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This series is about the gangster life, and it is a reality style television show. Its an inside look at various gangster and mobster dealings that give first hand accounts on what it is like being in some of the most prominent mobster families still around.G-Thing is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (12 episodes). The series first aired on July 24, 2013.

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Wednesday 11:30 PM et/pt on Fuse
1 Season, 12 Episodes
July 24, 2013
Music, Reality
Cast: Leigh Cambre
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G-Thing Full Episode Guide

  • Deleted scenes from Episode 8 "Finale".

  • G Fella plans the CD release party of the decade and goes on a personal mission to convince NY's hottest DJ to attend. Features the video for his first single "Gotta Guy".

  • G Fella finishes his album and wants to hold a huge release party... but realizes it's gonna cost a lot of money. Ralphie leads them upstate to find some money his prison cellmate buried years ago.

  • With a potential investor in their label on the line, G Fella and Johnny Thurzday get distracted by their wives involvement in a nude photo shoot.

  • G Fella gets an offer to shoot a commercial and while he needs the money his loyalties lie elsewhere. Meanwhile, Suits and Knuckles are involved in a battle to determine which one is physically superior.

  • The crew convinces G Fella that the key to fame is getting shot. It's a great idea, until it works... too well.

  • Deleted scenes from Episode 3 "Goomahs".

  • Ralphie, Anthony, and The Three Kings go to rap school and come back with an idea to write a song and shoot a video about G's "other women." But once his wife hears about it all hell breaks loose and she crashes the video shoot.

  • Deleted scenes from episode 2 "Beefin".

  • G Fella's childhood friend, Grizz, posts a viral video putting G on blast. The crew has to decide the best way to respond to his threat without anyone getting hurt.

  • Chaos ensues when G Fella's childhood friend posts an embarrassing viral video of G.

  • G Fella wants to get a plane; funding is threatened by G's advisers.

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