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  • 2011
  • 2 Seasons
  • 6.1  (23)

Women, War & Peace is an informative docuseries that explores the role of women in modern conflicts around the world from 2011. With Jay O. Sanders as the narrator and featuring appearances by Matt Damon and Tilda Swinton, the series sheds light on how women's efforts have contributed to the resolution of conflicts in numerous countries. It captures a series of events demonstrating the strengths of women as peace builders and problem solvers in the midst of a crisis.

The series is split into five episodes that each detail a particular women-led peace-building activism taking place in countries such as Colombia, Afghanistan, Liberia, and Bosnia. These women are not mere bystanders; they take it upon themselves to organize, strategize, and lead the charge for peace.

The opening of the series directs us to Colombia. It showcases the way women have played a critical role in establishing a semblance of normalcy in their communities, despite facing constant danger from the clashing of guerilla groups and the government. The episode highlights the power of these women as they mobilize for a common cause, which they are very passionate about, that is, the need for a disarmament program.

Next up, viewers travel to Afghanistan, where women face marginalization on a daily basis. The episode sheds light on an educated woman, who is navigating her way through the political terrain of the country, advocating for women's rights. She is both a candid voice and a keen strategist when it comes to securing the much-needed rights for Afghan women.

The third episode takes us to Liberia, a country that has experienced brutal civil war in its history, alongside its current Ebola challenge. The episode highlights the the efforts of women to persistently challenge political figures for their share of political power. It displays the persuasive leadership that women need to make a positive impact in a highly patriarchal society.

The fourth episode takes us to Bosnia, which has experienced severe ethnic division. The episode illustrates women's bravery as they step up to fight against the radicalization of their children, who have been conscripted by various factions in the war. It shows their efforts to build bonds between different communities, overcoming ethnic prejudices and fighting for a common cause.

The final episode of the series takes us to Israel and Palestine, where women once more take center stage. It presents a group of Palestinian and Israeli women gathering to overpowered their history of conflict and work together in finding a solution to the current situation in the region.

Overall, Women, War & Peace gives us an accurate representation of the importance of women's roles in peace-building, amidst everyday stereotypes and gender roles. With excellent sound and camera work, the show is informative, educative and eye-opening. Women, War & Peace is an essential watch that successfully instills inspiration for peace-building activists, and works toward bringing global attention to the efforts contributed by women internationally.

Women, War & Peace
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  • Premiere Date
    October 11, 2011
  • IMDB Rating
    6.1  (23)