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  • 2019
  • 1 Season
  • 8.2  (88)

WTF Baron Davis is a humorous and candid reality comedy series that hit the small screen in 2019 courtesy of Fuse Network. The show is built around the contrasting personalities and lifestyles of its two main characters - former NBA star turned venture capitalist, Baron Davis, and promising yet underachieving heir, B-Dot.

At its core, WTF Baron Davis is more than just a platform for the two entertainers to showcase their comedic talents. Through its well-crafted episodes, the narrative examines themes of entrepreneurship, friendship and mentorship, as well as the immense potential that lies within every individual. The series revolves around Baron's uphill task of transforming B-Dot from a lazy yet talented comedian into a successful entrepreneur. Baron's more serious personality clashes with B-Dot's laid-back attitude creating a source of endless entertainment for the viewers.

Baron Davis, in all his post-NBA retirement glory as a business mogul, embodies the disciplined, esteemed figure in reality TV that viewers love to see. His approach to transforming B-Dot's life is reflective of his time in the NBA, thus giving the audience a peek into his mindset as a professional athlete. Davis's determination to see B-Dot rise above his complacency and capitalise on his potential forms the series' key narrative.

B-Dot, or Brandon Armstrong, on the other hand, is the not-so-driven comedian with a wealth of untapped potential. He offers a stark contrast to Baron’s straight-laced demeanor with his larger-than-life personality, hilarious jokes, and funny impersonations. Viewers are drawn to his raw talent, his easy-going nature and most notably, his resistance to Baron's persistent attempts at mentoring him. B-Dot’s comedic take on his journey towards self-improvement forms the comedic backbone of the show, contributing hugely to its reality comedy label.

The episodes of WTF Baron Davis link together to apply an overarching narrative framework to the show, but each episode also stands alone as its own entity. Each episode focuses on different ridiculous schemes and plans by the fellas to help B-Dot become financially independent. From product invention and creating a boy band to book-writing and spiritual awakening retreats, the series is laden with hilarious missteps.

Of particular note, however, is the series' careful exploration of the nuanced relationship dynamics between Baron and B-Dot. Despite the seemingly insurmountable tension and clashes, the strength of their friendship manages to shine through the comedy. The series shows how friendship can survive the trials and tribulations of life, and the importance of a mentor in showing you the path to success.

The show boasts high production values, silky smooth camerawork, and vibrant color grading, all of which combine to create a visually appealing package. The pulsating background score and apt sound effects further enhance the viewing experience.

Beyond the main duo, the show is also backed by a diverse supporting cast consisting of actors, comedians, and musicians, all bringing their unique flavor to the overall mix. The guest appearances from celebrities only accentuate the show's appeal, adding a pinch of unpredictability and a whole lot of excitement. Together, they skillfully sketch out a diverse world that viewers can lose themselves in.

In the vein of other great sitcoms, WTF Baron Davis employs humor to paint a picture of reality that is both entertaining and insightful. As the title suggests, the show is filled with countless moments that would make you go "WTF", but it also seamlessly incorporates moments of genuine warmth and friendship. This balance between humor and heart is what sets WTF Baron Davis apart from its contemporaries in the reality comedy genre.

Overall, WTF Baron Davis is an amusing blend of comedy, entrepreneurship, and reality, presented through the lens of two contrasting but lovable characters. The show not only echoes the life of those seeking to make something of themselves but also encapsulates the essence of friendship and mentorship in a comedic setting. The series is a must-watch for comedy lovers, basketball fans, and reality TV aficionados who enjoy a healthy dose of laughter infused into their daily dose of television entertainment.

WTF Baron Davis is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (8 episodes). The series first aired on January 1, 2019.

WTF Baron Davis
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Welcome To Phase 2
8. Welcome To Phase 2
March 3, 2019
Baron joins Jerry Ferrara (Entourage) on Celebrity Pitch Tank and learns the investment game the hard way. While BDot and his Ballout dream meet reality.
R.I.P. Big Mojo
7. R.I.P. Big Mojo
February 24, 2019
Baron takes the crew to the funeral of his mentor, Big Mojo. His attempt at comforting the crowd is...memorable.
Crazy Ex's
6. Crazy Ex's
February 17, 2019
BDot reveals a secret when a determined ex suddenly reappears in his life, much to the amusement of Baron and Ron. Cousin Whopper is on a mission to roust competitors from his Snow Cone turf. Kenny joins him for a therapeutic ride-or-die.
Cousin Whopper Moves In
5. Cousin Whopper Moves In
February 10, 2019
Cousin Whopper crashes at Baron's, taking over the garage with a scandalous scheme. BDot finds a new mentor, Nick Young, AKA Swaggy P. And instantly regrets it when a crossbow come into play on Facebook Live.
Kenny's Side Hustle
4. Kenny's Side Hustle
February 3, 2019
Kenny's dad Lavonte (Flavor Flav) confronts Baron. Baron presents a side hustle for Kenny; a sketchy Mortal Kombat gambling ring. BDot pitches Preacher Carl (Lamorne Morris) with interesting results.
3. Camel-no
January 27, 2019
A music video shoot at Baron's house goes as well as you'd think it would when Baron gives his creative advice. Guest starring Melvin Gregg.
Take 1 For The Team
2. Take 1 For The Team
January 20, 2019
A mom's viral video calling out Baron and BDot might cause issues with Baron's other ventures. BDot gets thrown under the bus. Guest starring Julissa Calderon.
1. Ballout
January 1, 2019
Baron adds to his crew. Meet BDot, his latest protégé. BDot is thirsty to pitch his big idea, a new fragrance called Ballout. Plus, Baron’s cousin Whopper is running a highly suspect food truck.
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WTF Baron Davis is available for streaming on the fuse website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch WTF Baron Davis on demand at and Pluto TV.
  • Premiere Date
    January 1, 2019
  • IMDB Rating
    8.2  (88)