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  • 2021
  • 1 Season

Worst Car Ever is a unique reality show that premiered on discovery+ in April 2021. The show is based on a concept that is quite different from other car-related reality shows. The show stars Richard Rawlings and Tom Smith, who are well-known personalities in the world of automobiles.

Richard Rawlings is a seasoned professional when it comes to cars. He is the owner of Gas Monkey Garage, a well-known car restoration shop based in Texas. Tom Smith, also known as "Tommy," is Richard's right-hand man at Gas Monkey Garage. Tommy is an expert in restoring cars with a specialty in engines. The two friends are always on the hunt for new challenges, but this time, they take on a task that is a bit out of their comfort zone.

In Worst Car Ever, Richard and Tommy scour the country to find individuals who own a car that is a complete disaster. They search for cars that have been parked for years, rusted, or have clogged engines. The cars they look for often have a story or two behind them, with some belonging to families for generations.

Once they find the cars, Richard and Tommy embark on a mission to transform them into something extraordinary. Every episode of the show features a new challenge, with the hosts taking on different cars in various stages of disrepair. Throughout the show, the story behind each car is revealed, highlighting the passion and love that the owners have for their vehicles, regardless of their poor condition.

Worst Car Ever challenges Richard and Tommy and pushes them to their limits, requiring them to be resourceful, creative, and, at times, downright daring. They have to contend with cars that are covered in rust and are challenging to restore. They occasionally have to make hard decisions, such as whether it's worth restoring a vehicle or sending it to the scrap yard.

The show also focuses on the emotional side of cars. Richard and Tommy take the time to understand the emotional connection between the car owners and their vehicles. They take the time to listen to stories about the cars and their history. The bond that forms between Richard, Tommy, and the car owners is unique, and it adds another dimension to the concept of the show.

One of the most exciting things about Worst Car Ever is the creativity involved in the process of restoring the cars. Richard and Tommy use parts from other cars, come up with unique ideas that go beyond the conventions of car restoration, and work under tight deadlines to complete the projects. The result is an extraordinary transformation and a car that is often far beyond what the owner ever thought was possible.

Each episode lasts about forty-five minutes, and the show is divided into two seasons, with eight episodes in total. The show has received high praise from both fans and critics, with many praising the show's unique concept and the hosts' dynamic personalities.

In conclusion, Worst Car Ever is a must-watch show for fans of cars, reality TV, and restoration. With a unique concept, great personalities, and exciting challenges, the show offers an enjoyable and entertaining experience. The stories behind each car, the emotional connections formed, and the creativity in the restoration process make the show captivating and relatable. The show is perfect for those seeking a fresh perspective on car restoration and are looking for something new in the world of reality TV.

Worst Car Ever is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (5 episodes). The series first aired on March 15, 2021.

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Worst Car Ever is available for streaming on the discovery+ website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Worst Car Ever on demand at Apple TV Channels, Philo and Discovery.
  • Premiere Date
    March 15, 2021