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Zhong Wu Yan tells the story of a young woman who is in love with a man who works for a company owned by his father. Zhong Wu Yan is in love with the man, and is engaged to marry him. However, the man is in love with another woman as the result of Zhong Wu Yan not being beautiful. The woman is very smart and saves the shallow man from losing his job several times. The difference in the pair’s level of affection causes many of their associates to be concerned.

Zhong Wu Yan is a International series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (31 episodes). The series first aired on July 25, 2010.

Zhong Wu Yan is available for streaming on the TTV / SETTV website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Zhong Wu Yan on demand at Viki , Viki online.

1 Season, 31 Episodes
July 25, 2010
Cast: Chin Hua Yang, Chen Shi Ying, Ming Dao, Fu Xian Hao, Chris Wu
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Zhong Wu Yan Full Episode Guide

  • Qi Xuan learns that Ying Chun has overdosed and is in the emergency room. Qi Xuan receives more shocking news.

  • Subi threatens Tian Ying, who collapses and admits all her wrongdoings to David.

  • Subi holds a press conference and releases Ying Chun's old photos to reporters, which were taken before her plastic surgery.

  • Ying Chun receives a threatening phone call. Qin Chu learns he may have a malignant tumor.

  • Qin Chu tells Qi Xuan that the European Union cosmetic group wants to cooperate with him to produce the peony essential oil products.

  • Wu Yan's father encourages Qi Xuan to extract the oil from a peony, and Qi Xuan decides to research and develop it.

  • Wu Yan asks her family for the distillation equipment, which she wants to give to Qi Xuan to help him make the fragrance.

  • After finding out everything from the magazine, Wu Yan leaves Qin Chu alone in the airport.

  • Wu Yan goes to the Zi River and thinks about all her memories of Qi Xuan.

  • The investigation bureau staff accuses Qi Wei of committing a crime and asks Qi Xuan to cooperate with them for the investigation.

  • Qi Wei tells Qi Xuan that his wish is for Qi Xuan and Wu Yan to get married as soon as possible.

  • Wu Yan finds Qi Xuan in the storage room, where Qi Xuan tells her that he broke up with Ying Chun.

  • Director Tian asks Qi Wei to punish Qi Xuan because the expired products incident has caused Qi's stock price to plunge.

  • During the opening ceremony party, President Qin introduces Huo Hua as Qin Chu. Wu Yan is shocked by the news.

  • Huo Hua is very upset that he can't see Wu Yan. Qi Xuan tries to comfort him but is kicked out.

  • Huo Hua is dressed in a surgical gown and is ready for the operation. Wu Yan gives Huo Hua an amulet.

  • With his fingers hurting, Qi Xuan asks Wu Yan to buy him painkillers. Wu Yan sees Huo Hua at the pharmacy.

  • Huo Hua is worried about Wu Yan after he learns that Ying Chun went south to look for Qi Xuan. Qi Xuan and Wu Yan negotiate with the striking workers.

  • While editing the Flawless Foundation advertisement, the editor sees Wu Yan's birthmark and is shocked.

  • Zhang Chou changes Ying Chun's foundation, causing her to have a serious allergic reaction during the advertising shoot.

  • Wu Yan is wondering how Qin Chu knew her name when he didn't even take a glance at the proposal.

  • Qi Xuan is feeling confident and wants to present the Flawless Foundation proposal to the directors, but David is worried someone may try to ruin it.

  • Qi Xuan seeks refuge at Ying Chun's house. Wu Yan returns the necklace to Qi Wei and asks him to trust Qi Xuan.

  • Qi Xuan's grandmother asks Wu Yan for her help digging in the garden to find some valuable items she once buried.

  • Qi Wei has high hopes for Wu Yan. He believes that she is a woman with courage and will help Qi Xuan manage the company well.

  • Qi Wei visits the Zhong family and asks them to repay the debt they have owed him for 17 years.

  • At the board of directors meeting, Qi Wei announced that he was going to make Qi Xuan general manager, but Tian Ying objected.

  • King Xuan of Qi promised Zhong Wu Yan that if she returned home from battle in triumph, she would be made queen.