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Acclaimed comedian/writer Wyatt Cenac hosts a new comedy docu-series that examines America.

Friday 11:30 PM on HBO
1 Season, 21 Episodes
April 13, 2018
Cast: Wyatt Cenac
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Wyatt Cenac's Problem Areas Full Episode Guide

  • Wyatt looks at how climate change is affecting immigration patterns, suggests a helpful resource for immigrants, and travels to Austin to explore how a culturally responsivecurriculum can foster a compassionate environment.

  • [HBO] HD. 'Immigration Problems.' (Season Two) Wyatt looks at how climate change is affecting immigration patterns, and more.

  • Wyatt looks at the unintended consequences of standardized testing, considers a high-tech way to streamline fender-benders,and travels to Des Moines to see how Iowans are dealing with automation.

  • Wyatt looks at who gets access to good dental care, delivers a pitch investors simply can't turn down, and travels to Seattle to see how a group of parents fought to keep their school from being shut down.

  • Wyatt Cenac travels the country investigating systemic issues--and real-world solutions--in Season 2.

  • [HBO] HD. 'Higher Education Problems.' (Season Two) Wyatt looks at the complicated relationship between banks and universities.

  • [HBO] HD. 'Private Sector Problems.' (Season Two) Wyatt considers if we can justify the environmental cost of air travel, and more.

  • Wyatt explores the consequences of gendered toys, protecting women from their greatest threat, and San Francisco's progressive sex-education program.

  • A look into the latest issues in America in a satirical point of view.

  • Wyatt explores the role of facial-recognition software in surveillance; tries to curb car-on-bike crime; and travels to Brooklyn to question the idea of school safety and its relationship to the school-to-prison pipeline.

  • In the Season 2 premiere, Wyatt examines why workers at major fast-food chains aren't unionized; contemplates the perfect pair of shoes to wear to a protest; and travels to West Virginia to learn about teachers' strikes.

  • [HBO] HD. 'Teacher Problems, Burial Problems, Collaborative Problems.' (Season One) Wyatt on the lack of funding for America's teachers, and more.

  • Wyatt Cenac explores why our phones keep breaking down, the origins of a common stationery item, and how some city police departments are moving beyond the war on drugs.

  • Wyatt Cenac talks about America's student loan crisis, tries to streamline sidewalk traffic, and examines the unsettling intersection of police and sexual misconduct.

  • Wyatt Cenac discusses the threat of robots taking our jobs, proposes an alternative to environmentally harmful beauty products, and learns about ways to arm cops with tools that are less lethal than guns.

  • Wyatt talks banking deserts; explores the unintended consequences of combating mosquitoes; and examines the intersection of America's mental-health crisis and policing.

  • Wyatt examines the various forms of sanctuary for undocumented laborers; suggests a better way for cities to handle rain; and looks at how community efforts in the Skid Row area of Los Angeles aim to decrease the police presence in the area.

  • [HBO] HD. Wyatt tries to make coal miners go solar, move millennials into battleships and understand community policing.

  • [HBO] HD. 'NRA problems, chicken bone problems, Birmingham problems.' (Season One) Wyatt explores NRA propaganda at the movies, and more.

  • Wyatt explores space, alternative fuel and travels to Minnesota to learn about what's wrong with policing.

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