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It's the road trip of a lifetime and Fuse is bringing you along for the ride. Join us for an exclusive, and explosive, look at the hardest working, hardest partying roadies in the country. Warped Roadies takes you behind the scenes of the iconic Warped Tour, to see what life is really like on the road. Tune in as we chronicle the incredible journey of the young road crew that's charged with keeping the music playing all summer long. From buses and bands, to groupies and grudges, hit the road for a music experience like no other.

Warped Roadies is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (22 episodes). The series first aired on December 7, 2012.

Warped Roadies is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Warped Roadies on demand atiTunes online.

2 Seasons, 22 Episodes
December 7, 2012
Cast: Danny Bateman, Shelleylyn Brandler, Lisa Brownlee, Lindsay Holshue
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Warped Roadies Full Episode Guide

  • In the second finale, the tour ends and the gang reflects on the good times.

  • People are desperate to find dates to the Warped Tour prom, and the competition for prom queen is out of control.

  • Kenny tries to keep a band's unpredictable front man in check. Meanwhile, Beebs deals with a poorly timed illness.

  • Hard-partying band Crossfaith test Kevin's limits, and a thunderstorm sends a jolt of electricity into the Acoustic Basement.

  • Danny recruits The Used for Sierra's birthday surprise, while wrestling rivals JJR (The Wonder Years) and Anto (The Swellers) engage in their final bout of the summer.

  • The Alvarez Kings reunite with their singer, and the catering band gets a chance to step out of the kitchen and onto the stage.

  • The Summer Set help Kacie deliver a "Dream Day," while Beebs is introduced to her biological brother for the first time.

  • A band's singer gets stranded in Canada.

  • Beebs fulfills a longtime dream by singing with her favorite band, while a trip across the border turns into a nightmare for Danny.

  • While archrivals Anto (The Swellers) and J.J.R. (The Wonder Years) wrestle each other, Mike, Lindsay and Danny wrestle with their relationships.

  • The Aquabats overstay their welcome on Kenny's stage, while Lindsay receives some unwelcome news from Terry.

  • In the one-hour Season 2 premiere, Warped Tour returns for its 19th summer, with new roadies, new relationships and over a hundred bands, including Reel Big Fish, Echosmith and New Years Day.

  • It's the last day of punk rock summer camp, and sadly it's time to put a wrap on Warped Tour 2012. Unfortunately for the Warped roadies, the last day is turning out to be the worst and hardest day they will have all summer. We're in Portland, OR and we are in hell. Everything and anything that could go wrong - does. While the crew deals with all of the obstacles of making this last show actually go on, they are also dealing with the bittersweet feelings about tour ending and having to say their goodbyes. It's a time to reflect on this past summer - the ups, the downs, the relationships and friendships, the hard work (and of course the parties!)

  • The tour is coming to an end and the wear and tear of the road is setting in. Being on tour for two months takes a physical and emotional toll on your mind and body. Mistakes start happening within the road weary crew and while driving to our next stop there is an accident forcing one of the drivers to unfortunately head home early. From exhaustion to injuries - everyone is drained and it's a giant roller coaster of emotions that the whole crew is ready to get off of.

  • We're in Florida and have rounded the corner nearing the final weeks of this crazy adventure. What should be a joyous time is now tainted as a member of the Set Up Crew has missed load in for the day, causing Danny to have to choose between being a friend, and being a boss. Later, the boys must say goodbye to a key member of the crew as he is leaving the tour early.

  • Reunited and it feels so good...or does it? After Danny and the boys return to the tour after being away from the rest of the crew, the happy reunion turns sour as he finds out there was some trash-talking while he was galavanting in New York City. Meanwhile, Kenny is having a difficult day as well, the pressure is on for him to prove himself worthy of the main stage manager title and today is proving to be quite difficult. The boys are being tested today for sure the question is how will they handle the pressure.

  • With one Canada show down and one more to go, the crew rolls on to Toronto. The day starts like any other; well, actually unlike any other if you consider how smooth set up went. But the easy going day quickly comes to a halt when a major storm sweeps into Montreal and an emergency scenario starts to unfold quickly. Threats of this nature to the tour are something Kevin Lyman takes very seriously as he knows how important this festival is to the fans. As predicted, the storm hits and the roadies scramble to bring everyone to safety under an amphitheater canopy. Once there, the kids and the crew wait out the storm and await word. Will their day be spoiled be weather and will Kevin be forced to cancel the entire show?

  • We are gearing up for the Canadian leg of the tour, and getting 1000+ bands and crew to cross the border is no easy task. Key members of the Set Up Crew find out that they can't go to Canada, thus leaving their team to trudge on without them. Though we are down a few comrades, Kacie, a roadie on tour working for Living The Dream (a foundation that helps make dreams come true for children with life threatening afflictions) is gearing up to make MontrĂ©al be the best day ever for a special V.I.P. Guest who will have a day filled with music & fun and new friends.

  • The roadies set their sights on San Francisco, and today is a special one because if the roadies can make it through the day they know that the 2012 Warped Prom awaits them. Roadies Mike and Lindsay, who married just two weeks prior to hitting the road this summer are especially looking forward to prom as it's one of the rare times they get to spend time together. The punk rock honeymooners aren't the only family on tour. Tour Producer and Founder, Kevin Lyman has brought along his daughter Sierra this year. Sierra, who was born just weeks prior to the tours debut in 1995, is joining the tour for the first time as a roadie and today is her 17th birthday. It's a day of celebration, family and milestones as it's also the first sold out show of the summer.

  • The series kicks off in Salt Lake City, Utah where the massive music festival, the Vans Warped Tour is about to kick off it's first show of the summer. Expecting nearly fifteen thousand fans, the roadies must shake off the dust and get into work-mode fast.