WWII Fighter Pilot Aces

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WWII Fighter Pilot Aces - 2011 is a documentary of fighter pilots from around the world. It tells of the country, military, and whom they served under when they became famous. This series will also tell of how the individual passed or if they made any other milestone achievements in their life.

1 Season, 8 Episodes
January 1, 2011
Documentary & Biography
WWII Fighter Pilot Aces

WWII Fighter Pilot Aces Full Episode Guide

  • The final aerial battles between Soviet and German fighter pilots occur. Russian aircraft now equal those flown by the Luftwaffe, whose pilots face incursion from the east, as well as the west.

  • The Allies take the offensive as the tide of war turns against the Axis in Europe. The fury of war takes a heavy toll on attacker and defender alike, but the undermanned and outgunned Luftwaffe is defiant in the face of certain defeat

  • After the Great Marianas Turkey shoot, Japanese airpower declines as American fighter pilots in the Pacific reach the zenith of their deadly profession. The final fighter pilot kill of the war is over Japan.

  • Americans are outnumbered everywhere, but turn the tide at Midway. The ragged Cactus Air Force on Guadalcanal battles against odds over the bitterly contested South Pacific.

  • New fighter aces are born with the emergence of the Flying Tigers. They become the first volunteer American force to battle the Japanese in the Chines sky.

  • The Soviet Air Force is all but wiped out by the Luftwaffe, but recovers to fight the invader to a standstill in the most atrocious winter ever encountered.

  • The German blitzkrieg by the invincible Luftwaffe crushes Poland, France, Denmark, and Norway, but a handul of fighter pilots save the Empire during the Battle of Britain.

  • Aces of World War II from all sides of the conflict describe how they fought in aerial combat, and provide vivid and graphic firsthand accounts of what it was like to be a fighter pilot in some of the most daring, life-threatening air battles of WWII.