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Zeke's Pad is a 2012 animated Canadian children's show which was created by Liz Scully. The series was produced in a joint venture by Bardel Entertainment and Flying Bark Productions. The series revolves around Zeke's a young and very talented artist, as well as his "pad," (no not his hangout). Zeke's pad is a electronic device that functions as both a electronic drawing sketch book, a music player and a GPS. However it has one strange quirk, anything which Zeke draws instantly springs to life.

The premise of the show is that you do not neccessarily always want what you think you do, reminding one of that old adage, "Be careful what you wish for."

Zeke's Pad is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (28 episodes). The series first aired on December 26, 2008.

Where do I stream Zeke's Pad online? Zeke's Pad is available for streaming on My Pad Productions Inc., both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Zeke's Pad on demand at Google Play, Apple TV online.

My Pad Productions Inc.
1 Season, 28 Episodes
December 26, 2008
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Michael Adamthwaite, Tim Hamaguchi, Chiara Zanni, Tabitha St. Germain
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Zeke's Pad Full Episode Guide

  • Zeke's name gets drawn to compete on his favorite TV game show. Ya Hoo! He's all excited until he finds out that it's a...WHAT? A Family Edition? Now he has to compete - with his family - against the smartest family in town! Zeke's family doesn't exactly work together well so he does a draw to make them more of a team. Go Team!! It's team building all the way. But his family are obsessed with only being a team and don't listen to Zeke when he tries to get them to actually practice for the upcoming show. Can Zeke get his team organized enough to win the prize? The day of the game show quickly arrives. Zeke's over zealous attempts to answer questions quickly cause his team to nose dive in the quiz portion of the show. Zeke thinks it's all his family's fault. He's got to do something quick to turn things around. But drawing them so they'll listen to him doesn't seem to help much. Now they're Zombies! Zeke has to tell them which foot to lift and when so they can run the obstacle race. Oops. Can they possibly still win? What to draw next...

  • Zeke has a big science test at school coming up and he hasn't studied for it. Monday morning is upon him; Zeke has to dodge this test somehow. Then it hits him. If he can't get to school, he won't have to take the test. So he draws a SNOWSTORM and the whole world is snowed in. No one can get to school - or anywhere else for that matter. Itss all good until he realizes that if he can't get out of the house neither can anyone else. Cabin Fever soon results and Zeke is now surrounded by his shivering, hungry and very unhappy family. Zeke has to get rid of this snow and fast! When the PAD is finally recharged Zeke immediately draws a sunny day to melt all the snow. But instead of returning the world to a normal state Zeke has created a tornado which rips the house from its foundation and lands it in a desert! Oops, that's a little sunnier than Zeke had intended. Now Zeke must try and remember what he learned in science class so he and his family can survive in this hostile environment. Ironic, yes? Yes!

  • It's Mom's birthday and Zeke has forgotten to get her a birthday gift...again! Oh no, there's no way he's going to accidentally cause her to shed the water works this time. So he desperately tries to come up with 'the perfect gift'. After wasting valuable pad juice on the ultimate vacuum cleaner - that goes wildly out of control - he has to stall the celebratory events while the pad recharges, at the same time trying to come up with the perfect gift to draw. Finally, the pad recharges. Too bad he's got 'drawer's block' and can't think of a single thing to draw. Under extreme pressure, with his mom coming up the stairs ready to open her gifts, Zeke makes a mistake and draws something so obscure, even he doesn't know what to do with it. Fortunately, Ida does, and is touched by Zeke's thoughtfulness!

  • It's Mom's birthday and Zeke has forgotten to get her a birthday gift - again! So he desperately tries to come up with 'the perfect gift'.

  • Zeke finally gets his nerve up to ask Maxine to the dance but when he sees her at the track, she's miffed that a female runner on her relay team is moving away, and they don't have a replacement runner. Maxine won't be able to enter the finals now. Zeke tries to console her but Maxine tells him he's a guy, he just wouldn't understand what its like to be a girl. Or would he? Zeke decides to draw a girl's brain in his body - that way, he'll get to know what it's like to be a girl, get to know Maxine and she'll for sure say yes to the dance. But he messes up and instead of drawing a girl's mind in his body, he draws himself with his own mind in a girl's body. AHHHH! Now, having to bumble his way through life as a girl, he ends up becoming the unwitting female replacement runner for Maxine's track team which includes intensive training. In the end, the exhaustion and embarrassment (Jay can't help but tease) was worth it as he becomes Maxine's best friend and realizes he should've just got to know Maxine rather than try to fast-track things by becoming a girl. Later, when he's back to being a guy and he's at the dance, Maxine asks him to dance. He'd love to but...he can't move. Training was really tough on his muscles...

  • When Zeke continually gets interrupted on the phone with Jay he decides he needs a little space from his the whole house. So he draws himself invisible and goes about scaring the heck out of his family. Because of Jay's involvement in a paranormal project with Zeke at school, Ida calls him in to determine if a ghost truly exists. Zeke as "ghost" and Jay as "ghostbuster" go about having even more fun scaring the family - moving the furniture, making the pictures fly off the walls, causing loud bangs from all parts of the living room. They do it so well the family can't get out soon enough. Ah, space! At first Zeke has a blast being alone - skateboarding all over the house, whacking a golf ball around. But a lightning storm outside and the creaks of an empty house make him fear there might actually be a ghost in the house. Is it all in his imagination? Or is the Palmer house truly haunted? Only the family portrait at the end, which Jay is shooting, will tell for sure.

  • Zeke and Jay agree; they've spent too much time together, they're getting on each other's nerves, and they both need some time apart. But when Zeke draws them as two opposite electrical charges that repel each other, he didn't realize he was really drawing magnets; they get stuck together! And just when Zeke is supposed to go skateboarding with Maxine! How's he supposed to be all cool and stuff when he's joined at the hip - literally - with Jay?? Things go from bad to worse as the guys try to unstick themselves from each other. Finally Zeke, in a moment of unthinking frustration, draws Jay far away...and loses his him completely. For real. Where did Jay go? Soon Zeke starts to miss his best friend. Thing is... where exactly is he? And how is Zeke supposed to find him?

  • Losing a battle over the remote control forces Zeke to miss his favourite reality show "You Can Matter". Zeke decides to take matters in his own hands and draws a big TV of his own. But when he thought big, he didn't mean THAT big. It's the size of a movie theatre in his front lawn. Chaos soon ensues when his family and the entire neighborhood vie for the channel of their choice, which eventually results in them chasing Zeke down for the remote control. Feeling like he doesn't matter, and at wit's end, he decides to draw himself with the ultimate control - as the star of his own reality show, "You Can Matter". Now with a camera crew following him and tv star status, he directs his family on how to best portray themselves, eventually replacing them with better actors. He's a control freak gone wrong, and his family doesn't like hanging with him anymore. Wishing things could just be back to normal when he was fighting over the remote, Zeke has to take steps to win his family back.

  • When Zeke is fed up with the same old oatmeal breakfast every day, he draws himself a big pile of pancakes. Only the pile is so big it fills up his entire room. He has to eat himself out a pathway to escape and despite it being delicious, he ends up being bloated and sick feeling. This makes things challenging when he waddles into school just in time for the physical fitness test which he fails miserably. It's off to Fitness Camp for him where the physical demands are even worse and his pad is confiscated before he can draw himself out of there. With nowhere to turn, he calls his buddy Jay to come help him get the pad back and make an escape...

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