and Shannon free Rhydian Maddy does battle with Alric and wins. Jana expresses disgust at her father's treachery and this time he really does exile her.

  • A skeleton found in a field is believed to be that of a werewolf. Jana divines it as being an urban wolfblood killed two centuries ago and forensic scientist Dr Whitewood arrives, discovering a silver bullet in its remains. Jana wants them to be given a decent burial and, despite their misgivings that they will be incriminated, Maddy and Rhydian steal them to be buried. Maddy is afraid that Dr Whitewood has taken her DNA after she gets in a fight but Shannon swaps it for her own.

  • Maddy and her parents transform in their cellar, unaware a stuffed owl given them by Shannon contains a camera as she wants to film them to show that they are harmless. That night Rhydian returns to Stoneybridge, as a wolf, pursued by three vicious wolves, led by Alric, who hates him for being different, and takes refuge with Maddy's family. Next day the trio, now in human form, stay around and follow Rhydian to school but they are thwarted by Maddy, Shannon and Tom, who photograph them and threaten to expose them by publishing the photos, and leave.

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