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Dear Genevieve is a show that airs on Home and Garden television, also called HGTV. The show is about homeowners that have a problem area within their home and need help in figuring out how to resolve it. Homeowners write a letter to Genevieve Gorder requesting her assistance in figuring out how to handle their home dilemma. Genevieve, who has a degree in design, then shows up at their house, full of ideas and ready to fix the situation for them so that they are happy in their home once again.

Genevieve handles a wide variety of issues in the home, both indoors and outside. She may be dealing with an issue of how to find more space for the homeowner to store their things or finding space for their children's things. She may update a kitchen to give it a modern look. She may be dealing with a situation where the backyard is a disaster area and the family deeply craves a place to go and relax when they aren't working to unwind from the day's stresses. She may revamp a playroom to help it feel like an inviting place where a child can play that is well organized. The situations she fixes vary but her end result is a happy homeowner.

Genevieve's solutions are creative and stylish. Her ideas are always original and even when the goal is to make a space more functional, she is careful to make sure that it looks appealing to the eye, as well. Her goal is to improve the space for the purpose it was intended for and make the homeowner happy with the project's outcome.

Dear Genevieve is a television show that shows a problem and the solution on how to fix the problem. At the end of each episode, the problem is resolved and the homeowner is happy once again in their home. She is careful to keep the homeowner's desires and needs in mind while she is working toward a solution.

Saturday 5:00 PM et/pt on HGTV
1 Season, 65 Episodes
January 11, 2009
Reality, Home & Garden
Cast: Genevieve Gorder, Thad Mills
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Dear Genevieve Full Episode Guide

  • Bill & Fannie love their first home, but its large living dining area is lacking flow, storage, and style. Genevieve Gorder arrives to give their room both definition and flow, while fusing the room with functional storage and contemporary Asian style.

  • To give the kitchen some flare, Genevieve reaches into the cultures of the Middle East and of Norway to tie together the floor and the ceiling in a brand new way.

  • Chrissy is a first time homeowner and her new house lacks personality and design. Genevieve must help Chrissy gain confidence and help her step out of her comfort zone.

  • Rob and Amy are living in their first home and they have never been part of a renovation, but that's about to change. Genevieve must maximize a minimal bathroom space.

  • Pat and David want to utilize their 30 foot deck that overlooks a pool.

  • Peter and Kelly have a spacious, beautiful new home but with the time they both spend at work, they haven't given the house any attention at all.

  • Stacey and Diane are short on ideas for what to do with their small, lower Manhattan apartment. The living area has to function as a work space for Diane, a place to hang out for Stacey, and a dining room as well. On top of the lack of space, Stacey and Diane lack definition in style.

  • Taryn and Mike's downstairs room is a collage of a space and they aren't sure how to deal with it. They want to use it as a playroom for their children, but one wall is taken up by Mike's bookshelf, the toys are hard for the kids to reach, and there isn't a comfortable place for the kids to play and the adults to sit.

  • After years on tour, Betsey is ready to settle down. She's purchased her first apartment, but the living room is populated by hand-me-down furniture that feels awkward and poorly arranged.

  • Ezra and Esty hope to have a nice outdoor deck, but there is exposed barbed wire, and the furniture is outdated.

  • New York television personalities Jodi and Michael need to find a way to combine their two distinct styles into one.

  • Kate is a nine year old girl with Acute Lymphatic Leukemia. Currently her bedroom is like a 5 year old's and she's hoping for a more age appropriate makeover.

  • Stacy and Jaime are a young couple who don't want to live with their old bathroom anymore. It's large but cramped, the vanity is too low, and their shower is too small and made of plastic. They need a better layout and want to get the room out of the 70's. The team tears down walls, builds more storage and finds unique wood seating. Going outside of the box, Genevieve uses a stained wood floor in the bathroom, rather than traditional tile, saving the tile for a bold statement on the wall.

  • Genevieve provides her Philadelphia-based design team a home away from home.

  • Genevieve assists a couple incorporate their warm, beachy style to their dining room.

  • Genevieve helps Brooklynites renovate their master bedroom.

  • Genevieve Gorder helps first time homeowners, Diana and Ray, envision a new and improved dining room.

  • Genevieve helps first-time homeowners transform their kitchen.

  • Designer Genevieve Gorder takes on an uninspired and cramped home office.

  • Genevieve Gorder advises first-time homeowner Christina on how to decorate her New York City living room.

  • Genevieve converts a family's living room into something more functional for everyone.

  • Expectant parents want to transform their home office into a playroom.

  • Genevieve uses Turkish bath culture to a master bathroom in New Jersey.

  • Genevieve interprets her homeowners' vastly different design requests.

  • Genevieve creates a stylish living room using eco-friendly materials.

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