Watch TV Shows on Fuse

Fuse is a music channel that brings viewers a lot of different videos and exclusive interviews from popular artists. The shows provide entertainment news for those fans that may want insight directly from the stars that make the music.

The shows on Fuse TV will often have celebrity hosts that take on shows that have a theme. There are sexy videos countdowns and hip hop inspired video countdowns shows. Different models and rappers will often appear on these shows to host the countdown episodes.

In addition to the countdown of classic videos there is also a show that counts down the hottest videos of the moment. This is shown on a weekly basis with reruns through the week. What Fuse is really known for is the artist takeover days. There are days when Fuse will have a block of views with a single artist. This is called the takeover because this artist is featured for several hours. These are artists that have had longevity in music and had a lot of videos for their songs.

Fuse is something of an MTV spin off, but it focuses more on music from pop and hip hop culture. There are some new artists that are featured here, but this channel really highlights the achievements of those artists that have established themselves in the world of music. New releases and all the most current information for albums and live performances can be found here. It is a channel that caters to young adult audiences.